Gyankosh Newsletter (First Issue, Jan - Mar)


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Topics covered: Introduction to Gyankosh; How Elsevier’s Green teams nurture nature; Research supports UN millennium development goals; Interview: In conversation with Mr Amit Arora, Librarian Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Ferozepour.

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Gyankosh Newsletter (First Issue, Jan - Mar)

  1. 1. Gyankosh Communique Issue 1 : January, 2010Message from the Chief Custodian Presenting Gyankosh: Elseviers focus on Librarians of Medical As a 21st century librarian you deal with information in and Dental Colleges many formats, including At Elsevier, the worlds leading publisher of science and health books, magazines, information, we have absolutely no doubt that you play an extremely newspapers, audio and video recordings, significant role in advancing and enhancing the education of the manuscripts, photographs students in your college. It is your assessment and understanding of the and other graphic material, students and teachers needs for text books and other reading material databases, web and digital that ensures that they both get easy and relevant access to the knowledge resources. they need to take their education, and teaching skills, forward.An information professional, you are trained in library To help you do this, you need to be able to source the right referenceand information science and experienced in the materials for teachers and faculty; the facilities to impact training,organization and management of information services conduct research and build a storehouse of knowledge in the form ofand materials for those with information needs. a comprehensive, up-to-date library. By delivering to you, world-classYour focus is on meeting the educational and teaching information and innovative tools, we aim to increase the efficiency andneeds of students and faculty respectively. Which is effectiveness of your library - and now would like go further to help youwhy our focus at Gyankosh is on helping you deliver. fulfill your crucial mission.Gyankosh is an initiative brought to you by Elsevier, An initiative with the focus on librarians,designed specifically to put world class information Gyankosh is designed to help you dealand tools right into your hands. Thus, helping you and with the plethora of information youyour community to become increasingly more effective receive about printed and onlineand productive in your work. publications, and ensure that yourWe will be doing so via this regular newsletter which students and faculty have access to thewill arrive on your desk every quarter. Our aim will be most relevant sources, in the shortestto provide you with information that is relevant, up to time, at the least and comprehensive so you can ensure quality You may have already joined thecare for all, while maintaining your professionscredentials, code of ethics, standards, and Gyankosh initiative, but just in case youcompetencies, and continuing education. At Gyankosh havent, we would really appreciate itwe are proud to be part of your community and to if you could please fill in the Gyankoshparticipate in the advancement of your field of Acceptance Form to enable us to takespecialization. your suggestions and preferences on board. This will ensure that we meet theWe would also greatly appreciate your feedback on We express our heartfelt gratitude...this first issue of Gyankosh: Did you find it interesting needs and requirements of the widestand informative? How can we improve it? What more cross section of teaching professionalscan we add by way of topics and subjects relevant to and their We would like to get your opinions and inputs on It would also give us the opportunity to send you a personalisedhow to value-add to it, to make it more involving and welcome gift - our way of welcoming you to Gyankosh. By sending usknowledgeable for you. Please email us at: the filled in Acceptance Form, you would be part of the fast ranks of librarians, from Dental and Medical colleges, who have already been welcomed into the Gyankosh family… 300 to date and still growing... Please complete Gyankosh Acceptance FormAjit K Sharma as soon as possible and fax it back to us at 011-41664558Chief Custodian, GyankoshElsevier Health Sciences, India or e-mail us at
  2. 2. Around the World: Science & Health News...How Reed Elseviers gREen Teams Nurture NatureBy Marcia Balisciano, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Reed Elsevier, London, UK this was transport and our Hollywood The change saved approximately magazine, Variety, produced a poster US$2,700 annually, eliminated the encouraging employees to consider problem of bottle storage and avoided environmental friendly travel options. environmental impact (like petrol and Also during the year, gREen Teams ran emissions) associated with transported environmental fairs, providing advice bottled water. on commuting alternatives, ran bike weeks and hosted presentations from Reed Business Information office in external consultants and government New York, organized a day for bodies. Further, on World Environment colleagues to clean up St. NicholasIn 2006, a Reed Business Information Park in Harlem. Day in June, Reed Elsevier CEOgREen Teams helped clean up Harlems Crispin Davis sent a special message Using paid volunteer days availableSt. Nicholas Park. to all staff. to all RE staff, the group painted andTo help carry forward Reed Elseviers Throughout each year, conference spread mulch in the park under theenvironmental objectives, weve set up calls bring together gREen Teams to guidance of the New York City ParksgREen Teams covering 75% of our key share best practices and ideas. For Department.facilities and involving some 400 example, the gREen Team at Elseviers gREen Teams help us reduce ouremployees. gREen Teams focus on office in Chevy Chase, Maryland, environmental footprint on a local basis.environmental improvements at the recognized the environmental impact of They engage colleagues throughoutlocal level. using bottled water and worked with our company on environmental issuesEach year we focus on one of our core their facilities department to switch to a and empower all Reed Elsevier staff toenvironmental impact areas. In 2006, filtered water system. make a difference.Research supports UN millennium development goals -Sarah Huggett TB is expected to be halted and Malaria death rates and research high begin to decline before the target in Thailand, Kenya and India date of 2015. The bulk of recent research on the UN Millennium Declaration also stands disease comes from the USA, Europe as a moral imperative for wealthier and Australia, where disease burden is countries to assist in relieving the burden low; however, Thailand, Kenya and of disease in the most-afflicted countries. India do suffer significant malaria death rates. Millennium Goals : Tuberculosis death rates high in Sub- Saharan Africa and Eurasia. The USAIn September 2000, the United Nations • End poverty and hunger and Europe publish a large proportion(UN) gathered at the Millennium • Universal education of the research on tuberculosis, butSummit in New York to discuss their • Gender equality other countries such as Brazil, China,role at the beginning of the 21st South Africa, Japan and India also • Child healthcentury. make it into the top-10 most-prolific • Maternal health• The meeting culminated in the countries. adoption of the UN Millennium • Combat HIV/AIDS “Indias focus on tuberculosis research Declaration. • Environmental sustainability right now is phenomenal – and this is• The Millennium Development matched by the volume of publication Goals (MDGs) were derived from emerging from the country,” observes this declaration, and include targets Deaths from HIV/AIDS are highest in Dr Brian D. Robertson, Deputy Director that were adopted in 2001. Sub-Saharan Africa of the Centre for Integrative SystemsTargeting the biggest killers The burden of HIV/AIDS is heaviest in Biology at Imperial College, London.The eight MDGs represent a global sub-Saharan Africa. Although research Alan D. Lopez, University ofcommitment to improve the most basic on HIV is concentrated in the Western Queensland, Australia, adds: “The five-indicators of standard of living for all world, it is interesting to note that fold variation in HIV/AIDS papers(see box). Large increases in funding China and South Africa are exceptions compared with malaria andand attention to malaria have to this generalisation, ranking second tuberculosis from the USA is interesting,accelerated malaria-control activities and fifth respectively, in terms of article given that there is at most a two-foldin many countries. The incidence of output on the subject. variation in death rates.”
  3. 3. In conversation with... A: We should keep a feedback form in approach Elsevier for their books the library so the students and and journals requirement. faculty can write down their Q: Do you feel that students are losing requirements and then the librarian interest in books? Or is the book can add to the collection on the reading habit still going strong? basis of their requirements. A: I strongly believe that students are Q: How can the librarian and teachers losing interest in books and they help each other when it comes to look for the short cut to success by enhancing the education of the reading some help books rather students? than the prescribed text books.Mr Amit Arora, Librarian A: To start with, close co-operation Q: Are students still using text books forGenesis Institute of Dental Sciences and between teachers and librarians will reference? Or are they doing allResearch, Moga Road, GT Road, Ferozpur ensure that the library is always well their reading on the Internet? stocked with the relevant reference A: Students nowadays are looking forQ: Does your vision of a college library material that will make for more the easier help books or reading fall within your philosophy of effective and easy learning by material from Internet. education? the students. Q: Do you find that your budget isA: Education should be combined with Also, holding conferences or being stretched between finding extra curricular activities like seminars on the importance of resources for computerization and seminar, conferences and having a good library would help. getting the relevant text books? workshops and my college In such forums, librarians and definitely follows this philosophy. teachers can give their views on A: No, so far this method of increasing which books to be kept, what the budget to find new resources isQ: What according to you, is the role should be the environment of the helping the students and faculty. of the librarian in a college setting? And what changes do you hope to library, the disciplinary norms to be I dont think its bad. bring to the library? maintained in the library. All these Q: Do you find that students come toA: The role of librarian is to ensure should help to enhance the you with suggestions for books that easier access to all the reading and education of the students. they want to read? reference material, by arranging the A: Yes, students come to me regularly books and journals in the library The library should not only and I take down their requirements, subject-wise. Plus, the librarian bring them to the notice of the include the text books but management and try to fulfill them. should constantly be sensitive to the requirements of the library users. also a comprehensive collection Q: Do you do a lot of research on the As far as the changes are of fiction, books on politics kind of books the library should concerned, I would make sure that I and autobiographies of famous have? Do you get a lot of improve the arrangement of the materials/mailers from various personalities. material available in the library on sources selling you books? a continuous basis. A: Yes, I have links with the publishersQ: What kind of library attracts the Q: How do you encourage students as well as the distributors of books, students and faculty? to read? and also I remain continuously inA: The library should not only include A: By asking the students about their touch with other college librarians. the course/text books but also a requirements for the new text Q: When it comes to deciding how to comprehensive collection of books, reference books or any spend the budget you have, what fiction, books on politics and fiction books; and stocking them, are the factors that come into play? autobiographies of famous they are encouraged to read. A: Whenever the budget is being personalities. Q: How did you find the program and decided, we take the view of facultyQ: How do you develop and maintain your feedback on it? and student representatives, and a library collection that will meet A: This program is really useful and it their requirements are then the needs of the students and has created a common platform forwarded to the management, faculty? through which colleges can directly who decide on the budget.Innovation at ElsevierHow to stop worrying and love the budgetIt is important for library administrators to have a thorough understanding of how their budgets function. Understanding theirbudgets well can help library administrators guide their staff, services and organizations to success in good times and in bad.Understanding their budgets can also help library administrators lobby more effectively for funding, no matter what theeconomic climate. Understanding the budget is essential for any library administrator focused on developing a strongerbudget. Learning how to stop worrying and love the library budget is relatively simple.
  4. 4. Our Mission Gyankosh Help Desk: A Contact PointTo build a Librarian community Meet Dr. Jasneet, Gyankosh - Relationship ManagerTo build a communityof Librarians who can We would like to introduceinteract & share Dr. Jasneet, who will be yourknowledge and first line of contact at Gyankosh.expertise amongst Dr. Jasneet will be happy to answerthemselves. your queries, provide touch points, help to gather relevant information - in short, facilitate interaction between Gyankosh and your community of professionals.We would like to hear from you. We look forward to your feedback on your spheres ofTo enable Gyankosh to better serve your needs and activity and interest, as well as your suggestions on whatrequirements, it is imperative that we get feedback from we can do to enhance and improve Gyankosh. And asyou: we are keen to collaborate with your institute by helping your faculty publish with us, we will be happy to receive1 Your opinions on the subjects we feature articles to be published in this newsletter.2 Your suggestions on how to keep enhancing and improving the look and feel of every issue To contact us, please call Dr. Jasneet at:3 Your take on new and innovative thinking and 011-46074929 theories in the education and information management space 011-41664558All these are of great importance to us, so please email contactus@elsevier.comor call us at the contact points given.Brain Teasers! The Gyankosh Quiz.Take this quick and snappy quiz on health related subjects. Have some fun with friends and colleagues and win a reward.Fax or email us the answers and a lucky draw will decide the winner.1. Where in the body is the labyrinth? 6. How many calories does water contain? Ear 50 Throat 100 Eye None2. The tongue has more than 7. When is the World Diabetes Day observed? 2000 tastebuds May 1st 1000 tastebuds November 14th 8000 tastebuds June 15th3. White blood cells are also known as : 8. What is the human trachea also called? Erthyrocytes Windpipe Melanocytes Lungs Leucocytes Small Intestine4. To which part of the body does the term brachial refer? 9. What is the H1N1 virus popularly known as? To the stomach Dog Fever To the heart Swine Flu To the arms Cat’s Nip5. Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of which disease? 10. What is the definition of Bi-Polar Disorder? Tuberculosis Manic depressive disorder Kidney Failure Bipolar affective disorder Cancer All the above Elsevier, a division of Reed Elsevier India Private Limited 14th floor, Building No. 10B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon, Haryana, India-122002 Tel: +91-124-4774444 Fax: +91-124-4774100 E-mail: Website: