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Memories From Eloqua Experience 2013- San Francisco


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Pictures, takeaways, and special moments from the modern marketing conference of the year, Eloqua Experience 2013 in San Francisco, CA

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Memories From Eloqua Experience 2013- San Francisco

  1. 1. Memories From Eloqua Experience 2013 •  San Francisco, California •  October 23-25, 2013 @Eloqua #EE13
  2. 2. Kickoff! Wednesday, October 28, 2013 @Eloqua #EE13
  3. 3. A Conversation with Vince Gilligan, Creator of “Breaking Bad” @Eloqua #EE13
  4. 4. What Marketers Can Learn… @Eloqua #EE13
  5. 5. Eloqua’s Commitment to Customer Obsession Marketing Resource Management to help: -Manage and measure display ads alongside owned and earned media. -Profile and create highly targeted segments. -Better track social activities @Eloqua #EE13
  6. 6. @akeroyd @stevewoods @jstetic @Eloqua #EE13
  7. 7. Day 2: Super Sessions – Megan Heuer Marketing therapy is in session… @Eloqua #EE13
  8. 8. Super Sessions – Baratunde Thurston Yeah, #eloquatunde happened… @Eloqua #EE13
  9. 9. Super Sessions – Ken Schmidt Revving up the brand relationship… @Eloqua #EE13
  10. 10. The 2013 Markie Awards @Eloqua #EE13
  11. 11. The 2013 Markie Awards @Eloqua #EE13
  12. 12. The 2013 Markie Awards @Eloqua #EE13
  13. 13. Robin Thicke Performs at the Markie Awards @CareyCopeling/Facebook @Eloqua #EE13
  14. 14. To Our Partner Showcase Thanks for your support and commitment to innovating customer success! @Eloqua #EE13
  15. 15. @Eloqua #EE13
  16. 16. Share Your Flair! @Eloqua #EE13
  17. 17. Modern Mark at #EE13 @Eloqua #EE13
  18. 18. Modern Mark at #EE13 @Eloqua #EE13
  19. 19. See You Next Year! Thanks for the memories! #EE13 @Eloqua #EE13