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Golden state-warriors-eloqua-social-media-case-study


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Case study detailing how the Golden State Warriors were able to generate $400,000 in new revenue and boost site traffic by 66% by combining Eloqua with social media.

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Golden state-warriors-eloqua-social-media-case-study

  1. 1. Customer Success Story THE POWER TO SUCCEED. Social Media Innovation Leads to Measurable Success for the Golden State Warriors In May of 2010, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors creatively leveraged several social media channels to officially launch the organization’s new logo and branding. The result? Large growth among all of their various social media platforms, greatly increased Web traffic, record attendance at their NBA Draft party and a notable boost in ticket revenue. Social Media Strategy & Evolution The Golden State Warriors’ strategy is to use social media as a powerful tool to reach their fans - and even those who wouldn’t classify themselves as fans. They use a variety of so-Golden State Warriors’ Social Media Success cial media platforms in a host of ways, including sharing breaking news, offering exclusive deals, giving behind-the-scenes updates, integrating organizational marketing efforts, giv- Sold 150 new season tickets ing fans a place to let their voices be heard and much more. They strive to stay innovative and generated over $400,000 and now incorporate a social media aspect into every major marketing campaign. in revenue from contest regis- NEW LOGO CALLS FOR NEW SOCIAL STRATEGIES trants One notable example of their strategy in action was a campaign centered on the official Boosted year-over-year website launch of the Warriors’ new logo and branding. The marketing team wanted to create a traffic by 66% unique way to unveil the new logo, while also engaging fans, building anticipation, and expanding the organization’s social media presence. In addition, they wanted to build a Increased followers on list of engaged, fervent fans for future marketing and sales efforts. Facebook & Twitter “Rather than just unveiling the logo at a press conference,” said Kyle Spencer, Executive Attracted 4,000 fans to their Director of Team Marketing. “The goal was to make the unveiling personal, exclusive and NBA Draft Party - making it interactive using social media.” their biggest ever The campaign was called the ‘2010 Warriors Draft Challenge’. The idea was to capitalize on the anticipation of the team’s new logo and unveil it piece-by-piece each day. For nine days, the participants in the contest would obtain an answer to a daily challenge question on one of the team’s official social network hubs. In addition to giving fans the chance to be the first to uncover the new logo, the Warriors incentivized them by offering daily prizes and the chance to win season tickets. The contest launched on the day of the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery. Each fan that entered the contest was automatically registered for the team’s 2010 Draft Party, one of the War- riors’ biggest sales events of the year. The contest therefore acted as a way for them to © 2011 Eloqua Corporation
  2. 2. Case Study: Golden State Warriors not only creatively unveil their logo and build their presence on various social media platforms, but also to grow their database and generate engaged leads for their sales department. ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGIES LEVERAGED FOR INITIATIVE Eloqua, the Warriors’ marketing automation solution, was the perfect tool for this contest, as the team was able to fully integrate a variety of social media channels - including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, SayNow and SMS - while also collecting data on those who participated. Kevin Cote, the War- riors Assistant Director of Digital Marketing, used Eloqua hypersites, content substitution and forms and developed a detailed, integrated program that was ideal for this sort of contest. Upon registering, users were able to access the challenge for that specific day and/or previous days. Once the user entered the correct answer to each challenge, a new piece of the puzzle was uncov- Each day during the contest, one of the nine ‘chal- ered, triggered by Eloqua’s data collection capabilities. All the while, users lenges’ was revealed using a different form of social were encouraged via Eloqua e-mail and hypersites to share their experience on media. This kept fans engaged and helped drive Facebook and Twitter. traffic to their official site during a traditionally slow traffic period.“From a marketing perspective, the campaign was a rousing success and our new brand has receivedoverwhelmingly positive reviews. The approach with which we went about unveiling the logo for our fanswas unique and progressive, especially in the ways we utilized social media. We increased awareness of ourbrand by using social media platforms and tactics, and we also expanded our presence and reputation inthe social media realm.”- Robert Rowell, Golden State Warriors PresidentMeasurable ResultsThe Warriors saw tangible, measurable results in a short amount of time from this social media-driven promotion. First, it attracted morethan 4,000 fans to the team’s Draft Party, a record for that event. Next, since the time of the contest’s launch, the Warriors have generatedover $400,000 in ticket revenue and sold 150 new season tickets to contest registrants. The team’s web traffic increased considerably, asthey experienced a 66% year-over-year increase of visits to their official site during the length of the promotion. Finally, the Warriors alsogreatly boosted their reach and followers during a critical re-branding period through several social media outlets. And since the launch ofthe contest, the Warriors have increased their Facebook follower count by 175% (going from 39,000 to 107,000), while more than triplingtheir Twitter follower count (going from 4,000 to 15,000).In addition to experiencing measurable results from this effort, the Warriors also received a good deal of outside publicity from sports me-dia outlets like ESPN and the Sports Business Journal, as well as numerous fan sites and sports blogs.About EloquaEloqua is the category creator and leading provider of demand generation applications and best-practice expertise for business marketers around the world.Thousands of customers rely on the power of Eloqua’s products and services to execute, automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua isheadquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America. For more information, visit © 2011 Eloqua Corporation