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Urban Media Brochure


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This is our PDF version company brochure.

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Urban Media Brochure

  1. 1. urbanmedia
  2. 2. Your Internet Success Urban Media recently upgraded our website and they have From the outset you’ll notice working with Urban Media is refreshingly been instrumental in the success of our website and Search different. It’s all about the value we place on our clients. We quite simply Engine Optimization. The friendly staff and great customer love them! service makes dealing with Urban Media a pleasure. I would By focusing on local growing businesses, our enthusiasm and commitment is recommend them to anyone whether it is a small business or never out of place. Together we build long term success. large corporation. We invite you to join them. In fact we’d like nothing more than to welcome you with open arms and say; Abbey Crawford - Securicare Medical, Loudwater “Your internet success is our responsibility” Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  3. 3. Website Development Our experience in dealing with Urban Media has been nothing Websites have moved on since we built our first in 1997. The fact that we but positive. It has been really refreshing to work with such were building websites back then means that you can be assured of a professional team who can take our ideas and run with success today. them. Thank you for restoring our faith after some less Having been through the growing stages, we provide a depth of experience than positive experiences with other web design that younger companies simply cannot offer. companies. Whatever your requirement, we will make it simple. We won’t confuse you with jargon. We will work alongside you to deliver your very own website Ruth Harris - Hee'Nalu Surf Shop, Aylesbury success story. Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  4. 4. Search Optimisation Urban Media are a very helpful, efficient and professional Appearing at the top of Google is an integral part of any successful website company. The website they designed for our company was strategy. Can you afford to leave something so important to chance? easy to use yet striking and effective. Their after sales service At Urban Media we have a specialist internet marketing team. Our expertise is second to none and subsequent alterations, as are in this area will unlock a regular stream of new business for you. required regularly on our website, have been undertaken quickly. Because our approach follows search engine guidelines (ethical SEO) you can be confident that your listings will just get better and better and better. Tara - Minimarbles Bespoke Cards, High Wycombe Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  5. 5. Pay Per Click Urban Media run our Pay-Per-Click programme. We get lots If you are looking for instant measurable traffic to your website, Pay per Click of enquiries, many of these convert into sales and we make is the way. lots of money! We are very happy, thank you Our Google certified professionals are trained to high standards in order to Urban Media! maximise your online return on investment. Within hours of your website being live, you could be receiving visitors and Bob - Summit Services Direct Mail, Sands tracking their conversion into profitable customers. With the many controls available to our experts, we can tailor your campaign turning it up or down as you require. Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  6. 6. Social Networking We needed an easy to use site which would generate sales. Probably the biggest thing since the creation of search engines. Social Your no nonsense approach to the internet has transformed networking refers to a whole host of sites that allow users to build profile our website. It now delivers a stream of business. Your pages. internet marketing is simple and effective. Quite simply, refreshing! Confusing? Don’t worry, Urban Media have been building these profile pages for our clients with massive success. Allow us to expand your internet Lloyd Pearce, BPMG printers, Aylesbury presence through social networking. It is also well documented that your social networking profiles will have a positive affect on your natural search engine listings. Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  7. 7. Email Marketing Urban Media’s management of our email marketing has been Using email to engage and interact with your existing and potential customers problem-free and effective. All we have to do is supply the is both efficient and effective. text and everything from the contact lists, the layout and design is maintained by Urban Media and covered in the cost. Of course there are ways to improve your email marketing results. Urban The team are very knowledgeable and always on hand to help Media run regular campaigns for our clients. We can help you to produce and advise. emails that are well designed and target your audience. Matthew Webster, Educationall interactive display Our email marketing is also fully tracked, providing you with enlightening equipment, High Wycombe statistics such as who opened your email, which links were clicked and more. Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
  8. 8. It’s Time to Win We contacted Urban Media to re-design and enhance our Internet strategies come in different shapes and sizes. Your campaign will dated site. The new site has a fresh, clean feel and is have its own unique criteria requiring a bespoke solution. climbing the Google ranks. We were so impressed with the site that Urban Media have now converted the site to a fully There is a consistent theme with Urban Media. We take your requirements functioning E-commerce site. and develop an easy to understand solution. Our focus is not on technology, it is always firmly on bringing success to you. Chris Tullett, Chris Tullett Exhausts, Aylesbury Businesses and consumers are increasingly buying online. Don’t miss out, call Urban Media. This is your time. It’s time to win. Your internet success is our responsibility urbanmedia
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