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The concur scoop adp majors april 2013


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The concur scoop adp majors april 2013

  1. 1. April, 2013 The Concur Scoop – ADP Major Account Services Volume 3, Issue 6Partnering for SuccessWin: Resco ProductEmployees: 700Industry: ManufacturingADP Office: Pittsburgh, PAADP DM: Chuck GardockiConcur RSE: Elaine VernaProduct(s) Sold: Concur Expense with UserSupport Desk, Open Booking and Receipt AuditTransactions per Month: 150Approximate ADP RC for Deal: $5,813Resco Products is in the refractory business, which means they makebricks that can withstand very high heat. Their customers includecompanies as varied as steel manufacturers and Williams-Sonoma. Ifyou have a pizza stone made in the USA, Resco probably made it.The CFO and Director of IT originally wanted to automate a manualprocess, but weren’t thinking about ‘managing’ T&E spend. Thatchanged after the CFO completed an audit of the previous 3 months’worth of expense reports. They found almost $10K in out-of-policyreimbursements…extrapolating that amounts to $120K annually! Thedeal went from languishing to done in just 25 days.With the help ofADP’s Chuck Gardocki who worked behind the scenes to feed Concurinformation, we were able to finally nail them down and bring the dealhome.Who Won Big?!Congrats to all those that won prizes in Concur’s Q2 Win Big contest!We doled out iPads to Beats headphones to gift cards across each ofthe 8 divisions. Special congratulations to the 1stplace finishers in eachdivision:Brett Turman (Northwest)Keri Keenan (North Atlantic)Stephanie Wilburn(Southeast)Doug Strange (West)Jen Adams (Southwest)Deb Bruckner (East)Crissy Lutz (Central)Nichole Sims (Mid Atlantic)The bigger win though for anyone who submitted leads in the contest iswhen they come to fruition and the resulting incremental RC for you!Concur FusionWe welcomed nearly 2,000 of Concur clients to our 10thannual clientconference at the 2013 Concur Fusion client conference in Las Vegas,NV and it was our best yet! The partner pavilion, of which ADP waspart, was a huge hit! Other highlights of the event were Concur’s AppCenter reveal, the Concur Platform, Open Booking, Vertical Focus onuniversities/colleges, etc.Feature HighlightConcur Open BookingWith Concur® Open Booking,business travelers can bookhotels and rental cars on thesuppliers website, obtain theircorporate-negotiated rates, andstill bring all travel-transactiondata back into our system. Thetraveler gets a complete itineraryand the company, travelmanager, and TMC get totalvisibility. Everybodys happy!Weve partnered with some of theworlds leading travel suppliers tomake Concur Open Booking aseamless platform for thetraveler, the travel manager andthe TMC. Travelers can link theirConcur profile with their loyaltyaccounts (from participatingsuppliers); that link enablesautomated access to corporatediscounts and easier access toprogram rewards and benefits.Click here to read moreDid You Know?Concur has unveiled its new AppCenter, offering connected appsto more than 20M users! All aredesigned to streamline T&Eprocesses for companies & theirbusiness travelers!Visit to view what’savailable