Eloqua successfactors case study


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This case study reveals how SuccessFactors was able to enhance lead management and improve sales productivity by using Eloqua.

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Eloqua successfactors case study

  1. 1. Customer Success Story SuccessFactors THE POWER TO SUCCEED. SuccessFactors Leverages Eloqua Marketing Automation to Scale Programs and Support Rapid Organizational Growth The Challenge As a market leader in the red hot category of on-demand talent management software, SuccessFactors was faced with a challenge common among organizations that experience explosive growth — how do you continue to fuel your current pace and get out ahead of it with a relatively small marketing team? Vital Stats: SuccessFactors With a rise in the number of competitors vying for market share and a rapidly growing Headquarters: San Mateo, CA sales team to support, David Cain, VP of Marketing Communications, knew he needed to Industry: Software automate the company’s marketing processes to keep pace with organizational growth. An increasing customer roster and mounting demand added strain to an infrastructure that Net Income: $123 million couldn’t support the rapidly growing organization in some key areas: No. of Employees: 600 Event Management: existing processes for driving event attendance and managing registration were cumbersome and time-consuming, but the number of events that marketing was responsible for was rapidly escalating. Segmentation: the database they invested heavily to grow risked being depleted be- cause the team lacked the ability to segment marketing contacts and send targeted campaigns rather than one-size-fits-all messages. Lead Routing & Prioritization: leads weren’t prioritized and the right leads didn’t always get to the right sales reps due to limited lead routing and scoring capabilities.“When we went with Eloqua, we looked Automation: manually executing and measuring campaigns consumed valuable time at many vendors. Eloqua had, by far, that could be spent trying new approaches but the team had no way to automate the best functionality. Their solution their best performing marketing programs. has really helped us succeed in bridg- SuccessFactors needed to do more with less and build confidence in marketing programs ing the gap between sales and market- so the team set out to find a more effective way to leverage the resources they had. ing at SuccessFactors” — David Cain, VP of Marketing Communications The Solution Automating manual processes and integrating on a common platform would enable Suc- cessFactors to support the added demand created by rapid organizational growth. Key to the selection of a marketing automation vendor was a platform that could address the
  2. 2. Case Study: SucessFactorschallenges they faced today but scale for their continued growth and evolving requirements. “When we went with Eloqua, we looked at manyvendors. Eloqua had, by far, the best functionality. Their solution has really helped us succeed in bridging the gap between sales and mar-keting at SuccessFactors” says David Cain.Reet Mand, Senior Email Marketing Manager cites the excellent service and support as one reason they have been able to rapidly addressso many of their business challenges. “My Customer Success Manager has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. He helps meset up new programs, figure out how to report on different campaigns, and show the impact of email marketing. It’s like an extension of ourteam — someone with a lot of knowledge and experience that we can bounce ideas off.” David Cain echoes that sentiment, “Two years ago,we switched CRM systems at SuccessFactors. Eloqua was a tremendous partner in helping us do that very, very quickly. In just two weeks,they helped us get four hundred sales reps over to a new system and up and running very smoothly.”The Eloqua marketing automation platform has helped SuccessFactors operationalize their most successful marketing programs and developrepeatable processes that save hundreds of hours. Now the team has more time to focus on program innovation and driving customer value.ConclusionThe marketing team has fully automated the event lifecycle for everything from their global user conference to regional user groups andwebinars. The streamlined process sends email invites, manages session registration, and delivers pre-defined reminders and follow up com-munications. Eloqua has helped the team support more events than was possible before and turn around a declining ratio of delegates whoregister and actually attend events. Using automation — particularly automated reminders — they successfully increased the ratio by 20%.SuccessFactors has leveraged sophisticated segmentation and lead routing to send personalized, relevant communications and improve salesproductivity. When someone fills out a form on the website, an auto-responder email is triggered based on prospect profile data and onlineactivity history. The prospect gets a targeted communication immediately after filling out the form and the lead is automatically routed to thecorrect sales representative based on pre-defined territory rules.The results have been impressive — the automated program assigns leads to hundreds of sales reps from over 3,000 outbound auto respond-er emails per month and generates a 56% open rate. “In most organizations, there’s a big divide between sales and marketing,” commentedDavid Cain. “With Eloqua, we’ve been able to reduce that significantly. We’re now passing information to the sales reps that they can use tomake much more effective calls and be much more effective in their jobs.”The marketing team also collaborated with sales on the implementation of a lead scoring program, contributing to an environment of trustand accountability. “That was really important,” commented Reet, “we have always involved the sales team in our marketing programs. Withlead scoring, we got their input on what a hot lead was and the program was well received because the sales team was bought in.” The salesreps can’t recall how they lived without lead scoring because before they had no way to prioritize who to call. Now the best leads bubble tothe top and appear right in CRM. It has had a profound impact on lead quality and improved sales’ ability to reach and convert prospects ina shorter time.The sky is the limit for the team at SuccessFactors. “The depth of the application and the level of service Eloqua provides are very powerful”Reet added. “The application is incredibly robust so we never feel limited by what it can do, and Eloqua support is wonderful. They know theanswers to all our questions and are always available. Knowing these experts are behind us and we can get the answers we need –that’s thereal difference.”About EloquaEloqua is the category creator and leading provider of demand generation applications and best-practice expertise for business marketers around the world.Thousands of customers rely on the power of Eloqua’s products and services to execute, automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua isheadquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America.1921 Gallows Road 500Vienna, VA 22181-3900Call Toll Free: 866.327.8764 For more information, visit www.eloqua.com © 2009 Eloqua Corporation