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     Exceeding Expectation
     We’re kubik and we design and build experiences for some of the world’s most ...
     On the Auto Show circuit, Hyundai competes with every other manufacturer to make their produc...
                                                                      Throughout the production cycle, w...
                                                                      ☐     Global Reach: we have an ou...
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Kubik Capabilitiesonline


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Kubik Capabilitiesonline

  1. 1.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Exceeding Expectation We’re kubik and we design and build experiences for some of the world’s most preeminent companies. Over two decades, we’ve honed our expertise, originality and style to become an industry leader in providing integrated design build solutions. As a true global entity, with offices in Amsterdam, Toronto, and New Jersey we are focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations through creativity, enthusiasm, respect, commitment and the drive to succeed. kubik is recognized for exceptional work in building captivating trade show exhibits, compelling environments and outstanding events around the globe showcasing the world’s leading brands and corporate identities, providing our customers with the most extraordinary experiences in the world. We are a full-service corporation with in-house expertise in design, fabrication and installation, housing full-time craftspeople and a roster of on-call specialists. Our facilities in North America and Europe give us the flexibility to respond to the most challenging demands quickly. We’ve proven time and time again, no matter how big the dream…We can design it. We can build it. So think big. Think kubik. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  4. 4. NEWSEUM Challenge: The Newseum is the world’s most comprehensive presentations of international news artifacts and is one of the most talked about museums in Washington D.C. kubik was responsible for housing the museum’s huge collection – over 81,000 pounds of priceless materials – and for developing exciting new approaches to installation and usage. Highlights: The Newseum has over 250,000 square feet of space and contain thousands of artifacts of great historical and social importance, including a shrapnel-riddled news truck, an original Berlin Wall guard tower, and a gallery featuring every Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken since 1942. Innovative and interactive multimedia centres, designed by kubik, broadcast major news items from the past fifty years and show video interviews with nearly 70 Pulitzer Prize winning photographers. In all, kubik shipped over 100 tractor trailers of materials to be used throughout the Newseum’s 15 theaters, 14 major galleries, 130 interactive stations and two cutting-edge broadcast studios. Results: The 3-year Newseum project required us to develop new approaches to installation and innovative new ways to utilize materials. The unique content and exciting installation have made The Newseum one of Washington’s premier cultural destinations, and critics agree that it represents the future in terms of design and construction of museum galleries. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  5. 5. PINK ROCCADE INTERIORS Challenge: PinkRoccade is one of Europe’s largest ICT groups and a global IT services company with operations in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and Canada. kubik was approached to translate their new corporate identity into 3D design solutions for office interiors, trade show presentations and event programs. Highlights: kubik designed a completely new Techno-Plaza — a central presentation area in PinkRoccade’s corporate offices that the company uses to demonstrate all of its latest IT services. Based on the guidelines of the corporate identity, we designed and produced office entrance areas, meeting rooms, exhibition booths and presentation units, branded with the consistent corporate look and feel of PinkRoccade. Results: The impact and success of Techno-Plaze led PinkRoccade to ask kubik to develop our initial ideas into a full-scale communications campaign. We designed and executed trade show booths and other events, flawlessly carrying the initial concept through several communication media. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  6. 6. EXHIBITS
  7. 7. HYUNDAI Challenge: On the Auto Show circuit, Hyundai competes with every other manufacturer to make their products stand out among the 1000 new vehicles on display. Our challenge was to create a striking new environment that would be an irresistible draw for customers and a showcase for the complete Hyundai product line. Highlights: The kubik team drew on years of Auto Show experience to create a dramatic, yet intimate 17,000 square foot environment for Hyundai. We erected a huge tensile structure as a canopy over the space – an innovative structure that combined swooping architecture, specialty lighting, flowing scrims and complicated canopies to create a strong brand presence. Result: The stylish enclosure was visible from almost anywhere on the show floor, forming a perfect backdrop for the Hyundai logo. It enabled Hyundai to present their cars in a way that consumers had never seen before. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  8. 8. OPEN TEXT CORPORATION Challenge: Open Text is an enterprise integration company known as “The Content Experts™”. For their new trade show program, they asked kubik to create a customized, fully modular system with a look and feel that could easily translate from large booth sizes to small pop-up and table-top exhibits. Highlights: The assignment came with an extra challenge: a deadline of less than a month’s time until the booth’s premiere at ARMA in San Antonio, Texas. The kubik team came together flawlessly to design and fabricate the custom exhibit and ship it to Texas for the opening of the show. For that show, components were configured as a 20' x 30' exhibit that featured a 16' high tower and a four-sided custom banner structure. For later shows, the booth was re-configured into 10’ x 10’ and 30’ x 30’ arrangements, without losing any of the branded visual impact. Results: The custom nature of the project, along with the demanding schedule, brought out the best in the kubik team. Open Text got what they came for – a high impact, extremely practical exhibit that met every expectation they and their customers had. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  10. 10. ABN-AMRO VOLVO OCEAN RACE PAVILION Challenge: ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the world, was sponsor to 2 competitors in the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race. To showcase the bank’s role in this high-profile around-the-world sailing race, the exhibit we designed and built had to be portable, robust and very well supported, all around the world. Highlights: kubik designed a complete on-site marketing package for the entire international event. We began with a communications theme and 3D style guide that drove for the design of all event materials, including a turnkey hospitality pavilion that we produced and installed at seven major race stopovers, an office and port branding program, and the international event marketing guide that kept it all on course. Results: The event marketing guide provided our client with a communications tool that ensured consistent branding, both to clients and employees of the bank. And our international experience helped to guarantee flawless execution of this prestigious worldwide hospitality program. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  11. 11. NIKE INC. ART OF SPEED EVENT Challenge: A fascination with speed in sport is almost universal, and attracts the talents of artists, musicians, writers and photographers all around the globe. Nike challenged us to create an event that would interactively and artistically connect international social and cultural influencers with the Nike-sponsored concept called “The Art of Speed”. Highlights: Cultural leaders in the worlds of film, photography, fashion, media and graphic design came together to celebrate the “Art of Speed” with music, food, dance and video – all combined to create a stop-in-your-tracks experience for the launch of a new product line. Achievements: The Toronto event attracted global attention to NIKE and this exciting and important brand dimension. This event, along with others held simultaneously in London, New York and other cities around the world, locked in the connection between the Nike brand message and the artistic side of sports. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  12. 12. RANGE OF SERVICES Throughout the production cycle, we keep key design/project Graphic Design and Production Production management services in-house and on-call, allowing us to kubik has demonstrated proficiency in understanding and kubik has a new 135,000 square foot world-class maintain our reputation for superior delivery standards. interpreting our clients’ brands. We have full in-house manufacturing facility, offering CNC, plastics, high-end graphics production capabilities and produce all graphics spray paint finishing, metal, millwork and cabinet making. Ideation and Conceptual Design based on the finished layouts and artwork on approval by our All of our shop personnel possess years of technical and It starts with an idea, a challenge and a brief. Your brand clients. production knowledge. becomes the focus in the ideation process. At kubik it's all about providing imaginative solutions. Project Management Logistics The role of kubik's Project Manager is imperative to the kubik has over 170,000 square feet of climate controlled Our designers excel at creating three-dimensional experiences successful execution of every project. Budget development, warehouse space complete with full logistics management on – right from the conceptual stage. Our fully rendered quality assurance and production status updates, are just site. Our warehouses in Toronto, New Jersey, Edmonton, Las environments bring our designs to life in an interactive some of the responsibilities our PM team is tasked with. Vegas and Amsterdam are positioned to service your needs. format using fly-through videos and prototype simulations. Paramount to all of this, is open, timely, effective Our mandate is to provide the highest degree of expediency We’re always watching the trends to bring you the most communication with the client, throughout every phase of and efficiency. We only partner with logistic companies that extraordinary environmental experiences. the project, ensuring that the client needs are always met, and provide direct shipments, handle tight turnarounds and exceeding expectations. enable up-to-the-minute tracking. Engineering Our detail engineers produce full working drawings using the Event Management Installation and Dismantle latest AutoCAD software, working closely with the lead We have a team of dedicated Event Coordinators with Our personnel are trained to manage large crews under project designers. Every detail is outlined, reviewed and expertise in the design and execution of Corporate Event difficult deadlines and can work anywhere in the world. We finalized with our clients prior to reaching the shop floor. programs. Handling Product Launches, Sponsorship provide all site equipment and schedule down to the last Activations, Sales Meetings, Special and Sporting Events. Our detail. kubik has access to worldwide resources for team can offer support where you need it: Event planning, subcontracting labor and show services. Presentation Scripting, Graphics Design, Staging, Registration, and of course the full installation and dismantle of the event. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.
  13. 13. THE SPECIFICATIONS ☐ Global Reach: we have an outstanding team of skilled professionals working in Asia, Our locations North America and Europe. kubik North America kubik Europe ☐ Multi-disciplinary Approach: our team includes strategists, designers, planners, Toronto Amsterdam project managers, craftspeople and fabrication specialists. 1680 Mattawa Avenue Plotterstraat1, 1033 RX Mississauga, Ontario Amsterdam, The Netherlands ☐ Comprehensive Offering: we develop, create and build experiences: events, L4X 3A5, Canada T 31 20 581 3030 Toll Free 1.877.252.2818 museums, exhibits, graphics, retail, and corporate environments. T 905.272.2818 F 905.272.2120 ☐ Flexibility: as the scope of the project changes, our team adapts to fit our clients’ needs. New Jersey ☐ Trust: our clients know our solutions are creative, technically sound, and fiscally 708 Fellowship Road responsible. Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054-1004, USA ☐ Turnkey Solutions: we take projects from the initial creative idea, through Toll Free 1.877.625.8243 architectural and engineering development to cost-effective fabrication, site T 856.234.0052 F 856.234.0760 management, logistics, installation and finally, to storage. © 2008 kubik inc. All rights reserved. 'kubik', 'think kubik' and 'beyond imagination' are registered trademarks of kubik Inc.