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  1. 1. Jason Mraz “Bright Eyes” Presenting By Elliott Chyi on behalf of Gypsy Records Gypsy Records Address: 350 Fifth Avenue,34th Floor New York, NY 10118-3299 USA Tel:+1-212-290-4700 Fax:+1-212-736-1300 Email:GypsyRecords@Gmail.com Contact: Elliott.Y.Chyi
  2. 2. Concept: The theme and ultimate goal of my music video project is to produce a music video with fragmented narrative structure that amplifies the lyrics of the song and create a similar atmosphere as the song “Bright Eyes” provided to the audience which is loneliness. The theme of the song “Bright Eyes” is basically illustrate a story about letting the love fades away, along side with slow-paced music and acoustic guitar, the audience has been dragged into a sunset scene fills with busy traffic and alluring street lights, therefore I’m going to produce the music video of the song with these visualizations I had. The two key elements of my music video project is Nostalgic and Loneliness in order to fits my genre characteristic also my personal preferences, in order to achieve these, I will use lots of special effects or with my Lomo filming camera during the filming stage, ideally my scenes will fills with appealing visual expressions. Because of the main character of my music video will be my street busker friend, therefore the most of the scenes will be shoot on the streets of York and Paris with natural lights, and also as I mentioned in my initial ideas that I want to create a sort of “Street Lights” scene, therefore I will shoot some footages during the sunset period on the streets, which quite challenges the genre conventions of Folk music as the music videos of Folk music are usually setting in the countryside but my setting is generally in urban areas. And overall, the ultimate goal of this music video is to reminds the audience of these great loss of love in their memories, and create a loneliness and nostalgic atmosphere.
  3. 3. Narrative and Performance: Because the original song doesn’t have a music video itself, so it’s been bit a chance for me to unlimited my imaginations and create something I always wanted to. As I have mentioned in my initial ideas task, I’m planning to amplifies the lyrics of the song and create a fragmented narrative element within my music video, therefore the narrative elements within my video music won’t be necessarily been too logically or make sense, as the opposite it will be a blurry story that leaves enigmas to the audience. Basically, the whole music video will be split up into two parts, the lip-syncing part and the narrative performance part, and all of those parts will be divided into smaller clips and then arranged with a non-linear story structure. For the lip-syncing part of the music video, the main character will be played by a friend of mine who is currently street busking at the streets of York, therefore I’ll be shooting him singing and busking at various locations of York such as City Walls and St. Helen square, also in different periods of time such as under the sunset which is a key element of my music video, also there will be some instrumental playing scenes of him such as playing the guitar and the piano. According to my plan as far, he won’t be evolved in the narrative part, he’s position in the narrative structures is more likely a story teller, also his part-time street busker occupation is very fit the “Star Image” of Jason Mraz while he released the album of this song. As for the narrative part, as I have a chance to sightseeing around paris at half term, I decided to make the most of it and shoot my narrative performance footages over there. As I have mentioned before I want to create “street lights” scenarios within my music video, therefore as the street lights of Paris is absolutely stunning I will shoot those footages over there. In order to create my fragmented narrative elements in my music video, there will be another two characters in this part which imaged as a couple, and they will be playing three key scenes in this music video which is chasing each other under street lights, walking under the street lights, dating in a restaurant. Afterwards, I’ll split these scenes into smaller clips and re-arranged them with the lip-syncing task and eventually produce a non-linear narrative structure for my music video. The inspiration of separate the lip-syncing and narrative part are actually came from the music video of The XX’s single Fiction.
  4. 4. Lighting: The lighting element within my music video project won’t be too fancy and complicated, according to the folk music genre characteristics and the music video conventions of folk music, the key element are usually is instrumental playing part with a slice of narrative element, therefore the most of them are actually shot on the streets or countryside during the daytime with the ambient lights, those professional studio lightings might appears useless for folk music videos. In addition, as I have mentioned above, all of the key scenes and performance will be taken place on streets in urban areas, therefore I won’t be using any specific lighting gadgets, because most of them are outdoor scenes, I’ll be shooting them under the natural sunlights. Also another key element of my music video is “Street Lights” which means I’ll be shooting at sunset or night time, therefore the main lighting element will be the street lamps and traffic lights, all the indoor scenes will be using small lamps or candles in order to increase the sense of romantic and nostalgic. For my street busking scenes, the key lighting element will be soft lighting as I tend to create a strong contrast visual image that fills with shadows and dazzling sunlights in order to create the sense of loneliness as I mentioned in the concept task for the audience. But as the opposite, for my “Street lights” and narrative performance scenes, the key lighting element will be mostly low-key lighting in order to create the sense of nostalgic and romantic as I mentioned before, also between the transactions of every scene I will using some hard light or spot light in order to create the Lomo effects for my music video. I’ll achieve these effects by adjusting my camera and using small gadgets such as a torch.
  5. 5. Camera&Editing: The camera and editing techniques that I’m managing to contribute in my music video is quite simple, due to the reason that the song I’ve chosen “Bright Eyes” is a slow-paced and sorrowful track, therefore in order to create the similar atmosphere, the shots amount that I’m planning to take for my music video will be limited. For the cinematography aspect of my music video, in order to create the sorrowful and nostalgic atmosphere to fit my track and genre’s characteristic, I’m planning to use a huge amount of long shots to create the slow-paced rhythm, and also in order to outstand the instrumental playing parts to following the genre conventions, I’m planning to use a huge amount of zoom-in and zoom-out shots as well to showcase the instrumental playing parts to the audience, I’ll also planning to use a certain amount of close-up shots in order to show the facial expressions of the characters within my video to the audience to create the atmosphere. In terms of editing, I’m planning to use some graphic matches my video in order to create the transactions between every scene, as I’ve mentioned above, I’m planning to separate my music video into two parts which is narrative and instrumental playing parts, and divide each part into smaller clips and re-arrange them to create a nonlinear story. Also, I’m planning to produce several montages in order to contribute more narrative elements and create a nostalgic atmosphere as well. In addition, at the post-production stage, I’ll playing to attach some filters and special effects to provide a Lomo and nostalgic effect on my music video. I have gained some ideas and inspirations from the music video of Rhys Stevens from Last, his music video is produced with Ben fold five’s song named “Sky High”.