Create Your Own Marketing Luck


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Feeling lucky? Marketing organizations are increasingly being asked to demonstrate accountability and prove substantial contribution to ROI. The right process-oriented approach can help your team showcase the value of your initiatives, and improve your ability to engage with your audiences. While some variables of the customer journey are constantly changing, the right mix of strategic measures and technology can help ensure that you’re hitting the mark to strike gold in achieving customer delight.

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Create Your Own Marketing Luck

  1. Create Your Own Marketing Luck
  2. Great ideas can be as rare as four leaf clovers. As creative marketers, we all depend on that “gut feeling” you get when an idea is right on the mark. Unfortunately, that vague kind of project endorsement often generates crossed fingers and rubbed rabbits’ feet when you actually hit the launch button. It’s time to make your own marketing luck. Being able to trace your family roots back to County Cork is not required. The right mix of technology and strategy can help you create your own marketing fortune. Find the pot of gold at the end of every customer engagement. Check out these tips to help create your own marketing luck. Dare we pun:You’ll feel like a marketing “Leadprechan!”
  3. Capture buyer data from across all channels (owned, earned, paid) and use it for precision targeting to unify your offers and improve engagement.
  4. Track your audience’s engagement with advertising channels to build up a unique content preference profile via Digital Body Language, or online behavioral insight.
  5. Step up your social media marketing game and track links in your social network to collect insightful information about your audience’s sharing and network usage habits.
  6. Capture buyer data from across all channels (owned, earned, paid) and use it for precision targeting to unify your offers and improve engagement.
  7. Ramp up retargeting and maximize your web site experience for unknown visitors with relevant display ads.
  8. Ensure contextual relevance across all phases of the buying cycle and purchase processes by presenting offers that nurture known contacts.
  9. Allow content to act as your “first, second and third sales calls” so you can understand which topics and themes are going to help your actual sales reps drive the point home.
  10. Set up parameters that will help you automate your reactive communications so your audience feels like they’re engaging with you in an individualized dialogue.
  11. Check out our new eBook with case study examples of how organizations are creating their own marketing luck! For more information, visit, subscribe to the ”It’s All About Revenue” blog, call 866.327.8764, or email Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.