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The readers of homer 2012


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The readers of homer 2012

  1. 1. Τhe Readers of Homer
  2. 2. No matter whereyou are from No matter what your mother tongue is No matter if you are a child or an adult Be part of a magic participatory cultural experience. Be part of hundreds of voices celebrating the world’s greatest epics …become a Reader of Homer!
  3. 3. Who we areThe Readers of Homer is a US-based non-profit 501(c)3 international literary organization whichproduces marathon all-day or all-night readings/singings of Homer’s epics around the world, inlocations humble and sublime. During approximately 12 hours, 200-400 participants of all agesand backgrounds offer, one after the other, each in their own way and in their preferredlanguage, their pre-assigned passages of the Iliad or the Odyssey, while thousands of audiencemembers enjoy the on-screen projection of related images and the corresponding text in thelanguage of the host country. Our events constitute a participatory approach to the seminalintellectual and artistic contribution of Homer to global culture, and include a significanteducational and social dimension.
  4. 4. Our objectives • the promotion of reading poetry aloud • the recognition of the eternal immediacy of Homer • the honoring of the international translators of his epics • the offering of a multilayered audiovisual experience to the public, as well as learning and socialization opportunities to hundreds of participants
  5. 5. In this multicultural magical atmosphere thousands of citizens, from members ofgovernment to immigrant children, war veterans, distinguished academics, diplomats,students and adults of several nations and in dozens of languages participate in themarathon readings/singings of the Odyssey and the Iliad.
  6. 6. Global reachOur events constitute a cultural initiative which has proven to successfully serve the Homericheritage and attract large audiences in major educational and cultural centres around the world. Getty Villa, Los Angeles Hellenic Centre, London Olympics 2012 William Land Park, Sacramento Halles de Shaerbeek, Brussels Gibson Ranch, Sacramento Medieval Castle of Kos, Greece 92nd Street Y, New York Daskalopetra of Chios, Greece Orensanz Foundation, New York Odeum of Troy, Turkey Dahesh Museum, New York ` Library of Alexandria, Egypt University of Montevideo, Uruguay
  7. 7. Parallel eventsThe Homeric readings may be enhanced with a range of parallel events related to the poet andhis epics. These may range from lectures, seminars and round tables, to exhibitions, screenings,theatre, music and dance performances, as well as Homeric feasts.
  8. 8. RelevanceThe tremendous success of the Homeric celebrations produced by The Readers of Homer hasled to an increased interest for future production of such events around the world, aiming ata more systematic expression of appreciation towards the work of the great poet, a humbleyet grand celebration of his art and his diachronic messages. At a time when culturaldiversity and participatory approaches to the arts become more pertinent than ever, TheReaders of Homer’ suggest an innovative interactive experience that can appeal to and bringtogether a diverse number of audiences.
  9. 9. Recent events Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Brussels Hellenic Centre – London May 16th 2012 July 21st 2012 10am – 2am 10am – 8pmA marathon reading of the ODYSSEY A marathon reading of the ILIADby 400 European Citizens, in the by 200 participants , enhanced bycontext of the initiative 12 Hours melodies from Daemonia Nymphe on reconstructed Ancientfor Greece, aiming to send a Greek instruments, in the context ofmessage of solidarity and raise the London 2012 OLYMPIC GAMESfunds for children affected bythe Greek crisis.
  10. 10. International reviews As the sun was going down, we tasted black bread, honey, olives, strong wine and grapes, and entered the space. 12 hours with the narrative wealth of the Odyssey, letting it take us into thoughts and stories and relationships of the present, as if it was just written, describing our own lives, our own wars, our own return. Thus the night unfolded, with one segment flowing into the next, from the child’s voice, into one’s singing, into another’s mother tongue, from the ancient to the contemporary.... Lucia Rikaki - Film director, Greece The success of Jornadas Homericas The brightest night of And from among all these many in the midst of our troubled city our lives. voices, no one like the other, the proved that civilization and its Pankoaki, Greece story unfolded. It was as if the values can effectively counteract poem were stitched together – a any kind of negativism that metaphor that Greeks used to undermines human society. describe poetic composition – El País, Uruguay The address may be slowly, word by word, over nine Lexington Avenue and hours of reading Magical atmosphere. 92nd Street, but the The Getty Iris, USA A night that will not be setting was ancient forgotten any time soon. Greece… Kathimerini, Greece The New York Times, USAThe Homeric night, as part of the Hippocratia festival, proved to thousands of spectators that collectiveeffort, excellent organization, appreciation and promotion of our cultural heritage within a multiculturalenvironment, constitute fundamental ingredients for the intellectual, psychological and financial healthnot only of the local society of Kos, but also of the international community of man.Eleftheros Typos, Greece
  11. 11. Press Snapshots
  12. 12. Technical RequirementsThe Homeric Readings, along with their parallel events, are simpleand flexible enough to adapt to all possible spaces, and have beenheld with equal success in diverse venues, from university auditoriaand theatres to public spaces and archaeological sites. The listbelow is indicative; technical aspects are finalized during generalrehearsal, on the eve of each event.• A facility with basic theatrical lighting• A sound and lights technician• A reliable sound system• A podium with light and microphone• 4 wooden chairs or armchairs of same style and hue• 2-4 additional chairs and microphones for musicians, if live• For projections: two large screens (min. 3m width x 2m height) on the back of the stage, ideally starting at 2m (above readers) upwards. A reliable projector connected to our laptops in tech booth and a volunteer to achieve perfect coordination of text and action on stage platform. Optional: seminar rooms, lecture halls, theatres, exhibition spaces, concert halls, screening rooms, dinning areas for parallel events
  13. 13. Our esteemed sponsorsAndres Mata Foundation | Mr. Ray Dowd | Ms. Marilena InglessiMrs. and Mrs. Dino and Litsa Tsitsera | Ms. Roberta Nevers
  14. 14. Contact us www.thereadersofhomer.orgKATHRYN HOHLWEIN YANNIS SIMONIDES Prof. WILLIAM MULLENFounder & President Vice President and Managing Director Literary & Academic 769 6446 (914) 325 8871 (845) 661 0799LAURA HOHLWEIN STEPHANIA XYDIAArt Director Press and Public 769 6441 011 30 6934 43 87 48