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Stage 1 - Identifying Our Needs


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Identifying our needs for the planning of our trailer

Published in: Education
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Stage 1 - Identifying Our Needs

  1. 1. Stage 1- Identifying our needs
  2. 2. Narrative Opening: • The group throw the stolen goods on to the bed • Running away from a recent robbery • Spider map on a wall of the potential suspects Build-Up: • Jackson walking down an alley • We see the killer following after him • Ethan standing in the shed with the body of Jackson • We see the characters reactions as they stand around the body Events: • A clue is found which hints to the killer • Ethan is killed • Nathan, Matthew and Rose are trying to figure out who might be hunting them • Rose is acting strangely, and Nathan begins to notice her nerves • A net is thrown over Rose as she tries to kill Nathan and Matthew Problems: • Someone is killing the group • Nathan, Matthew, Ethan and Rose have to try and find out who the killer is • They are all potential victims • They have to avoid the police • They have to race against time to find the killer, before they become a victim
  3. 3. Characters Nathan • Leader • Confident • Survivor • Good friends with Rose • Clever • Powerful • Played by Benjamin Daly Matthew • Nerd • Good with computers • Survivor • Likeable • Unrealistic views of himself • Played by Adam Hands Ethan • Second victim • Intelligent • Logical • Methodical • Doesn’t judge quickly • Played by Gregory Perkins Jackson • First victim • Distrusted by the group • Outsider • Reserved • Quiet • Played by Tyler Kennedy Rose • Likeable • Emotional • Audience are unaware she is the killer • Concerned for her friends • Doubts herself • Played by Ellis Hackett
  4. 4. Setting • Flats o Run down o Not assumed to be a murder scene o Dark o Dull • Bedroom (Nathan) o Normal o Bright o Smile o Nerdy • Park/Woods o Green/Nice o Dark o Empty o Quiet • Alleyway o Dark o Eerie o Cold o Abandoned
  5. 5. Sound No voiceover Eerie music Faster paced as the drama picks up in the trailer Whispers (asynchronus) Dialogue Short speech Exaggerated/ Foley sound Plot Murders A hunt for the killer Confusion Clues left behind A race to a big, dramatic event near the end Composition Slower editing to begin Faster editing as the drama picks up Several clues shown, but nothing which gives away the plot Some of the plot aspects are kept hidden, to leave audiences unsure of what is happening Characters Main characters involved in crime Some of them had bad parents and backgrounds, so their deaths aren’t noticed We have a lot of crime which is made to seem positive by the young characters Mise en Scene Make Up (Minimal, blood Genre Mise En Scene Clothing (Dark, balaklavas, signature item of rings) Mise En Scene wounds, bruises, cuts/scratches Acting (Killer- at start is likeable and friendly, during the killer she is suspicious, quiet and focussed; rest of cast start off as likeable and positive, during the killings they are scared, shocked and determined. Mise En Scene Lighting (Dark- little light, yellow light; not set much during daytime- dusk or dawn) Mise En Scene Props (Knives, Stolen goods-phones, money, games)
  6. 6. Personnel Directed and Produced by Sophie Coley and Ellis Hackett Starring Benjamin Daly Adam Hands Tyler Kennedy Ellis Hackett Gregory Perkins