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Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010                              www.TheIntuitionCoach.comFirst there were just looks, and both p...
Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010                                www.TheIntuitionCoach.comSlowly, over time, she got tired of d...
Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010                                       www.TheIntuitionCoach.comwith a good book. Her turn to ...
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Relationships Find Peace After a Bad Relationship


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Are you devastated because of a bad, violent, controlliing, codependent or abusive relationship? Read this story and discover how it is possible to survive a relationship breakup and find inner peace again.

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Relationships Find Peace After a Bad Relationship

  1. 1. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 Relationships: Find Peace After a Bad Relationship By Elsabe Smit, Author of It’s Over! Move On And Feel Good About YourselfAre you in a violent, controlling, co-dependent or abusive relationship, or recoveringfrom such a relationship? Read this story and discover that it is possible to get your lifeback.“Do you really love him?” she asked.“Yes, Mom, I do.”“How do you know that? How can you be so sure?”“I just know. He makes me feel . . . you know?”“No, I don’t. Thats why I am asking. You cry about him so often.”She shrugged her shoulders. “OK, I admit, at times I feel exasperated andI want to shake him, because I cant always predict his behaviour, butthats part of what I love about him. Hes unpredictable.”Anna frowned and looked away. She remembered her own first love, manyyears ago. She could still feel the glow, but she also remembered that itwas always followed by a dull thud in her stomach. It just wasnt right. Andnow the pattern is repeating with her lovely daughter. It just wasnt right,and she felt so powerless.“My darling ,think carefully about this, then do what is right for you. I wantto see you happy.”“Thanks, Mom,” the girl responded and gave her mother a hug. She wasstill a girl, a very naïve twenty-two years young.Anna’s eyes shot full of tears, but she turned her head away and occupiedherself with some flowers.“I’m off. See you later,” the girl called and the front door slammed.While Anna was arranging the flowers, her mind wandered again to a timelong ago when she was also naïve.Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010
  2. 2. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 www.TheIntuitionCoach.comFirst there were just looks, and both pretended not to see the other. Thenthey started exchanging notes. Anna remembered how difficult it was towrite those notes, and she smiled. How she agonized over the words! Whatto write, what not to write, and rewriting it again and again.Then, those first tentative, tender touches. How did it grow from suchinnocence into such unbearable agony? Many scenes flashed before hereyes. She had sat up late, waiting. If she had gone to sleep, there wouldbe a scene because she wasnt waiting and therefore not caring. If shewaited, there would be a scene because she was waiting and not trusting.Until one night when she waited. And waited. She waited until the daybroke, and she was still awake when there was a knock on the door.She welcomed the knock. At least the knock meant strangers. No scene.No recriminations. No violence. Just news.Not good news. How could it be good news to hear you will now be alone?Not bad news. How could it be bad news to know the violence hadstopped?Just news. Dull news.People moving in and out of her vision. People saying words they didntmean, because they didnt know what they meant, and therefore couldntsay it. People bringing food. People patting her little girl’s head. Peoplewho told her how she felt. Then they moved on and she was left alone.Left to pay the bills. To answer questions. To roll around at night and askwhy, why, why. To see others through new eyes.People started to look different. There were the innocents. Those who hadthe glow of youth and happiness.There were the wounded. Like her. Comparing scabs. Exchanging stories.Wearing their experiences like badges. For a while she had her own badge.Widow. Or rather, widow with no regrets.Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010
  3. 3. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 www.TheIntuitionCoach.comSlowly, over time, she got tired of defining herself like this. That was whenshe started to see the light people. People who no longer wore badges.They were shining, as if from an inner light. She started listening to whatthey said.They said the same as those who wore the badges. Move on. Build a newlife. Stop looking back. Find peace within yourself.Anna realized that yes, they said the same things, but the light people alsohad an inner conviction. She only heard it then, when she was ready tolisten.Anna wanted the same peace. She struggled. She could no longer speak tothe badge wearers. She had broken ranks. They had nothing more to sayto her.She wanted so much to be a light person. Such agony, because she couldnot succeed. There was always something going wrong to disturb her. Thepeace was elusive for a long time. All that time she spent in no-mans land.Somewhere between the badge wearers and the light people.Until one day when her daughter made a comment and she realized thatshe had become a light person. The realization flooded her with happiness.And an indescribable peace. A peace that cannot be disturbed.Anna stood back and looked at the flower arrangement. Beautiful. LikeGod. She thought about her daughter again. Her beautiful, innocentdaughter. Slowly the thought formed that her daughter is earning her ownbadge. Anna could see it happening as if in slow motion. She could see herdaughter’s happiness turn into sorrow, and she realized how powerless shewas to prevent it.Anna also realized that her daughter, like her, would earn her badge, shedit, and find her own peace. This brought a sad smile to her lips. She felther own peace again.Anna decided not to wait up for her daughter, but to rather treat herselfCopyright © Elsabe Smit 2010
  4. 4. Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010 www.TheIntuitionCoach.comwith a good book. Her turn to wait up for her daughter would come, andshe would be ready with her Light. If you are struggling to put a violent relationship behind you, click on the links below to obtain your FREE e-book How Do I Get Out Of This Relationship? worth £6.97 AND A FREE copy of the video Why relationships Never Fail worth £8.87Do you want to put a destructive relationship behind you and get on withyour life? Then you may want to click on the link below to invest in the e-book It’s Over! Move On And Feel Good About Yourself.Copyright © Elsabe Smit 2010