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This presentation, created by JESS3 for Eloqua and, explores a real-world use case for Chatter inside Eloqua, a new product announced by the two companies.

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  • Today we'd like to introduce a new partnership between and Eloqua that will for the first time embed Salesforce Chatter within a marketing automation platform, fundamentally changing how sales and marketing collaborate.
  • Today, sales and marketing groups lack a common set of tools for managing human collaboration, and therefore they continue to operate in isolation.   ERP vendors attempted to align the groups by connecting the plumbing between departments. But all it did was let the teams pass leads back and forth through the pipes and did nothing to solve the collaboration problem.
  • And left to their own devices, these teams have continued to rely on a complete hodge podge of tools such as email, text messages, SharePoint, and instant messaging. But, none of these tools are connected, and they have no context or intelligence about the systems or information these people need to do their job. They also make it nearly impossible to find people with the right expertise let alone the best communication channel to reach them.
  • What people really want is the just the information they need to get their job done, not more texts, emails, or portals. They want to be able to connect with the right people, and in the right place, at the right time using a common set of collaboration tools. And they want a platform that is embedded in the applications they are already using, and has the intelligence to find the right people who can help them.
  • The data shows that organizations that do have tight alignment between sales and marketing report a net 38% improvement in annual revenue growth versus those with poor alignment. But today, only 8% of B2B organizations report that tight alignment.  So what's missing? Well, the problem is that without that common social platform, true alignment simply has not been possible between sales and marketing.
  • The evolution to the new social enterprise is already underway, and has led that charge. The social CMO understands this it's no longer about connecting data and passing leads, but finding and connecting the people who need to get the job done.
  • And Chatter inside Eloqua is the platform that will finally make that a reality. Chatter for Eloqua will allow that tight alignment of sales and marketing through a common, intelligent social platform. And to demonstrate that, we'll walk you through a live scenario that will show how Chatter inside Eloqua enables collaboration throughout the life cycle of a marketing campaign. With that,  I'll hand it over to Andrew Morgan, who's our trusty marketing campaign manager.
  • As you saw in this demonstration, through the use of Chatter inside Eloqua, sales, marketing, and even an external agency all came together to build a killer campaign without sending a single email, text, or IM.  In fact, they never even left their systems of record. And because there is now a single social record, the entire history of the collaboration is recorded in a single place. As a result of the tight collaboration, the final campaign was more on target, reached a broader audience, and was ultimately more effective than it would have been otherwise.
  • Through the power of the intelligent social layer, Chatter inside Eloqua is helping sales and marketing find the right people to get the right information - achieving better results within a modern social enterprise. Questions?
  • Salesforce Chatter inside Eloqua

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