Microsoft Power Point Ignition Pr For Start Ups Workshop


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A PR primer for small to mid-sized companies seeking exposure for their business in the technology, business media and blogosphere

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Microsoft Power Point Ignition Pr For Start Ups Workshop

  1. 1. Building the Buzz Leveraging PR to Build a Name and Generate Attention for Your Business May 6, 2009
  2. 2. The Value of PR Highly credible “Free” marketing – lower cost than traditional marketing methods (online campaigns, tradeshows) Gains momentum the more you do (flywheel) Offers you an opportunity to grow closer to customers (and their stories) Tuned for start ups – stories are around disruptive technologies, companies breaking out/breaking through, financing rounds, M&A
  3. 3. The Circle of Influence Industry Analysts Leverage your entire influence network to build business Customers Investors awareness Influencers are cross Your referential – you need to Story connect the dots “Fly wheel” type momentum Technology Blogosphere Press Business Press
  4. 4. Media Players & Coverage Opportunities Technology Press Business Press eWeek, Computerworld, Globe and Mail, New York InformationWeek, Java Times, CTV News, Canadian Developers Journal, Backbone Business, Fortune, Time Magazine, etc News coverage, profiles, News coverage, feature feature coverage, expert articles, submitted editorial, commentary column mentions, product Target with major business reviews news – M&A, financing, Moving almost exclusively business profile pieces, highly online strategic partnerships or large dollar value transactions Part of a network
  5. 5. Media Players & Coverage Opportunities Industry Press Blogosphere Renewable Energy World, Most technology magazines Gambling Times, Insurance have associated blogs, Journal, Broadcaster Magazine independent bloggers Feature articles, submitted News coverage, profiles, editorial, customer case feature coverage, expert studies commentary Hungry for content & receptive Google blog search Very targeted Highly influential
  6. 6. Industry Analysts Why Consider? Firms ...Like PR too There is an analyst for any industry/any discipline Are influenced by evidence of momentum Target by asking your customers: who influences your decisions? Pundits – may inject conflict, o Compass Intelligence dissention o Gartner Champion of the small and scrappy o Forrester Highly influential with IT buyers o AMR o IDC Look for boutiques in your space – o Yankee Group may not be the traditional firms o Butler Group Very expensive to become a client, but o Screen Digest will accept briefings o Sdi o Directory of firms: Can purchase research a la carte Can commission research – great PR angle
  7. 7. Coverage Recipe
  8. 8. Product Reviews Detailed examination of hardware, software product or device Traditional methods – PC Magazine, eWeek, InfoWorld Reviewers guides, assigned support/mentorship But don’t be limited to traditional product review channels – you can manufacture your own opportunity o Explore communities/blogosphere/consultants o Think YouTube...
  9. 9. So Do You Have a Story…Or Not? The Pitch: what makes you different, fresh, new or unusual? How does your business/technology map to marketplace trends/phenomena? What is your angle (or angles)? P.S. keep it short, punchy and relevant. The Target: Define and research your target. Who are the editors, bloggers, reporters and columnists covering your sector and competitors and what are they writing about? What is the line up in the magazine’s editorial calendar? What are some resources you can use to find and target these individuals? The Ingredients: What are the key story elements you need to provide? Customer references; third party research/testimony; protagonist/antagonist, conflict, executive interview; photographs; screenshots; background information, plant/facility tours – the more complete the package, the easier it is for the editor to say yes
  10. 10. Medium & Method of Communication Press Release: Inverted pyramid style Two pages ideally One time effect Typically issued via newswire supported by “call downs” Targeted distribution! Press release ≠ coverage Press release = SEO Personal Outreach: Short, to the point Be provocative Cultivate sustained relationships Do your homework Become a resource Virtual world – face to face opportunities are rare Telephone briefings
  11. 11. Other Tactics Competitive sideswipe Meetings/briefings at tradeshows/events Columnist campaigns Thought leadership – speaking engagements, panel presentations Product and business awards/recognition – Deloitte Fast 50, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, Top 40 Under 40 Twittering
  12. 12. Going the “Agency Route” – Pros and Cons Pros Cons Rich network of editorial Expensive, typically retainer contacts driven Creative perspective – story Pitch by the senior, execution telling ability by the junior Sustained activity “steady beat Don’t “own” the relationship of the drum.” with journalists Polish & expertise No guarantees of ROI Access to tools – media directories, newswire services and can leverage costs across base of clients Perceived value – may be important to your angel or VC
  13. 13. How to Measure Success Direct Indirect Column inches in story Natural search engine rankings Number of o Press releases references/stories o “Good links” Number of New customers “I read briefings/interviews and about you guys” press meetings
  14. 14. Leverage Coverage and press release are just point in time stories and press releases unless... o Showcase on your web site – “good links” for SEO o Send to prospects customers, partners, investors o Include in your newsletter o Draw out quotes for use on web site and in collateral o And don’t forget to send to mom...
  15. 15. Help! There’s a Journalist on the Line.. When a journalist calls: o Take down the reporter’s name, media affiliation and story deadline o Don’t feel compelled to react right away – buy yourself some time, but do respect the reporter’s deadline o Ask about the story – what is the angle, who else are they talking to, when will the story run Prior to the interview: o Develop some key messages – what do you want to say? Don’t be afraid to seek out assistance from your PR advisor Remember: o Everything you say is “on the record”
  16. 16. Just a bit about me… Creative marketing advice and leadership to the high technology sector Marketing/PR chameleon – broad skill set 15 years at MKS – progressing from PR to VP Marketing Record of PR coverage: Computerworld, Information Week, JDJ, Application Development Trends, Backbone, G&M, BNN, National Post, KW Record and on… Joined Ignition in June 2008 – specialization in high tech Bachelor of PR from MSVU, Accredited through Canadian Public Relations Society Give me a call 519-624-2402 or email me
  17. 17. Let’s Trouble Shoot Questions? PR challenges? How do I get from here to there?