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Evaluation question 2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary texts?
  2. 2.  As part of our coursework, we were asked to complete both a film poster and a review as well as our main product; A short film lasting up to five minutes.  By creating a film poster, this allowed the students to further their understanding to the codes and conventions of the genre they had chosen as research would have been undertaken in order for their product to represent the genre to a good standard.
  3. 3.   The main purpose of the ancillary task was to promote my 5 minute film. The ancillary would be used as a way of selling the product to the audience in hope they would see it and be encouraged to watch the film. The Ancillary would reflect the quality of the film, if it was poorly made this would connote that the film would also be of a poor standard. The main objective of the Ancillary Task was to attract my target audience. This meant that the poster for example had to reflect that of a thrilling Action movie, this would be done through a lot of editing, completed in Adobe Photoshop cs6.
  4. 4. Here we can see a sort of shooting lights in Elliott’s eyes, this reflects that of the gaming world. This also catches the audiences attention as it is not normal and gives an edgy look to the character A classic technique used in action/thriller films such as “Mission Impossible”, is Optical Flares. These are used in modern films, normally involving technology or being set in the future, I inputted this onto my poster as it included a futuristic narrative. The use of the protagonist being on the front of the poster, emphasizes to the audience that they are starring at the hero of the film, this is key into action films as there is always a big separation between Hero and Villain. Within a Action film the hero of the movie is normally the main focus point of the poster.
  5. 5. The characters facial expression gives of a strong vibe to the audience, it was essential that the hero was seen as courageous and powerful. The use of the stare emphasizes the idea of a tough hero, In Actions films this is key to a successful movie, as the audience thrive off of seeing the protagonist fight the antagonists in a heroic way The suit seen in the background connotes to the audience that the antagonists, and story line revolves around something to do with men dressed in suits. The fact that the protagonist is looking over his shoulder in a aggressive manor shows the men in suits suggest danger and aggravate s him. In most action films a symbol of the antagonist will be seen somewhere in the poster, this was copied into my poster as we see the faded suit in the background behind the title of the film The tagline makes the audience refer back to most games that use the line game over. It is found in a lot of action games . This was chosen on purpose in order for the audience to think and guess as to what the narrative could include
  6. 6. I chose to use the font “Bebas”. This was a bold font which would catch the readers attention, It also kept the review to a professional standard as it was plain and simple. This font worked well with the type of review I was trying to portray; a professional modern review. Some reviews have multiple fonts and colours whereas I opted for a more sleek and professional look. Caviar dreams was used as the main font, for all of the text included in the review, it was a simple font which would not make the review seem too boring, neither would it make the review swerve away from the professional look.
  7. 7. This picture was used to portray a tough, courageous message through Elliott’s facial expression to the audience. It would be used as the main focal point of the poster and would show the audience that they were looking at the leading protagonist. The use of the close up allows the audience to deeply look at Elliott’s face, what he is doing and what kind of messages he is giving off. The close up allowed a message of anger and caution to be given off as we see Elliott, turning his eyes almost to look behind at the suit, his slight turn off the head shows that he is aware of the things that face him but does not fear them as he faces forward.
  8. 8. The suit found in the back of the picture was used as a symbol of danger. It highlighted the antagonists costume and reflected the title of the film “Suits” The fact that the picture is faded in the background adds to the element of suspicion and fear, giving an edge to the picture, connoting to the audience the idea of danger.
  9. 9. This picture was used in the picture to show the leading actor in the film ( Elliott Fernando Day ). It was also used to show the leading protagonist, looking at the controller which would lead to the downfall of his life. The picture was seen in the previous poster, this would help the audience to see a link between both my poster and review, something I thought was important as I wanted a link between all pieces of the ancillary. My film is an action/thriller, the use of the picture gives an edge to the film, making it seam thrilling and action packed through the use of the emotion from the actor but also special effects later added. I chose to use this picture again as it would give a clear indication to what the film would be about, the dark shades highlighted around Elliott’s face, linked with the facial expression showing the raw
  10. 10.    Through out the whole of the production, I decided that I wanted to keep the colour scheme the same. Through, both ancillary tasks; review and poster, to the short film, a colour scheme of the colour blue and red would be seen. Blue is a tranquil colour, it is usually linked with softness and faith, this was chosen as it was a good representative of the protagonist. Also we were inspired from many modern futuristic movies which follow the same pattern of blue being the colour of the protagonist and red being the colour of the antagonist. The blue was linked with the protagonist, it is first seen in the opening of the short film where we see Elliott holding the controller and it is glowing Blue. This colour scheme is continued through to the review where we see a contrast of the characters
  11. 11.  In order to create my film poster, I had to put time into researching plenty of different posters of the action genre. This would allow me to create a piece that would perfectly hold all the conventions of a professional action poster  This picture taken with an iPhone 5, allows the audience to gather an insight into the narrative, the dark shades and blue flares hinting at a modern action/thriller.  I opted for adding special effects onto the Photo, such as the glow in Elliott’s eye reflecting the colour of his player and the specs of the game
  12. 12.  Overall both my movie poster and review were completed to the best of my ability. Through the use of the web i was able to research plenty of examples and gain knowledge of how a professional poster and review should look. With the knowledge gathered i was able to input it into creating my so desired professional work. Both the poster and review successfully addressed my target audience, grabbing their attention through the drama being seen on the poster and the photos on the review to which they would read some of the description of the film in the main text. Overall the combination of the two; main product and ancillary, has helped to create a memorable film.