WinS elective planning


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Power point from WinS 2010 Conference
"How to plan a medical student elective"

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WinS elective planning

  1. 1. Elective planning Elspeth Hill WinS Student and Foundation Representative WinS Conference November 2010
  2. 2. Introductions Where are you from? Manchester What year? Intercalating before final year When are you on elective? Feb-Apr 2012 Med school’s requirements? 8 weeks of clinical/research attachment + essay Your own hopes/requirements? Plastic surgery in different health systems with ++ operative exposure
  3. 3. careerinteresting & enjoyable clinically useful new opportunities new insight travel
  4. 4. The BIG questions Where do you want to go? Home or abroad? Resource rich/poor? English speaking? Single institution? What do you want to do? Research, hands-on, taught? Which specialty?
  5. 5. Health Outcomes
  6. 6. English Spoken
  7. 7. contrast different systems versus
  8. 8. clinical research specialty
  9. 9. Clinical
  10. 10. Researc h
  11. 11. Specialty
  12. 12. Ideas Network • Friends • Doctors • Travel agent • BMA
  13. 13. Personal Safety & Health Coming Back Alive • High risk destination • Going alone or in a gang • Insurance Personal Health • Malaria and vaccination • PEPSE pack – check local arrangements • steriles, first aid kit Websites • MDU, Foreign Office,
  14. 14. HIV: be aware… …but don’t let it stop you
  15. 15. How much? Flights Accommodation Food Insurance Vaccinations Equipment Placement fees
  16. 16. Raising the money • Awards/prizes – pre/post hoc • Job • Loans • Savings • Donations
  17. 17. Presenting complaint: Die-hard vascular-surgeon-wannabe, anxious to stand out in job applications Destination: World-leading vascular centre, Stanford, United States Case Study 1 – Mo Chowdhury
  18. 18. “The operative exposure was amazing, I saw things I would never see here, I wouldn’t change anything!”
  19. 19. Mission statement: Want to experience tropical disease management, obstetrics and make a difference, whilst getting an opportunity to travel with friends Destination: Rural mission hospital, backpacking adventure, trekking holiday Case Study 2 – Emily Stinton
  20. 20. “It didn’t occur to me that I might die, I was only in ITU as it was the only ward you didn’t have to share a bed!”
  21. 21. Presenting complaint: Urgent need to get as far away from Salford as possible Case Study 3 – Sarah McNicol Destination: Major trauma centre, Johannesburg “I just couldn’t believe the things I saw, I’ll never forget it – I definitely learned to become detached.”
  22. 22. Presenting complaint: Post-finals exhaustion, requiring intensive solar- sand relaxation therapy Destination: St Lucia for 5 weeks Manchester for 3 weeks Case Study 4 – Emily Moss
  23. 23. “The best time I have ever had, I wouldn’t change a thing!” Outcome: • Compared HIV management in St Lucia and Manchester for elective report • Re- audited HIV project, subsequently presented nationally • Tan lasted 6 months
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Discussion Elspeth Hill