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About Concur

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About Concur

  1. 1. About Concur
  2. 2. Concur HelpsCompanies andEmployees ControlCosts and Save TimeMake the most Over half of the Fortune 500 use Concur® solutions. Successful organizations know exactly how much they spend and constantly find ways to cut time and costs from their business practices.of your time with Concur automates and manages travel booking and expense reporting in an easy-to-use,integrated: all-in-one system that simplifies your travel and expense process. More than 18 million people in over 100 countries use Concur products and services to streamline their travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. Our adaptable, integrated solutions allow you to:Pre-trip approval • Improve accuracy – eliminate re-keying expense information into otherTravel booking financial systemsExpense management • Pay cards and employees faster – employees appreciate quick repayment • Reduce costs – automation lowers transaction and processing costsInvoice automation • Save time – travel data automatically populates expense reportsVendor, employee and card • Improve insight – with timely visibility into spendpayments • Enforce policies – encourage employee policy complianceExpense report auditing • Eliminate paper – with online processing and e-receiptsIntelligent reporting • Increase productivity – with the Concur mobile app for smartphones and tabletsMobile apps With T&E expenses accounting for about 10 percent of an organization’s operating costsExtended support services (the second greatest expense after payroll1), it’s no surprise our solutions allow clients to achieve a 242 percent return on their investment.2 Take control of spend Companies that choose Concur easily save time and money—from travel procurement to payment and reporting. Employees adopt a single, seamless solution for travel booking and expense reporting, while organizations stay in complete control of their expenses.
  3. 3. Easy-to-use, adaptable solutions for smarter travel and expensemanagement—in the office and on the roadOur unique end-to-end approach increases visibility into Using advanced fare-search capabilities, we deliver relevantemployee expenses; it helps organizations globally enforce in-policy travel content to meet your travelers’ and organization’spolicies and monitor vendor compliance. Concur offers reporting needs. We provide access to: multiple Global Distributiontools that provide clear insight into how your company and Systems (GDS); exclusive direct connects; and corporateemployees spend their travel and expense budgets. discounted and Internet-only fares—and deliver it all in a consumer-centric single view. The broad selection of travelA history of innovation choices (based on defined corporate policies and individualWe drive down the cost of doing business—and have for nearly traveler preferences) eliminates guess work and encourages20 years. We help ensure corporate travel is booked within employee compliance.policy (even before a trip is taken) and reconcile expenses after TripIt – a mobile travel organizertravel is completed. We eliminate the need to track and manage TripIt makes millions of travelers’ lives easier by automaticallypaper receipts; instead, electronic receipts—from airlines, rail, organizing all travel information into one place—no matterhotels and car rental companies—are delivered directly into where you booked it. Simply forward travel confirmationexpense reports. emails to plans@tripit.com and TripIt combines transportation,With the Concur mobile app, employees can book flights, accommodation, dining and entertainment reservations into areserve hotels or schedule a taxi. They can create, submit and single smart itinerary. You can access your itinerary on yourapprove expenses directly from their smartphone or tablet, mobile device, calendar, or online and share it with others.and stay informed with their own personal travel assistant from For even greater peace of mind, TripIt® Pro acts like a personalTripIt®. Our systems adapt to individual employee preferences travel assistant that keeps travelers in the know. The app givesand scale to meet companies’ needs—big and small. The you updates on flight status and alternate flights, tracks allConcur on-demand services process over $55 billion in T&E frequent-traveler points, and monitors eligible flights for farespend a year. refunds. Best of all, itineraries in TripIt Pro can be importedWe boast a client retention rate of over 95 percent. With this into the Concur expense management solution, which saveskind of statistic, it’s no wonder we lead the industry in travelers time and improves reporting and insight. TripIt® forclient satisfaction. Business is an easier way for companies to organize office travel, track travel calendars, and monitor whether travel dollarsSolutions for you are spent wisely.We can help companies of any size save money and cut the timeinvolved in expense management and business travel.Integrated Travel and Expense ManagementWe integrate travel and expense management into one single Concur on Your Mobile Devicesystem that’s tailored to your business. Our industry-leading We make business travel easier.technology combines itinerary data captured at the time Concur includes mobile travel andof booking, corporate card charges employees incur, and expense management capabilitiese-receipts captured directly from suppliers. These secure for Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone®transactions automatically populate the Concur expense and iPad® devices (at no extra cost).management solution. This flexibility gives employees the power to manage their travelTravel itineraries and track expenses onWe have a leading Web-based and mobile travel-booking solution the go.that provides global travel content in one tool. Employees areempowered to make decisions within their corporate travelpolicy—choices that help save money. www.concur.com
  4. 4. Expense VALUE-ADDED SERVICESWe deliver a Web-based and mobile solution that streamlines and automatesthe entire expense-reporting process. With our solution, managers can easilyreview, approve, process and audit expense reports; they have control and Concur® Business Intelligence: Providesvisibility into T&E spend. With little time and effort, employees can create automated reporting and analysis tools soand submit accurate, in-policy expense reports. companies can improve insight into spend.As a Web-based and mobile solution, Concur requires no hardware or Concur® Audit Services: Verify andsoftware to install or maintain and no expensive software licenses, substantiate your employees’ expenseupgrades or IT support. receipts and ensure the appropriate level ofOpen Booking compliance and control—while you reduce your processing costs.Employees often need to book travel segments outside the corporateprogram, such as reservations for conference hotels or client visits. You can Concur® Expense Pay: Pay credit cardsimport these details into the solution and provide a consolidated itinerary and reimburse employees automatically—to the employee (and total spend visibility to the organization). according to your schedule—to help control cash flow and optimize rebates.Trusted around the globe Concur® Invoice Management: ProcessWe are meeting the demands of our international client base through world- supplier payment requests with an end-to-class support, global functionality and relentless innovation. We’ve had end solution that eliminates paper andextensive experience and demonstrable success implementing our adaptable reduces costs.solutions for multinational corporations and small businesses. Concur® User Support Desk: Provides supplemental support directly to your1. PayStream Advisors, Travel & Expense Management Benchmarking: Improving T&E employees so they have reliable, Processes through Automation, 2011 24x7 support.2. Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel And Expense Management, 2010 Concur® Service Administration: Helps manage the specific configuration of your solution—from staying abreast of new features and updates to taking control of day-to-day system maintenance. Concur® Locate & Alert: Find and communicate with employees during routine or unplanned circumstances—regardless of how or if travel is booked. Location is based on profile, travel plans booked through Concur or shared with TripIt Pro, and check-ins on the Concur mobile app.About ConcurConcur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our adaptableWeb-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time.Learn more at www.concur.com©2012 Concur, all rights reserved. Concur is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies. All other company and product names are the property of their respective manufacturers.Specifications and other details listed are accurate as of printing, but may change without notice. BR C ABOUT NA 2012/08