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Eloqua Social Media Guidelines


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This Eloqua / JESS3 collaboration provides companies with a quick and easy-to-follow set of guidelines to ensure staff is representing the brand ethically online.

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Eloqua Social Media Guidelines

  1. 1. Social Media Guidelines
  2. 2. Social Media Guidelines Social Media Guidelines Social Media The era of online anonymity has ended. Social media demands honest, transparent and authentic participation. Social networks are human networks; so don’t be afraid Guidelines to share about your hobbies, travels and even weekend adventures. Introduction PLEASE DO: PLEASE DO NOT: The Eloqua Social Media Guidelines were > Listen. The most important first step you can > Be gracious. Applauding the good work of > Share confidential information about the created by Joe Chernov and social media agency take in social media is to listen before you others and thanking others for their support company/clients/partners JESS3. Although the document lists “do’s” and “speak.” Social media offers a unique window are the cornerstones of any good community “don’ts” of social media, it is not intended to be into the lives of colleagues, customers and – on- and offline alike. Whether it is citing a > Criticize clients/colleagues/partners/ a cautionary or punitive document. Rather, these influentials. Adhering to a “listen-first” mantra source with a link in a blog post, retweeting competitors. Guidelines serve as both guardrails and wings – will help you can gain valuable insights that or giving a “shout out,” be sure to credit and to help you stay in bounds, while learning how to inform how – or even if – you want to engage. thank the original creator. > Spread rumors or false information about the take your personal brand and Eloqua’s business This is the key to being social success. company/clients/partners/ competitors. objectives to the next level through social media. > Disclose. Letting your online audiences know > Be authentic. The era of online anonymity that you work for Eloqua is essential if you > Reveal personal information about any of has ended. Social media demands honest, are tweeting about Eloqua and/or sharing your colleagues. Examples include tweeting transparent and authentic participation. Social pro-Eloqua content online. A great way to do side conversations or posting personal photos Guidelines networks are human networks; so don’t be this is filling out your Twitter bio with a brief to Facebook or Flickr without their explicit afraid to share about your hobbies, travels and line about your Eloqua affiliation, as well permission. Our focus is on the aspirational – that’s why even weekend adventures. as including Eloqua as an employer on your we lead with 5 things you can do to succeed in Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, > Misrepresent yourself or Eloqua. Every action social media. That said, there are also potential > Be consistent. When cultivating your social if you are supporting the efforts of a client, online is, at some level, traceable – so make pitfalls that we hope to help you avoid – that’s media presence, be consistent about the make sure that you check with Joe Chernov sure the content that you are creating and why we also include 5 straightforward social information contained in your profile and the before promoting the content to make sure impressions you are leaving, no matter how media “don’ts.” content you share. Consistency helps build you have the proper disclosure in place. big or how small, are accurate, honest and trust with others, whether it is a simple “oh, I true. Please also make sure to thoroughly read and recognize that profile photo” or a deeper sense review the Eloqua Social Media Playbook. Many of involvement. of these principles are discussed at length in our company Playbook. We also give useful tips, tricks and insights about navigating nearly a dozen of the top social media platforms. As you consider these materials and explore more corners of the social Web, please let us know how and where we can improve! Chirp and peep are so passé. On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Now it’s all twitter! But they can smell a marketer from a mile away. 2 Social Media Guidelines: Twitter © 2009 ELOQUA CORPORATION Social Media Guidelines: Twitter 3