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Digital Top-Influencers help you take up the Social Media Challenge the smart Way!


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Have you ever asked yourself Questions like … How to get started with Social Media? How to create great Content worth sharing? Or how to keep up with the rapid digital Evolution?

We did. But we learned at last to listen to the best Teachers. Digital Top-Influencers like Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner), Joe Pulizzi, Jay Baer, Michael Hyatt, Chris Brogan etc.

Take up the Social Media Challenge smart: Listen to the best Players on the market!

Our Mission:
Create the best Platform for digital Thoughtleaders‘ Advice so everybody can benefit more easily. So we created provides Profiles, Insights and Figures of more than 100 digital Thoughtleaders – more to come. is your free Source for recommened Links, Quotes, Learnings and Tools provided by Experts with Social Proof. is your smart Way to develop your Skills for Social Media and Content Marketing - right from Day one. has no ranking intention. It is an independent, transparent and open Collection of Top-Influencers and tomorrows Thoughtleaders.

You can easily discover great Content and become a valuable Social Guide yourself. Feel free to share Quotes and Insights or even include Top-Influencer Profiles in your Blog or Website.

Let us know what you think about!

Ingo Stoll
CEO neuwaerts

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Digital Top-Influencers help you take up the Social Media Challenge the smart Way!

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  2. 2. A nd we do it all the time made by neuwaerts we did.
  3. 3. we tried and we failed. b y listening to the best teachers. made by neuwaerts But we learned at last
  4. 4. digital like top-influencers „great content + other people – marketing message = growth.“ michael stelZner „the more you talk about your products and services, the less your content will travel.“ Jay baer „if you try to accomplish everything in social media – you will accomplish nothing.“ made by neuwaerts i puliZZ Joe
  5. 5. take up the social media challenge to the best players listen on the market! made by neuwaerts the smart way:
  6. 6. we did benefit from these magnificent ow it‘s time to reward made by neuwaerts top-influencers – their valuable contents, thoughts and advice.
  7. 7. M create the best platform for t digital though e leaders‘ advic y – so everybod can benefit more easily. that‘s why we created made by neuwaerts OUR ION ISS
  8. 8. top-influencer. provides profiles, insights and data of more than 100 digital thoughtleaders – more to come. made by neuwaerts com
  9. 9. top-influencer .com made by neuwaerts is your free source for recommended links, quotes, learnings and tools provided by experts with social proof.
  10. 10. data on influence indicators links recent publications data on social reach quotes more thoughtleaders you will be interested in social proof statistics made by neuwaerts insights and answers to relevant questions
  11. 11. s your smart way way to develop your skillsfor social media and content marketing - right from day 1. made by neuwaerts i
  12. 12. top-influencer .com made by neuwaerts has no ranking intention. it is an independent, transparent and open collection of top-influencers and tomorrows thoughtleaders.
  13. 13. you can easily discover great content and feel free to share quotes and insights or even include top-influencer profiles on your own blog or website. made by neuwaerts become a valuable Social Guide yourself
  14. 14. Let me know what you think about top-influencer .com Ingo Stoll CEO neuwaerts and Founder made by neuwaerts www.