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Market research


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Market research

  1. 1. Profit. £117million Important moments. Vogue, which was first created in 1892 Condé Nast International Ltd, was incorporated in 2005. History. Magazines they publish. The company, Bases. headquartered in New Condé Nast Building, GQ – Style - Easyliving York City, was founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose New York City Vogue – Wired - AD Nast and has been owned by the Newhouse family since 1959. S.I. “Si” Newhouse Jr. is the Size. chairman and CEO of Advance Publications, isCondé Nast International Ltd publishes more Brand Condé Nast’s chiefthan 126 magazines and 104 websites, identity. executive officer andrepresenting 24 markets around the globe. Robert A. Sauerberg is Condé Nast’s president. Fashion and design magazines
  2. 2. Magazines they publish. Important dates.GamesMaster Rhythm Becomes UKs No.1 cycling publisher.T3 Cycling Plus Future sold to Pearson PLC for £52.7m in 1994, but bought itImagineFX Mountain Biking UK back in 1998 Bases. Bath, United Kingdom Brand identity. Size. Gaming magazines. Future attracts more than 38 million monthly unique visitors to their digital properties websites; and deliver over 100 digital editions and bespoke apps on tablet devices. They sell 2.2 million magazines every month, and History. export or syndicate to 89 countries, making us the UK’s number one exporter and licensor of magazine content. Future plc is an international media group, listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Founded in 1985
  3. 3. Magazines they publish.Soaplife, NMELook, Chat Location and bases.Marie Claire, Nuts Country of origin: UnitedTeen now, TV times Kingdom. Market share. Headquarters location: Marketforce London. represents 25.7% of the total magazine category in the UK. Marketforce also exports 12.1m copies of magazines worldwide Brand identityCompany history TV sector.The InternationalPublishing Corporation Important moments.(IPC) Ltd was formed Size. In April 2012 IPC Media scooped anin 1963 and IPC Reaching almost two thirds of UK award for Best Production Team ofmagazines was women and 42% of UK men - the Year at the Professionalcreated five years later, almost 26 million UK adults - while Publishers Association Production our websites collectively reach over and Environment Awards 1968. 14 million users every month.
  4. 4. Magazines they publish. Company history.Closer .the company wasHeat founded in 1875.MATCH! .Bauer Verlagsgruppe hasQ been managed by fourZoo generations of the BauerFHM family. Originally a smallBike printing house, The Bauer Publishing Group has grownwhat bike? into a worldwide publishingcar and media company. The Bauer Publishing Group comprises 282 magazines. Size of company. Bauer started in the UK with the launch of Bella magazine .Bauer Media is a division of the in 1987 and as H Bauer Bauer Media Group, Europe’s Publishing became Britains largest privately owned publishing third largest publisher. Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well Important moments. as online, TV and radio stations. .Since they began in 1990, the Q Awards have become one of Britains biggest and best publicized music awards. Profit . €2.129 Billion Euro (2012) Brand identity. Bases. .Bauer brands include .Hamburg, Germany. womens weekly and TV listings magazines.