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  1. 1. BeatzTime July 2011Music Magazine Sizzling Summer IssueWhy She LeftSiMoneHer ReasonsHer StoryPage 210 ways toGo Greenthis summerPage 8LIVE £2.00
  2. 2. W hilst her fans sat at home in di-spair, and her artists wallowed in self-pity,the youngest songwriter ever to win both “H ow did you feel, suddenly get- ting up and leaving your life behind like that?” “I just needed some time for myself - away from the citya grammy and a brit music award in the I asked. I wasn’t sure how to approach thesame year was strolling along the beaches of question, as it was one we had all been won- and all the lights, some placePhuket, watching waves crashing upon the dering.sand. “A lot of people who I have met where I could gather my here ask me - ‘Why now?’ and then thoughts”“Before my life was so hectic. It’s I tell them, If you did what I do,impossible for you’d know! the amount of stresssomeone so young to be expected of I was under was increadible. Who-so much. If there wasn’t a time when ever said working in the music buis-I wasn’t ness would be easy clearly, had neverworking, I was thinking about it, and worked in the music buisness!I justif I wasn’t thinking about it, I was needed some time forplanning a meeting or myself - away from the city and all “Nplanning a lunch, a dinner, of the lights, some place where IIanything! I guess you could say I could gather my thoughts. Wow,was always working, and now that I’m just how many times did I use the word ‘I’? Makes me seem pretty “A lot of peoplethinking about it, it’s about time Ihired an selfish I know.”assistant!” ask me - ot at all” I replied. I had to give was fortunate enough to have simply run her credit. For such a young artist she was ‘Why now?’into SiMone in a hotel lobby whilst I was working increadibly hard with artists allattending a journalism confrence. If anyonedidn’t know who Giulia Simone was, they over the world and in different languages, and doing it all on her own. I guess all we and then I tellwould just see a confident young woman tak- can hope for now is that she gets the timeing a lesuirly holiday in Thailand, whilst back she needs to get herself together so she can them,in L.A her fans and artists have been tearing produce even more ass-kicking songs andtheir hair out wondering where she was and albums for us :) if you did whatwhen she was going to come back. Billie Scott - Music Journalist,“I announced it one Sunday during a BeatzTime Music Magazine I do, you’d know!”buisness lunch. It was with him (Mi-cah - SiMone’s Agent). I remeber he
  3. 3. Contents Page Issue 102:July 2011Page 2SiMone -Her Side of the Story,with an exclusiveinterview only inBeatzTime magazinePage 4The Top 10 Films Page 82011’s Summer has to offer 10 tips on Going Green this summerPage 6RevIewS - TeN LIvewe take a look at albums Crash Harlemscheduled for the next The Impossible Boyshalf of the year- & MoreCollective AttitudesFamous enough?ReD Page 14A Fire within New!On The Horizon Simon & Garfunkle Tribute band - what do we think?