Take The Great Automation Vacation: How to Get Away Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind


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Summertime should be beach-time, mountain-time, big-
city time, amusement park-time, you-name-it-time. Trouble is, for even the most modern of marketers, getting away from the office doesn’t always mean getting away from your demand generation, nurturing, and lead management duties. Whether you are concerned about top of funnel, MQL nurture, or helping close deals, there are Modern Marketing practices you can try next time you are taking some much-needed PTO. This guide explores real world examples from some Markie Award winners and finalists.

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Take The Great Automation Vacation: How to Get Away Without Leaving Your Demand Gen Behind

  1. 1. MAKE THOSE RESERVATIONS Plan and Pre-schedule outbound campaigns – Preprogrammed emails campaigns that run while you are gone – Triggered campaigns that reach out when a contact is most curious – Nurture just churns along – fully reporting activity to sales KEEP SALES SAILING Don’t let those opportunities sink. – Automated lead scoring tied into your CRM – Self-enabled Rep, multi-touch Campaigns built and ready to launch as they need them. – Templated emails reps can personalize and send AND, BE SURE TO KEEP IN TOUCH! See how things are going, even when you’re gone. – Reports and analysis – Online dashboards TAKE A ROADTRIP Hit the highway while delivering hit content – Automated content calendars – Subject Matter Experts empowered to create, rate, and post their own content (while you stay completely within brand compliance) – Automated content delivery based on topic and tags FLY AWAY Take off without leaving your digital media up in the air – More than just your media buy, retarget pertinent ads to appear when a contact visits your webpage. With Modern Marketing tools and technology, you and your team can actually get out of the office without getting behind on your demand generation goals. Learn More About the Power of Oracle Marketing Cloud. It’s the only Modern Marketing platform that integrates cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management solutions. Visit oracle.com/marketingcloud. These tactics are just the ticket to more enjoyable R&R. Your marketing never gets a day or week off. But that doesn’t mean you or your team shouldn’t be able to enjoy some PTO. Modern Marketing technology empowers you to design and launch demand generation campaigns and programs that can run on autopilot…while you’re listening to the airplane pilot welcome you aboard.