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Pd action kit (3)

  1. 1. MAKE A POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION KIT © Girls for a Change 2009
  2. 2. Girls for a Change (GFC) is a national nonprofit organization that empowers young women to create change in their commun- ities and their own lives. GFC partners girls with women volunteers from the community to form Girl Action Teams. These teams design and implement a project that impacts the girls’ neighborhood, city or school. GFC provides more than 20 hours of social change training to women volunteers and encourages these volunteers to be advocates for girls and women. Making a Powerful Difference Pine-Sol® cleaners have been making a powerful difference in the home for generations, and now with its Powerful DifferenceSM campaign, the makers of Pine-Sol are enabling and celebrating women who are making a powerful Girls for a Change and Pine-Sol difference outside the home. As part of the campaign, Pine-Sol awards grants to women who are making extraordinary change in their communities, and is proud Every woman has the power to make a difference. to enable the younger generation to take responsibility for their community by sponsoring GFC in the launch of 10 Girls for a Change and Pine-Sol are partnering to bring you the Make a new Girl Action Teams in cities across the country. Powerful Difference Action Kit. This kit is a guide for creating social change in your community. If your busy schedule or uncertainty about how you could make an impact has ever stopped you from embarking on social change, this Both GFC and Pine-Sol believe women can make a difference kit will help you remove those barriers and start making a powerful difference in our world. Women fill many roles in communities and using your voice for change! have the power to affect the most pressing social issues we face in our country. We know that engaging more We want to help you and make it as easy as possible… women in social change will have a positive impact in cities and towns throughout the U.S. We hope you will join the women and girls already creating change by using this kit to find your passion and develop your own project, or to enhance the work you are already doing in your community. So get started today with our Make a Powerful Difference Action Kit! POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 2
  3. 3. First, let’s determine what social issues you are interested in: Answer these questions What do you never want to see happen again in your: Workplace or Educational Institution _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Neighborhood _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ City _____________________________________________ What Is Your Passion? _____________________________________________ World The first step on your path to making a powerful difference is to understand the _____________________________________________ concept of social change. There are many definitions out there. Walden University describes social change as “a deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, _____________________________________________ strategies and action to promote the worth, dignity and development of individuals, What makes you angry? communities, organizations, institutions, culture and societies. Positive social _____________________________________________ change results in the improvement of human and social conditions.”1 _____________________________________________ In this kit, you’ll be designing a social change project that fits your life and your passions. You will explore the root cause of an issue and then create and commit What’s something that obviously needs to be changed? to actions for long-lasting change. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ What does your community deserve more of? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ After answering the questions above, look them over. Put a star next to the three that stand out to you — the ones that ignite your heart or mind. 1 http://realpeople.waldenu.edu/learn_aboutsc_definitionsc.cfm POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 3
  4. 4. A Good Reason to Party Want to talk to more people about your passions or get to know what your friends are passionate about? Host a Conversation Party. Invite your friends over to answer the questions Start Your Path in the first step of this kit. Design group discussions with questions like: Now that you have identified your top three issues, explore them a bit to find the one you are most interested in: * What do people know about what is happening now on this issue? q Talk about it: Gather your friends, family, etc., and talk about these issues! (See the idea for a Conversation Party.) * Why is this issue appearing regularly on everyone’s lists? q Learn more: You could end up gaining a new perspective, knowledge of a deeper history or the current statistics on the issue. Research nonprofit organizations or social service agencies that are addressing the issue. Interview a staff person or * What is your personal experience with this issue? read about their take on the issue on their Web sites or in brochures. Use this party to further explore your passions q Gather information: Do you see your issue appearing in the media? If so, what and learn more about what is happening in your is being said about it? If not, why is the media not covering the issue? community. q Ask questions: Interview local elected officials or their staff to find out what they Discussions on these issues can get heated! are doing about the issue and what they know about the issue in your community. Establish a safe space where everyone agrees After research and discussions, which issue stands out most to you? Write it here to listen to each other and has the freedom to and add any notes about what you learned or why that one stands out. express his or her views. This will be critical in creating an environment that is productive. Issue I Want to Change ______________________________________ This can be the start to social change among __________________________________________________________ your friends and can help you with networking How I Educated Myself_______________________________________ for your project! __________________________________________________________ What I Learned _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Why This Is the Issue I Want to Work On ________________________ __________________________________________________________ POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 4
  5. 5. What I’ve learned so far: __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Finding a Root Cause __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Now that you have one issue to focus on, it’s time to find the root cause. Through __________________________________________________________ this process you will get to know your issue more deeply. A few words to know for __________________________________________________________ this process: __________________________________________________________ * Root Cause: A source of a defect, such that if it is removed, the defect is decreased or removed.1 __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ * Community Service: Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.2 __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ * __________________________________________________________ Effect: Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.3 __________________________________________________________ * Service Learning: A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ experience, teaches civic responsibility and strengthens communities.4 __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Your next step is to process the information you have been gathering. You have __________________________________________________________ been engaging in service learning, research and community service during your __________________________________________________________ exploration of your issue. On the next page, you are going to brainstorm root __________________________________________________________ causes and effects or symptoms of the issue with this knowledge. __________________________________________________________ 1 www.tutorialspoint.com/cmmi/cmmi-glossary.htm. __________________________________________________________ 2 The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. __________________________________________________________ Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company; http://www.thefreedictionary.com/. __________________________________________________________ 3 The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company; http://www.thefreedictionary.com/. 4 http://www.servicelearning.org/what-service-learning. POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 5
  6. 6. Check out the sample social change web below and then fill out your own! Effects: Root Causes: • Violence Social Issue: • Need for Safety • Drug Use • Unsafe Communities GANGS • Wanting to Belong to a Group • Support • Low Self-Esteem My Social Web Effect Root Cause What happens when Why your issue is present your issue is present? in the community? Your Issue: After making your list of causes, highlight the one that you want to work on. Now that you have listed your root causes, check out the next page to choose one to create your personal project around. POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 6
  7. 7. Choose Your Cause Why do we ask you to dig deep and create social change? Now that you have chosen an issue, done your research and explored the It lasts longer! It’s more impactful! It’s empowering for root causes of your issue, it’s time to choose your cause! you and the people around you! Check out what Eduardo Take a look back at page 5 and check out the root causes you wrote down. Galeano, a writer and journalist from Uruguay has to say Which one stands out or inspires you? This is the cause you will work on about charity: to create your own community change — so put it in writing! “I don’t believe in charity. The Root Cause my project will focus on is: _______________________ I believe in solidarity. Charity is so vertical. It goes ________________________________________________________ from the top to the bottom. I chose this Root Cause because: ______________________________ Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other person. ________________________________________________________ I have a lot to learn from other people.” There are many projects you can do to create change. Before you start planning your own, take a look at women who are creating change and examples of what you can do in your community. Eduardo Galeano POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 7
  8. 8. Olis Simmons youthuprising.org The issues she’s passionate about: Advancement of youth leadership. How she made a change: After racial tension at Castlemont High School in Oakland, California, erupted into violence in 1997, Olis Simmons was among a group of young people who were determined to get to the root of the problem and respond to the needs of these troubled youth. They identified poor educational resources, too few employment opportunities, the absence of positive things to do, and lack of community and personal safety as the root causes of the problems facing youth in this area. Olis leveraged her relationship-building skills to develop a coalition of public partners, youth and community members to share and promote her vision for youth-driven programming that could transform the community. In 2005, her vision manifested in the opening of Youth Uprising, a state-of-the-art youth leadership development center offering comprehensive services in East Oakland — where she now serves as the executive director. Youth UpRising is dedicated to being a leader in the advancement of youth leadership development and to affecting positive community change by ensuring that youth and young adults are supported in actualizing their potential. Ruby Bridges rubybridges.org Women Making The issues she’s passionate about: School segregation and racism. How she made a change: In 1960, Ruby was the first African-American child to attend a formerly all-white school a Difference in New Orleans. On the first day of school, she went in alone with her mother and four federal marshals. People in the crowd yelled at her, took their children out of school and tried to block her way. She entered a classroom by herself and was the only student. Because of what she went through on the front lines of the battle for school integration, people recognize Ruby by Individuals across the globe are creating change on name and are eager to hear what she has to say about racism and education today. She now runs an organization, a daily basis in their communities. Many of them are the Ruby Bridges Foundation, with the mission of helping to eliminate prejudice and racism by educating children. She speaks to groups around the country, telling kids her story and talking about the lessons of the past and how just like you. They saw something going on that they we can learn from them today. knew could be better. The women featured on this page saw a need Isis Sapp-Grant girlsblossom.org in their community and did something about it. The issues she’s passionate about: Providing healthy alternatives to gangs and violence. They are ordinary women, like you, who affected How she made a change: A former gang member of one of the most notorious girl gangs in New York City in her extraordinary change. Many of them began with just adolescence, Isis pledged to turn her life around if given the chance. She started attending classes again and, an idea. None of these women started with money, with the help of two teachers and a policeman from the youth gangs unit, finished high school and went on to ultra-powerful networks or the idea that they would graduate college and earn a Masters degree. be a role model for other change makers. Remember Inspired to use her life experience and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of young women, Isis began working with girl gang members and at-risk girls in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, empowering them to change this as you are starting your change: small ideas their destinies as she had. Gradually, her work developed into the program that is now Youth Empowerment can turn into big movements, and ANYONE can Mission (YEM), where positive youth development opportunities are woven into every program and service. YEM, create change. founded in 1995, is now one of the few community-based organizations recognized for providing research-based, “alternative to incarceration” programs for youth under the care of the juvenile justice system, as well as those Here are just some of their stories. We know we’ll at high risk for truancy, delinquency, violence and gang activity. The organization has since provided services to soon be adding you to the list! more than 800 youth and families in crisis, and Isis has spoken to thousands of young people, families, leaders and law enforcement workers in an effort to save lives and inspire positive change. POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 8
  9. 9. Types of Projects and Examples Organizing: Start a group that Educating: Create a program, per- takes action to solve the problem. formance, art piece, presentation or publication to raise awareness Example: When you were explor- about the issue. ing your passions, you decided on ending domestic violence. Current- Example: Childhood obesity ly there are no domestic violence continues to rise. You explored support groups in your neighbor- the issue and realized that people hood, which means victims of vio- need to know more about what lence do not know how to access healthy foods to buy and how to Representing: Be the voice of cook meals with those ingredients Advocating: Be a public advocate help and are not sure how to do people in your community on de- that are nutritious and appealing by representing groups in the leg- so safely. Bring together experts cision-making boards or councils to kids. You organize a public islative or policy-making arenas. on the issue to see how best to that are dealing with the problem. cook-off at the park. Residents provide information and support Creating: Develop a program, Or bring up the issue in a public are invited to taste items prepared for anyone in a violent relation- service or resource to make meeting if it’s being ignored. by local chefs. Recipes for the ship. Pull together the resources a change. and start the group. Example: Remember when you dishes are distributed to the resi- had your Conversation Party? dents, and local produce vendors Gather those people again and are also on site to sell ingredients go to the next county supervisors for the dishes. meeting. You all know that home- lessness is an issue because there are not enough services for residents when they get behind on rent. You create a petition for more low-income-housing projects and development of services for residents to get assistance to stay in their homes rather than ending up on the streets. (adapted from Adults as Allies by Barry Checkoway) POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 9
  10. 10. Creating Change in 10 Consider these ideas. You can start small and build your way up! 10 Seconds Tweet or text message your ideas to your followers – encourage them to take action or learn about your topic. You can also use e-mail, social networking sites or tell one person every day about your passion and how you want to change it. 10 Minutes Donate to Girls for a Change Change in 10 (girlsforachange.org) or write a passionate letter to your local newspaper, elected official, Ready to let all your brilliant ideas fly? Check out the Change in 10 ideas. We know a corporation, etc., about your passion and that change needs to fit into your lifestyle, so there are examples in different sizes ideas for change. and shapes. 10 Hours Pick a community partner and volunteer -- you might be able to plug into an Brainstorm project ideas. Let your creativity flow. Write ALL of your project ideas to existing volunteer program or suggest a new address the Root Cause of your issue here. Anything goes: volunteer role. My Powerful Difference in 10 10 Days Organize an event to get the word out about your cause. Host an event to 10 second project(s): _______________________________________ educate your network and share your passion! Tip: Give participants a way to get active at 10 minute project(s): _______________________________________ the end of the night. E-mail them the link to this kit, encourage them to get involved in an 10 hour project(s): _______________________________________ organization, etc. 10 Months Design and implement a social 10 day project(s): _______________________________________ change project! Fill out the “Make a Powerful Difference Plan” page at the end of the action 10 month project(s): _______________________________________ kit to create a timeline for your project and get Take your pick. Put a star next to the project idea that you’re most passionate about focusing started right away! on for now. You can come back to the other ones later — and we hope you will. POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 10
  11. 11. Making an Impact Whatever the scope of your project, the following can help you obtain your goals. Brainstorm how these items fit into your project ideas and write your ideas and thoughts below each section. * Join the GFC Girl Action Network (girlsforachangeactionnetwork. ning.com) or the Step Up Women’s Network (suwn.org) to connect * Media. You can use media in many different formats to spread the word about a cause you are passionate about. with other women who are creating change, and share your ideas. my idea: ______________________________________________________ my idea: ______________________________________________________ * Develop a pitch (a pitch is promotion of your social change project that is given with the aim of engaging others in supporting your * Fundraise. Money: It can be the need that stops us in our tracks. We see dollars on our list of things to get and suddenly our dream project is impossible. Remember those pitches you are making in work) that is 2–3 sentences long and e-mail your local reporters. If the media, your public speaking events and your networking? In all you want to spread the word in a big way, develop a press release of those pitches include information about what you need to make (see samples online or enlist the help of a friend who is media your project happen! This could be money, resources, assistance, savvy) and send it out. goods, services, etc. You will be surprised how much people want my idea: ______________________________________________________ to give when they see your passion and hear about your revolution * E-mail your idea to bloggers who are writing about similar issues ary ideas to create long-lasting change. There are many resources and let them know what you are doing. Or, create your own blog. online that can help you budget for your project or develop your my idea: ______________________________________________________ pitch for fundraising. Also, just like in networking, you never know who is connected to someone who can support your project. * Post your ideas, events, projects and ways to get involved on social networking sites. my idea: ______________________________________________________ my idea: ______________________________________________________ * Public Speaking. You have great ideas: time to share them with the world! Develop a speech that you can deliver in 10–15 * Network. Get others excited and involved in your cause. my idea: ______________________________________________________ minutes or less. You can find resources online to create the structure of your speech. my idea: ______________________________________________________ * Talk to local bloggers and media. Attend neighborhood/city council or PTA meetings or church groups. Use online social networks. * Practice. Stand in front of a mirror and give your presentation. my idea: ______________________________________________________ Give the speech to five of your closest friends and ask them for feedback. Videotape yourself giving the speech. Notice which * Meet someone new and tell them about your passion and the people you are trying to connect with — they just might be your missing link. words resonate, and monitor your body language throughout the tape. my idea: ______________________________________________________ Keep pitching your ideas for taking action to everyone you know and meet, you will be surprised how many connections you make in the process. Tip: Use that catchy pitch from your 10 seconds of change * Get out there and start spreading the word! my idea: ______________________________________________________ to develop your elevator pitch and be prepared to give it anytime! my idea: ______________________________________________________ POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 11
  12. 12. As you are making a powerful difference in the world, keep track of your accomplishments and personal growth during this process. Choose your method of tracking through journaling, photos, your blog or whatever method is right for you. Jot down some answers to these questions as you are working through the process. How are you different now that you have been engaging in change? _______________________________________________________ Fitting Change _______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Into Your Life What do you know has changed because of your actions? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Time to get started on your project! How will you stay inspired? The start to a ________________________________________________________ project can be very energizing. As demands on our time grow, executing your plan can become less of a priority. Here are some ways to stay inspired: If all girls and women were empowered to create social * Sign up for listservs or newsletters about your topic to stay educated. change, then … * Get inspired by other women’s stories of extraordinary change by visiting www.PowerfulDifference.com. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ * Set a realistic timeline. When you are creating your project goals, set goals that make sense for your life. ________________________________________________________ * Involve others to help you get started; motivate, inspire and share the workload. This world needs me because … _______________________________________________________ * Celebrate your accomplishments: Brag! Enjoy the moment. That positive feedback will give you energy. _______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ * Stay positive. If you missed a deadline, look at your calendar. Where can you take 10 minutes to get started again? * Care for yourself. Know that there will be days when you need a break to recharge. POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 12
  13. 13. Make a Plan Project name: _____________________________________________ Funding needed (do you have costs for your project)? _______________ _________________________________________________________ What is the Issue you want to change? __________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Resources needed (besides supporters and money, what else might you need)? __________________________________________________ What is the Root Cause of your Issue that you are tackling? __________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ What’s your timeline for completing your project, or when do you want to complete your project? ______________________________________ How will your project affect the Root Cause of the Issue? And how will _________________________________________________________ this create social change? ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Project description: _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ What are the potential obstacles you face? _______________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ What do you need to research further? __________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Supporters needed (who or what organizations do you need help from)? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ POWERFUL DIFFERENCE ACTION PLANNER 13
  14. 14. Thank you for creating change in our world. It takes all of us to make a difference. powerfuldifference.com Girls For A Change girlsforachange.org info@girlsforachange.org 408-540-6GFC (6432) NI-12639