Google Docs Student Set Up


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This is the basic presentation I use when introducing my students to Google Docs for the first time.

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Google Docs Student Set Up

  1. 1. Student Set Up Guide Created by Liz Becker - @ellsbeth For CORE 101 & 102 at Eastern Oregon University April 6th, 2012
  2. 2. Google Docs• Most assignments in this course will be turned in using Google Docs.• Recommended: Type your assignment into Google Docs rather than uploading a MS Word doc (avoids formatting issues).
  3. 3. To Access Google Docs• Click on Documents in the menu at the top of GMail
  4. 4. Familiarize Yourself with the Side Menu Always takes you back to the home page Good organizational tool. Star assignments thatAlso handy for need to be finished,organization. I remove revised, etc.finished items from myHome page so I can useit as a To Do List. Thisbutton lets me still seeeverything again.
  5. 5. To Return Home When IN a document: You can hover your mouse to the LEFT of the file name to get an arrow icon that will return you Home.
  6. 6. Collections• Great way to keep things organized• This is how you will turn in class assignments
  7. 7. Creating a Collection#1 #2
  8. 8. Creating a Collection #3Name your collection with your Last Name, First Initial & CORE 102 Example: BeckerE CORE 102
  9. 9. Creating a CollectionYour collection will now show up in the sidebar menu
  10. 10. Bonus: Color #1 HOVER your mouse over the collection name to get the tiny arrow to the RIGHT. #3 Click on the color of your choice #2Mouse overChangeColor Voilà!
  11. 11. Sharing a Collection• Once you share a collection, any document you place in that folder is also shared• You will turn in all electronic assignments for this class by placing them in this shared collection• Please only share this folder with your instructor
  12. 12. Sharing a Collection #1 HOVER your mouse over the collection name to get the tiny arrow to the RIGHT.#2 #3 Mouse Click on over Share… Share
  13. 13. Sharing a Collection #4Type the email of the person with whom youd like to share the collection. #5
  14. 14. Shared vs. Unshared CollectionsNot Shared Shared
  15. 15. Sharing a Document• Always share documents in this class by placing them in your shared collection.• Never….under any circumstances…. share by using this…. This is good for sharing Google Docs with other people, but not for sharing in this class.
  16. 16. =
  17. 17. Sharing a Document Mouse over the #1 document you would like to share until it is highlighted yellow.
  18. 18. Sharing a Document Holding down the mouse button, DRAG #2 the document over to the shared collection.
  19. 19. Sharing a Document #3 When you get the document over the collection you want, release the mouse button.
  20. 20. How do you know if a doc is shared? The name of the collection will appear after the document name in the docs list.
  21. 21. Another Way to Share (and organize) Docs… #2 Click here #1 Check the box next to the doc you would like to place into a shared collection.
  22. 22. Another Way to Share (and organize) Docs… #3Check the boxnext to thesharedcollection(s)where youwould like thedoc to appear. #4
  23. 23. For Any GDocs Assignment…1. Make a copy of the document2. Rename – Delete “Copy of”3. Share – Put into your course collection4. Type your assignment