Starting it up! 10 rules all aspiring entrepreneurs should follow


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Entrepreneurship MUST HAVES

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  • Delivered at the University of Cyprus on 06.11.12
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  • Starting it up! 10 rules all aspiring entrepreneurs should follow

    1. 1. Eloiza @eloizasavvidou
    2. 2. The reality as we knew it has changed….1. Economic crisis2. Public sector3. Frappe culture4. Fast changing world (technology, info sharing..)5. New models – away from non-sustainableIt is no longer the fittest that survive, but the ones most adaptable to change!
    3. 3. What Is YOUR LEGACY?
    4. 4. THINK BIG!If you want to get to the moon, you have toreach for the stars!Without a dream, you will not get far…!
    5. 5. The wind in yoursails…Without this youtravel nowhere!
    6. 6. Remember: do work that you love… Your Your Sweet zone! strength People’s Your view passion
    7. 7. • Face your fears• Get out of your comfort zone• Make mistakes• Build up healthy habits• Humour!… And REMEMBER: At the end of the day, it’s not what you have achieved but rather who you have become in the process!
    8. 8. • Add so much value that your customers/clients not care how much they pay.• Give them what they want and then what they need• Forget about being likeable – if you add value people will come to you even if they don’t like you.• Always:1. Find out what they want2. Go and get it!3. Give it to them
    9. 9. • Financial planning and management• Healthy cash flow• Business strategy• Branding and marketing strategies• Managing a business• Building client relationship• Technical vs. Business skills• Being small is your friend until you become something bigger – gives you lead time to build those business skills
    10. 10. • No man is an island• Decide what you need and then decide who can help you!• Chose your peer group• Use role models• Use mentors• Chose your friends!• Chose your partnerAnd remember to invest in your team: you must always give back!
    11. 11. • ACT NOW!• Be prepared to lose and never ever ever give up!• There is no easy road to this• But: It can be fun!• Its never what happens to you but the meaning you give to it• ‘Excusitus’ syndrome:- Am not old enough, young enough, rich enough, educated enough, the government is bad, my family is not supporting me, I don’t have the friends, I am covered in debt…• Change your story and you shall change your life!
    12. 12. So what is YOUR entrepreneurship Story?
    13. 13. Cause the real key to success is…“…to know that even one life has breathedeasier because you have lived.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    14. 14. 1. A new world – why become an entrepreneur2. Get dreaming – decide your legacy3. Get a mission – do what you love4. Become the person you need to be5. Add value6. Its always about good business and not about the product7. The power of a team8. Take action NOW – to win, you must play!9. Give back!10.Enjoy the ride!
    15. 15. THANK YOU!