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Online Competency Benchmarking


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Online Competency Benchmarking

  1. 1. MEASURE, ANALYSE & PRIORITISE CUSTOMER FACING SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & ATTITUDES A powerful tool for competitive advantageThe Mercuri International Online Competence Benchmark™Flying high?Most organisations in the worldrecognise both the importance anddifficulty of having well equippedcustomer facing people. The role ofcustomer facing people and those wholead them has never been moredemanding. What skills, knowledgeand attitudes do these key peopleneed today and into the future? Whatlevel are they at today and how dothey compare with others?Know and Grow?The Online Competence Benchmark™is a web-based assessment tool thatcan be used to identify the strengthsand weaknesses of individuals orgroups of salespeople, salesmanagers, customer service peopleand relationship / key accountmanagers. The tool was developed “We had high expectations when wewith three leading Europeancompanies and is based on Mercuri’s commissioned this work but theexperience with over 18,000 competence benchmarking worked far morecompanies across a range of sectorsand our experience of developing smoothly and has given us far greaterpeople in both global players andniche market leaders. It provides insights than any of us had expected!”compelling insights into the currentlevels of your peoples’ skills,knowledge and attitudes. It allows you Head of Corporate Global Relationshipto benchmark them against Mercuris Managementprofiles. It identifies areas of risk andopportunity. It can help you plan areas Top 10 Insurance Cofor improvement and suggest the bestmethods to make this happenefficiently and effectively. For more information contact:MERCURI INTERNATIONAL Ellis Consultant Tel – 07515 394373 Email – © Mercuri International 2010
  2. 2. MEASURE, ANALYSE & PRIORITISE CUSTOMER FACING KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & ATTITUDES ARE YOU FLYING HIGH? A powerful tool for competitive advantageThe Mercuri International Online Competence Benchmark™ On-line Competence On-line Competence Benchmark™ Benchmark™ Unique Tailored A fully designed, highly flexible solution to reflect your specific Apply your language, definitions and requirements brand to Mercuri’s proven technology and competence matrices. Choose from 3 options for running the OCB: Self-assess, Validated, 360° Roles Available Sales On-line Competence Sales Management Benchmark™ Express Key Account Management Use the OCB with Mercuris Customer Service definitions without any changes Channel Management and following a simple process Available for teams or individualsHow does it work?Input:• We send each person a personalised link and simple instructions.• They complete the self-assessment online (takes 30-45 minutes)• Option to get peer or management review and to validate with line manager or coach.Output:• Individual receives report comparing current levels with benchmarks.• Business receives range of clear powerful charts with interpretation, conclusions and recommendations. © Mercuri International 2010