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Research into music magazine


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Research into music magazine

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Research into music magazine

  1. 1. Ellis Dear Research into Music Magazine The Rolling Stones  Genre: The genre for the Rolling Stones magazine is popular music, culture and politics.  Content: The magazine includes mainly music reviews and updates/interviews on popular music artists. It also contains the latest movie reviews, pop culture entertainment sections and even political views.  Target Audience: Out of Rolling Stone readers 62.6% are men and 37.4% are women. The age range the magazine is mainly targeted at is 18-24 year olds.  Publishers: The publisher is Wenner Media LLC and the co-founder is Jann Wenner.
  2. 2. Ellis Dear Billboard Magazine  Genre: The genre for the billboard magazine is current and up-to-date music, as it consists of popular music artists.  Context: Billboard has its own music chart list, music updates and news, entertainment and even political reviews.  Target Audience: The target audience is male and female, with the age range around 16-26.  Publishers: The founders of Billboard are William H Donaldson and James Hennegan. Prometheus global media owns billboard.
  3. 3. Ellis Dear Top of the Pops Magazine  Genre: The genre of Top of the Pops is pop music.  Content: The magazine includes popular music artists, who are doing well in the music industry at the minute.  Target Audience: Top Of the Pop’s target audience is pre-teens are 12-15 years old. This is because young people will look up to the music artists on the cover of the music magazine.  Publishers: The publisher of Top of the Pops is the BBC.