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SciVerse Application Integration Points


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Published in: Technology
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SciVerse Application Integration Points

  1. 1. Elsevier Application Marketplace and Developer Network Apps Integration Points within SciVerse (ScienceDirect, Scopus, Hub)
  2. 2. Framework Architecture
  3. 3. Search ResultsSearch Suggest App Toolbar Above Results Inline Results Inline Results
  4. 4. Article and Abstract (SD) App Toolbar Overlay Window Select Text, Send to AppLink Text
  5. 5. Article and Abstract (Scopus) FullscreenLink Text App Toolbar
  6. 6. Author Details App Toolbar
  7. 7. Hub Homepage App Toolbar
  8. 8. Details• All SciVerse pages with apps: – Hub Homepage, Hub Results – ScienceDirect Results, ScienceDirect Article, Scopus Results – Scopus Abstract, Scopus Author Details• All pages have following capabilities: – App Toolbar – Fullscreen – Overlay Window• Additional “advanced” capabilities: – Inline Results (all results pages) – Link Text (article and abstract) – Select Text and Send to App (article and abstract) – Search Suggest (Hub homepage and results)
  9. 9. Framework ExtensionsRetrieve contextual data: Retrieve contextual data:•getArticleContent(); Retrieve current article/abstract text•getContextInfo(); Retrieve all context data (i.e. metadata)•getResults(); Retrieve metadata of search results•subscribeToQuery(); Subscribe to user’s search query input•subscribeToResults(); Subscribe to updated results listsUI integrations UI integrations•gotoCanvas(); Display canvas (full screen) view of gadget•showHoverView(); Display hover (overlay) view of gadget•showResultsView(); Display gadget view under specific results•linkText(); Link specific terms on the page•returnQuerySuggestions(); Provide auto-complete query suggestionsUtilities Utilities•makeContentAPIRequest(); Make content API call to SciVerse APIs•makeRequest(); Make request to external API•adjustHeight(); Resize gadget window•makeMeInvisible(); Make gadget disappear•makeMeVisible(); Make gadget appear