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Textual analysis - Se7en


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This is the textual analysis of the production of Se7en. It includes the explanation of the four features that is produced into a film.

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Textual analysis - Se7en

  1. 1. Se7en The introduction As the opening scene starts to unfold, it introduces one of the main characters (Morgan freeman) into the film. It starts to give clues about what kind of character he will show in the rest of the production. It then starts to go through a regular day of this character and how he acts and thinks. The scene after, introduces the next main character (Brad Pitt) where he then starts to show his true personality and how much he looks up to Morgan’s character. The whole film is based on the
  2. 2. Camera shots, angles and movements The start of the production is an establishing shot of the living area that Morgan Freemans character lives in. It gives the viewer a in sight look into what the character will be like in the production. This shot includes a chess board and shows different sections around the living room and kitchen. The second shot in this production is when they give the viewer a mid shot of the victims body (women) on the floor with blood all around her. The highlight is the red blood on the dark backgrounds; this gives the viewer a clue of what the rest of the film will entail.
  3. 3. Editing Throughout the film, editing was used to show the audience the chilling effects and creepy shots. One way they edited the scene is when they slowly zoomed into Morgan’s face and then swapped it to the metronome. This is making the audience unexpected on what will happen next in the upcoming scene. This makes the viewer confused on the storyline; making them eager to keep on
  4. 4. Sound Throughout the opening scenes, they have added in a diegetic sound of police sirens on a quiet level. This is showing the audience that something big is going to happen and always keeping them on edge and tense. Another sound they added in is the non- diegetic sound of fast music which continuously becomes louder and faster. This builds up a climax to the audience, making them anxious.
  5. 5. Mise en scene As the scene opens, the characters flat looks clean, tidy and untouched. This makes the audience think the character doesn’t live at his flat meaning he’s career driven, giving a sense of loneliness. Also, in his flat he has a metronome and a chess boards. These are both items that work the mind. Showing he