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Rapid Runner Services


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Potential Businesses.

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Rapid Runner Services

  1. 1. Rapid Runner Services“All your tasks made simple and “organized”<br />Services Provided Events,Ocassions,Celebrations<br />*After event clean up Baby showers<br />*Before event set up Banquets<br />*Dry Cleaning pickup Bridal showers<br />*Gift wrapping Birthday parties<br />*Grocery shopping Charity events<br />*Gift pickup Church events<br />*Food and beverage set up Dinner events<br />*Putting together party favors, Fundraisers<br />gift baskets, bridal gifts etc. Romantic Rendezvous<br />*Scheduling appointment Weddings<br />*Stuffing and mailing letters or<br /> invitations<br /> *A Personal Assistant and Organizing business.*<br />
  2. 2. Accounting Business<br />In the case of realizing that many people lose a lot of money when the file their taxes, it is a wonder that there are businesses that help you to save money when you file your taxes. This accounting business would be powered under the code 3 accounting, which would allow its clients or customers to have in depth knowledge about items that can be written off.<br /> I <br />
  3. 3. Oil spill Clean up<br />This business would be geared to find methods to solve oil spills. One major method that was on the world wide web, was the use of hay. I am not sure how this method was demonstrated, but for some reason I feel this method would or could work. <br />
  4. 4. GreenEnvy,LLC<br />This business would be created to help individuals, homes, businesses, and world wide corporations to adapt to learning ways to be more efficient in preserving our planet.<br /> It would present designs, trainings, and advance knowledge on how the company could gain more profit; by cutting back on using less expensive materials. This business would also help individuals, households, businesses, and corporations to be informed about the many tax write offs they are entitled to. For example, when you are building homes and you decide to use build a roof that is more environmentally suitable. Another example is driving a hybrid, you are able to claim this on your taxes.<br />