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'After Hours' - Screenplay


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This is the finished screenplay for my A2 short film, 'After Hours'.

The film tells the story of a man who is trapped in the repetitive, mundane life of working a 9'til'5 job whilst trying to uphold his social class' reputation. He feels the pressures of the constructionist view of middle-class life and he can't keep up, leaving him depressed and lethargic.

In 'After Hours', Don begins his day like any other, enjoying the undisturbed moments with his daughter Libby, then having to accept the stressful reality of his ex-wife Jennifer and his Religious Education teaching job.

At school, he is frustrated by his more successful co-workers and by the arrogant kids who don't care for anything he is teaching; often choosing to teach them in other ways: through playing 'The Breakfast Club' repeatedly whilst he falls asleep on his desk.

Don's slumber is taken to a new level in 'After Hours' when he remains asleep past the ending bell and way into the evening. Don wakes at 8pm, confused, then startled at what he has done. Catching a glimpse at the caretaker who has just locked up and walked away, Don realises that he has been locked in the school overnight with no way of escape.

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'After Hours' - Screenplay

  1. 1. 1 ‘After Hours’ By Ellie Weedon and Jacob Lawrence
  2. 2. 2 EPIGRAPH – “Forget your lust for the rich man’s gold All that you need is in your soul And you can do this, if you try All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied” - Lynyrd Skynyrd FADE IN - INT. DON’S HOUSE – MORNING - BEDROOM Still appears to be lived in by ex-wife Jennifer, some of her clothes are still in the wardrobe, there is a picture of the family trio on the opposite bedside table of don’s half-empty double bed. However, the floor is covered with Don’s clothes, books and rubbish. Don Walters lies in bed. 46 years old, his face has the constant air of a faded smile. He sports light stubble and often wears blues and greys. His manner suggests that he has no immediate appointments. DON WALTERS 1 – B.E - looking down on bed, uncomfortable, unnatural and removed. An alarm rings out shrilly. With waking lethargy, Don reaches out to turn it off. 2 – M.C.U – Don’s face He rolls over in bed and instinctively places his arm over to hug his wife; his eyes open in the realization that she is not there. The bed is pristine; clearly no one has been sleeping on her side for a while. Exhaling after a moment of reflective thought, Don’s eye line shifts upwards and suddenly his expression softens and his head tilts with interest. 3 – O.T.S - in bed to show bed side table. He is looking at a picture of him, Jennifer and their daughter at a wedding, smiling happy. He reaches out to touch the picture. 2 – Camera tracks his movement. Don’s mind is lost in a second of bittersweet memory; he rubs his eyes to remove him from the illusion of his past life and sits up in bed, almost silhouetted in the morning light of the window. 4 – M.C.U – camera tracks movement
  3. 3. 3 Slides feet into slippers and walks out of room. JUMP CUT - INT. DON’S HOUSE – MORNING – BATHROOM The cabinet is half empty; there is a man’s and a child’s toothbrush with the according toothpaste, kids shampoo etc. and anti-depressant pills on top shelf. DON WALTERS 5 – C.U – inside the cupboard Don opening and staring into his bathroom cabinet. His tired expression tells the story of a man who is stuck in a melancholy lifestyle which gives him no break. Don reaches for something at the top of the cabinet; he looks at the bottle of anti-depressants and swallows one. - J/C 6 – E.C.U – J/C sequence – Macro Lens Brushing teeth/ Shaving skin/ Cleaning shaver/ Zipping up trouser fly/ Flushing toilet handle/ Doing up shirt button/ Tightening tie/ - J/C INT. DON’S HOUSE – LIBBY’S ROOM - MORNING Don’s daughter’s room is small, tidy and pink with cuddly toys and games on display. On the inside of her door are pictures that she has drawn of her family. Libby, 7, is very pretty and softly spoken. She shares an irreplaceable bond with her father. DON WALTERS 7 – M.S – inside Libby’s bedroom, through door window Don knocks in an upbeat rhythm and respectively opens the door. DON WALTERS
  4. 4. 4 Wakey, wakey, Rise and shine! Time to get up, Libs. 7 – PAN – as Don walks in to reveal a little girl sleeping in her bed. DON WALTERS Come on, get out of bed sleepy. Crouches down to her level 8 – O.T.S – looking down on Libby in bed LIBBY Mumbling Morning, Daddy, Snuggles up in covers, shivering Burrrr! 9 – O.T.S – looking up at don DON WALTERS Brushing a single loose hair from her face Cold isn’t it, shall we make some breakfast? 8 – O.T.S LIBBY Her eyes light up at the thought of warm food and she lifts her head in interest Pancakes! 9 – O.T.S DON WALTERS Giving in at the sight of her eyes; ablaze with happiness
  5. 5. 5 Oh, go on then, pancakes it is. LIBBY She whips the covers off in excitement Yeyy! - Cut to black - Cut from black INT. DON’S HOUSE – KITCHEN – MORNING The kitchen is buried under a pile of the previous night’s washing up. Again, Libby’s drawings decorate the fridge and the table tops. 10 – C.U – inside high cupboard LIBBY Don lifts Libby up to reach the top cupboard; her hand fumbles about inside the cupboard for the flour and eventually grabs it. 11 – C.U – Libby’s face as she struggles to reach the flour, we see her face change as she finds it and turns her head slightly to Don’s 10 – C.U - Her hands find the flour Got it! 12 – M.S – Don replacing Libby back onto her feet DON WALTERS That’s my girl –- 13 – C.U - Libby places the flour onto the kitchen surface 12 – M.S –
  6. 6. 6 Crouching down to her level --now, what do you --want in these? 6 – E.C.U – J/C sequence – Macro Lens Cracking eggs/ Sifting flour/ Pouring milk/ Mixing pancake mixture/ Pouring pancake mixture/ Door bell ringing. - J/C 13 – C.U – both heads in shot, the camera’s focus shifts from the silhouette in the doorway to their heads DON WALTERS Father and daughter turn their heads from the door towards each other and stare in for a second and Don’s face is painted with a façade of shock. He raises his flour covered hands Caught in the act. Don taps Libby on the nose, covering it with flour LIBBY She rubs the flour off with the back of her hand and giggles DON WALTERS 14 – O.T.S – Hand and pan up to reveal Jennifer Jennifer Walters is Don’s ex-wife. The divorce was recent and is still raw – she has a new boyfriend who is younger, more handsome and more successful than Don. Jennifer stands in the doorway. She dresses in monochrome which appears expensive and professional. She looks up from her phone with a look of disapproval
  7. 7. 7 JENNIFER WALTERS I – have – sent you – FIFTEEN messages Don. 15 – O.T.S – Jennifer to see Don’s reaction DON WALTERS Sorry -- my phone’s broken. Libby runs to the door LIBBY Mummy! Me and Daddy are making pancakes! 14 – O.T.S – Jennifer looks at Don and speaks in a rather accusing tone and takes out a tissue from her pocket JENNIFER WALTERS I can tell – 14 – PAN - down as Jennifer gets a closer look at Libby Jennifer forcefully rubs Libby’s face with the tissue Look at you! You’re a state. Addressing Don and raising back up to full height Don, she has to be at school in twenty minutes. 15 – O.T.S – DON WALTERS Wel-
  8. 8. 8 14 – O.T.S – Interrupting JENNIFER WALTERS Go on Libby – go get ready! 15 – O.T.S – Libby looks to Don but he is rubbing his eye in frustration. She runs upstairs DON WALTERS We were only making pancakes Jennifer. 14 – O.T.S – JENNIFER WALTERS Only?! What have I – DON WALTERS 15 – O.T.S – Don stops midway through rubbing his eye and looks at Jennifer in amazement 14 – O.T.S – tracks as she walks JENNIFER WALTERS --told you about sugar on mornings Don? She walks past Don, uninvited into her old house DON WALTERS Don takes a minute to stare mindlessly at the floor, exhales and then shuts the door behind her INT. DON’S HOUSE - KITCHEN
  9. 9. 9 6 – E.C.U - J/C sequence – Macro Lens Filling kettle/ Flick kettle switch on/ Grab two mugs/ Kettle flicks off/ Stirring tea/ 16 – E.C.U – straight on Slurping tea/ Don and Jennifer sit at opposite ends of the kitchen table. As Don slurps his tea, Jennifer watches in mild disgust. They sit awkwardly thinking of what to say 17 – M.L.S - symmetrical - straight on to kitchen table, one brown paper bag in front of Don There is an awkwardly long pause, filled with the sound of a ticking clock and the thuds of a child upstairs DON WALTERS That’s - a - nice dress – you’ve got on. JENNIFER WALTERS Yeah, Jared got me it. DON WALTERS Oh- They sip their tea simultaneously, exchanging awkward smiles 18 – Rig – sweep around bottom of the stairs LIBBY Runs downstairs, hand on bannister JENNIFER WALTERS 19 – M.C.U - Shot of mum texting, she looks up briefly and then returns her gaze to her phone – the sound of Don pulling his chair out can be heard
  10. 10. 10 DON WALTERS 20 – C.U – Don picks up the brown paper bag JENNIFER WALTERS 19 – M.C.U – Jennifer finishes off her text and flicks her eyes up to watch what Don is doing DON WALTERS 21 – L.A – tracking from behind Don walks down the corridor towards Libby 22 – M.C.U – hands and bent over head Libby sits on the stairs struggling to tie her laces. Don comes into shot, he ties them for her and she looks up, smiling at him LIBBY Thank you Daddy DON WALTERS There you -- 23 – C.U – hands Don pulls the shoelace bow tight --go. 24 – C.U – faces Don finishes his sentence and father and daughter look at each other Now is it your spelling test today? LIBBY
  11. 11. 11 Libby looks anxious and nods her head Yeah 25 – O.T.S – looking at Don DON WALTERS Don places a calming hand on Libby’s shoulder which invites her to lift her head Don’t be worried Libs, Go on, spell – Don’s eyes flick up at the sound of heels walking down the corridor JENNIFER WALTERS 26 – POV – PAN UP – Jennifer walks down the corridor finishing her text, uncaring for the moment between Don and Libby DON WALTERS 25 – O.T.S – Thinking of his ex-wife --Spell – superficial 27 – O.T.S – looking at Libby LIBBY S – U – super – P –- JENNIFER WALTERS Interrupting Right, -- 28 – C.U - hands Jennifer picks up the brown lunch bag
  12. 12. 12 27 – O.T.S – Libby looks up and stops reciting her spelling JENNIFER WALTERS 28 – C.U – Jennifer’s face Jennifer looks down at Libby and Don - You’re late enough, Let’s go. 27 – O.T.S – pan up with their action Libby looks at Don with an expression of innocent annoyance and they both stand up together. When stood up, Libby gives her mum a forced, half smile 29 – O.T.S – slight H.A - Jennifer, looking at Don Don is looking at Libby as she leaves the house, you hear the door open. 30 – O.T.S – slight L.A - Don, looking at Jennifer JENNIFER WALTERS Don, don’t you have a job to be getting to? 29 – O.T.S – Don’s head lurches forwards for a second and he takes a recovering gulp, slowly bringing his eyes up to meet Jennifer’s. He nods as he speaks. DON WALTERS Late start 30 – O.T.S – Jennifer nods in a suspicious fashion JENNIFER WALTERS I see,
  13. 13. 13 Well, bye then – 29 – Don’s façade of organisation is translucent. He forces a smile, nodding her out of the door, but his eyes reveal his frenzy of panic. Jennifer moves across the shot towards the door. 30 – O.T.S – REVERSED JENNIFER WALTERS Oh, don’t forget to fix your phone! 29 – Don’s smile becomes more forced and as he nods he shuts the door behind them DON WALTERS Mnhmm, yeah -- bye Libby When they are gone, Don looks down at his watch, panicking PULL FOCUS: to the clock on the wall behind him Shi— - JUMP CUT EXT. TRAVELLING TO WORK SEQUENCE 6 – E.C.U - J/C sequence Grabs keys/ Grabs bag/ Locks Door/ Hobbles down path/ (slower for comedic effect) Opens car with electric key/ 6.1 - M.S – looking through the windscreen – Don turns on the engine 6.2 - C.U – hands Don turns on the radio, ‘Well Respected Man’ plays
  14. 14. 14 6.1 - M.S – Don’s reaction, not amused, he begins to set off driving 6.3 – CRANE - UP – back of car, pulling out EXT. BAILDON MOOR - MORNING 6.4 – DRONE – ELEVATING - car travelling along road EXT. SCHOOL – MORNING 6.5 – TRACKING – Don from behind Don walks towards school 6.6 – M.C.U – STEADY CAM – circle around Don, to the caretaker and back to don, landing on the 6.5 TRACKING again Don looks down and to the side, he sees the CARETAKER looking into the electrical box 6.5 – TRACKING – Don from behind He walks into school 6.7 – C.U – receptionist RECEPTIONIST Morning Donald! 6.8 – C.U – Don Reaction, unamused INT. SCHOOL – CAFETERIA – MORNING Don places his money on the school’s cafeteria desk. 31 - PAN UP – From Don’s money to the lady’s face MAUREEN Coffee’s gone up Don, £1.10 now I’m afraid.
  15. 15. 15 31 – WHIP PAN - following Maureen’s arm to point at the prices list 32 – R.S – Beat. Don’s expression is a mixture of bewilderment and frustration. It softens as he hears a voice from behind him 32 – PAN – revealing Anna Flowers ANNA FLOWERS, 45, wears a green dress with a flowery cardigan. She has a friendly and positive aura that is capable of lightening any dulled day. She is a drama teacher and coincidentally the only other member of staff that Don gets along with. ANNA FLOWERS I think I have some spare change, Don, wait a sec. 33 – R.S – Don looks at Anna with nervous intimidation. DON WALTERS Oh, Anna, you – you don’t have to do that. 33 – C.U – Anna’s hands – sound bridge of Don’s speech Anna shuffles through the change in her purse and pulls out £2, she hands it to Maureen 32 – M.S – ANNA FLOWERS His coffee and a banana, please, Maureen. Anna turns back to face Don 33 – Don’s grateful expression 31 – O.T.S –
  16. 16. 16 ANNA FLOWERS (CONT’D) I know what you’re like if you don’t get your fix of caffeine. 33 – R.S – DON WALTERS Well - - I guess that’s true. How have you been anyway? 31 – O.T.S – Anna is very physical in her storytelling – using her hands to exaggerate her words. ANNA FLOWERS Good, yeah, I’ve actually started going to these sort of.. Yoga ..classes -- they basically isolate your mind to help you understand - 33 – R.S – Don nods as Anna talks, his eyes locked onto hers, fully engaged in the story until they flick upwards and are forced into a double take as Don focuses on something behind Anna 31 – FOCUS PULL – from Anna to Rick behind her - where your root of happiness comes from – it’s kinda weird but it works – very helpful actually, you should come with me one day! Rick is stood talking to a woman behind Anna, he holds his ‘Best Teacher’ mug in one hand and is overtly touchy with the other. They laugh together in an exaggerated fashion and appear to be having a conversation of ‘ping-ponged’ compliments 31.1 – C.U – Rick’s hand holding the mug 33 – C.U –
  17. 17. 17 Don stares over Anna’s shoulder, distracted, his face twisted with a perturbed sense of annoyance 31 – R.S - ANNA FLOWERS (CONT’D) How about you Don? Don? 33 – PAN as reality floods back to Don - sound bridge - … Don?! Don snaps back into reality and his attention turns back to Anna DON WALTERS Oh, Sorry, erm yeah – 31 – Rick Stoker approaches laughing loudly, Don’s eyes flick up at him and back down. Rick places an arm around Anna. Don’s voice trails out. --I’m - 33 - -- good too. 34 – C.U – Rick’s hand squeezes Anna’s shoulder 31 – M.S – RICK STOKER, 40, is tall, slim and handsome. He is aggravatingly positive and over enthusiastic towards his teaching; almost American in his behavioural traits. He is extremely flirtatious and often comes off as boastful. RICK STOKER [laughing] Anna! You’re looking nice today, that colour suits you! 34 – C.U – Rick’s mouth/ branded clothes / Anna’s lit up eyes/ 31 – M.S - RICK STOKER (CONT’D)
  18. 18. 18 Oh, hi Don, didn’t see you there. 33 – distorted image – tilted/shaky – shows Don’s sense of discomfort DON WALTERS Rick… oh yeah… I’m err -- here. 31 – RICK STOKER God, I’ve been so busy on all of my extra-curriculum trips - 34 – C.U – Anna nods and smiles in engagement 33 – C.U – Don sees how Anna is responding and gazes at her with sadness 32 – awkward three shot - that I feel like I haven’t even been here in ages. Beat. Sarcasm DON WALTERS God, yeah… same. RICK STOKER Oh really, what’ve you been up to? DON WALTERS Oh, it… not really… I was just joking Beat. Maureen leans across and places Don’s coffee and Anna’s banana on the counter and all three faces turn to look at it 33 – R.S – MAUREEN
  19. 19. 19 There you go dear. Don picks up his cup and raises it to Anna as he speaks 33 - DON WALTERS Thanks Anna, I should probably get to my class. 31 – C.U - Anna Don begins to walk away and Anna’s eyes follow him ANNA FLOWERS Oh okay, bye Don! See you later! 35 – steady cam – front on tracking with Don as he walks away, Rick and Anna can be seen out of focus in the background RICK STOKER Yeah bye Don -- Ofsted meeting, 3 o’clock! Don’s eyes roll as he hears Rick speaking SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – MORNING The corridor is bustling with ’Monday morning’ lethargy Don looks down at the floor as he walks towards his classroom 36 – Tracking shot – behind Don Don stops sharply as a female teacher hands him a large pile of work, her voice is a continuous drone FEMALE TEACHER Don, I need you to mark these before tomorrow -- 37 – R.S – Don rubs his eyes but responds nodding in a friendly manor 36 - – Ofsted and all
  20. 20. 20 37 – DON WALTERS No problem, Katie. Don continues walking down the corridor until a group of young boys block his walkway into his classroom 37 – steady cam - circles around Don’s face, showing his frustration. DON WALTERS Excuse me… The boys do not respond, they are arguing over whether one of them said something or not 37 – steady cam – pan away from Don’s body DON WALTERS (CONT’D) Excuse me! One boy reaches out with his arm and knocks Don’s cup out of his hands, spilling it all down his shirt. 38 – C.U – the cup bounces and spills on the floor 37 – Don’s reaction and tracking The boys all shuffle into the classroom in humiliation whilst Don stands with a perturbed look of empty patience Don walks forwards into his classroom and takes a seat, he takes a final deep breath INT. DON’S CLASSROOM – MORNING Don’s classroom is dark and sleepy, his desk is cluttered with screwed up paper and old coffee cups. There is one framed picture of him stood with his daughter. 39 – PAN – Don’s class’ facial reactions 40 – R.S – face DON WALTERS Oookay, so today we’ll be discussing Buddhist beliefs surrounding revelation.
  21. 21. 21 40.1 – DOLLY – back of classroom – moving backwards through the students, they are disinterested and appear to be mocking Don DON WALTERS Can anyone tell me what the difference between- 40.2 – THROUGH GLASS – Don writes on the board/glass/Perspex - general revelation and spec- One student can be seen throwing a ball of paper at Don from the background, the paper hits the board Don looks up at the board in despair 40.1 – DOLLY – back of classroom – the students are slightly more hushed in anticipation Don picks up the piece of screwed up paper and unfolds it 40.3 – O.T.S – Don, looking down on paper It reads, ‘Mr Walters is a useless piece of’ and there is a drawing of a turd to finish the note off 40 – R.S – Don’s face He looks genuinely insulted and dejected DON WALTERS Ok. 40.1 – back of classroom – Don shoves the note in his pocket and walks back over to his desk, taking a seat 37 – C.U – hand Don uses the mouse and double clicks on the DVD icon - J/C 6 – E.C.U - J/C sequence – Insert DVD/ Click play/ Turn up volume/ Hear music, close up on Don’s face – ‘don’t you forget about me’/ Bell rings/ Don wakes up/ DON WALTERS
  22. 22. 22 [mumbles] B-bye Another class file into the room Click play/ Hear music, close up on Don’s face – ‘don’t you forget about me’/ Bell rings/ Click play/ Hear music, close up on Don’s face – ‘don’t you forget about me’/ Bell rings/ Click play/ Hear music, close up on Don’s face – ‘don’t you forget about me’/ Bell rings/ - FADE TO BLACK INT. SCHOOL – DON’S CLASSROOM – EVENING 7 FADE FROM BLACK 40 – SLIDER – E.C.U – on desk Don is fast asleep with his head resting on his desk, lit up by the light of his laptop in the foreground. The Breakfast Club is finishing behind him. His eyes flicker as the ending letter is being read aloud on screen, he is slow to move and only lifts his head slightly to see what’s going on around him. 39 – POV – shaky, blurry, empty chairs coming into focus (blinking) 40 – R.S – Don’s realization, his head jolts up to look at the clock 39 – POV – clock comes into focus, it reads 8:00pm 37 – M.S – Don panics, mumbling words and grabs his bag, fumbles and then runs out of the classroom INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 41 – O.T.S – RIG – Tracking Don from behind Don pokes his head into consecutive classrooms DON WALTERS
  23. 23. 23 F-f-f-fuuu-fuu The action steadies and the camera tracks around Don to reveal his facial expression Hears a faint whistling Don begins to awkwardly walk/run to the door 42 – O.T.S – CARETAKER as he locks the school doors and turns around and places his earphones in each ear 43 – C.U – hands The CARETAKER clicks on spotify and plays ‘Simple Man’, the song plays as diegetic music. 42 – He begins to walk away from the school, humming along to the tune of the music. In the background of the shot, Don can be seen running up the corridor silently shouting 41 – O.T.S – RIG – Tracking Don from behind Don runs up to the main doors and bangs on the glass whilst shouting to get the CARETAKER’s attention DON WALTERS Hey—heyyy! Heeyyyyy!! Don rests his head on the glass in frustration and slowly turns around to assess his situation 41 – DRONE – PAN UP – revealing a very empty, gloomy school, highlighting Don’s isolation Don looks around with an expression of hopelessness - CUT TO BLACK INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 44 – C.U – feet Don paces back and forth 44 – E.C.U – head Don scratches behind his ear 45 – C.U – front on
  24. 24. 24 Don struggles with his phone, moving it around to try to get signal and tapping it to try and make it work He holds it up to his ear, there is a long moment of silence, but then it starts ringing INT. JENNIFER’S HOUSE – FRONT ROOM – EVENING 46 – SLIDER – along coffee table, showing hands building Lego out of focus, the key frame is Jennifer’s phone which begins buzzing when set in frame Libby is sat on the floor of the front room building some Lego, drawings and pencil crayons surrounding her. Jennifer’s mobile rings and Don’s face pops up on screen. Libby’s hand grabs the phone and she answers his call 46 – CRANE UP – FOCAL SHIFT – framing Libby’s face in C.U LIBBY Daddy? INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 45 – C.U – Don has an excited but panicked expression DON WALTERS Yes! Libby! Listen, I need you to – INT. JENNIFER’S HOUSE – FRONT ROOM – EVENING 46 – LIBBY Daddy! I got full marks on my spelling test! Best in the class! And Miss Shelly wants me to join the spelling bee team on a Thursday lunch time! INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 45 – C.U – Don rubs in forehead in agitation but smiles and nods, trying to interrupt, the sound of Libby going on about her day can be heard in the background
  25. 25. 25 DON WALTERS Yes Libs, but – that’s great— --but I need INT. JENNIFER’S HOUSE – FRONT ROOM – EVENING 46 – LIBBY The hardest one was re-frig-er-ator, but I got there in the end! INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 45 – C.U – Don moves the phone away from his face and checks the battery 44 – E.C.U – phone The battery reads 1% 47 – O.T.S – Don turns into frame, leaving dialogue space Don quickly moves the phone back to his ear DON WALTERS LIBBY! I’m so sorry, but you need to put me on to mummy right now! 8 SPLIT SCREEN – Don waits agitatedly as Libby takes her time getting the phone to Jennifer INT. JENNIFER’S HOUSE – FRONT ROOM – EVENING 46 – STEADY CAM – Libby stands up and walks out of the room, and shouts LIBBY MUUMMYY! Where are you??
  26. 26. 26 Off screen a voice calls JENNIFER WALTERS Kitchen! 46 – STEADY CAM – Libby walks into the kitchen and holds the phone out Out of shot we hear her explain LIBBY Daddy’s on the phone 46 – STEADY CAM – tracking the phones movement until Jennifer takes it from Libby’s hand and lifts it up to her ear 9 C.U – DON WALTERS JENNIFER?! JENNIFER WALTERS What do you wan— - 47 – slides off, left with 46 Jennifer shakes her head in disapproval and places the phone down on the side JENNIFER WALTERS (CONT’D) Useless piece of – 10 CUT TO INT. SCHOOL – CORRIDOOR – EVENING 45 – C.U – Don pauses for a moment in fear DON WALTERS
  27. 27. 27 JENNIFER? JENNIFER? Don looks at his phone; it has run out of charge. He exhales loudly and closes his eyes in frustration 47 – L.S - Don silhouetted in the light of the corridor EXT. SCHOOL – EVENING The building looks sleepy, lights still shine from windows, but there is no one to be seen 48 – E.S - DRONE – pan up from low angle INT. SCHOOL – EVENING Inside an empty classroom, there is low key lighting, empty chairs and the remnants of the day’s work. A ticking clock can be heard. 49 – CRANE UP – empty corridor 50 – PAN – room with empty chairs, the key frame of the pan is Don trying to escape Don has his head through the window, trying to force his shoulders - J.C 50 – IDENTICAL FRAMING – Don’s forcing his arm through the window - J.C 50 – IDENTICAL FRAMING – Don’s forcing his leg through the window INT. MUSIC CLASSROOM – EVENING 50.1 – CRANE UP – Don waving his hands frantically through the window, almost performing star jumps. He yells DON WALTERS HEY! HEY! EXT. SCHOOL – LOOKING ONTO MUSIC CLASSROOM 50.2 – L.S – FOCUS PULL – from car to school
  28. 28. 28 A car drives past, unaware, in the foreground The silhouetted blinds almost appear to be prison bars, Don looks tiny and insignificant in the shot INT. SCHOOL – RECEPTION – EVENING 51 – SLIDER – telephone key frame – PULL FOCUS – revealing Don’s face in the locked door behind the telephone 52 – M.C.U – profile – other side of locked door Don presses his face against the window, looking around through the window. In frustration his rubs his face and then looks around on his side of the door. His eyes come to a conclusion. 52 – L.S – Don runs into shot, his shoulder aiming at the door 51 – M.S – through the door’s window panel Don hits the door three times, shoulder first, but to no avail, his reaction is seen through the panel. 53 – M.S - directly behind Don Don turns around and slides down the door, clutching his arm He looks dejected and annoyed INT. SCHOOL – L1 CORRIDOOR – EVENING 54 – DOLLY – tracking from behind Don walks down the corridor whistling ‘Well Respected Man’ under his breath, still clutching his shoulder. He suddenly stops when he turns to look at a display board 55 – L.A – looking up at the display from behind Don Don stands and looks at the display ‘Are You The Best You can Be?’, dropping his arm down to his side from nursing his shoulder 56 – C.U – the camera slowly advancing - Don’s face Don stares with an overwhelmed expression, his eyes dart around the display in front of him and he is quickly short of breath 55 – C.U – jump cut sequence
  29. 29. 29 The camera flicks from words to word: amazing/ brilliant/ talented/ successful/ wealthy/ strong/ healthy 56 – E.C.U – His eyes finally settle on an image in the display behind the camera 55 – C.U – zoom into the mug - Then finally ends on an image of Rick, wearing a charity teacher and holding a ‘Best Teacher’ mug with Anna stood in the background INT. SCHOOL – RICK’S CLASSROOM – EVENING Rick’s classroom is neat and tidy with everything in order. Compared to Don’s classroom, it looks untouched by students entirely On his desk, he has a small pile of books, one which reads ‘Positive Thinking’ 55 – MATCHED SHOT – zoom out from mug - Don holds the ‘Best Teacher Mug’ in his hands, but instead of the smiley Rick Stoker, Don stands with a face of misery, his knuckles tight around the handle 56 – E.C.U – Don’s Adam’s apple swallowing in anger 57 – B.E – looking down onto the mug Still with a ring of tea at the bottom, Don holds the mug shaking slightly in anger 58 – W.E – Shot beneath a sheet of glass/Perspex which acts as the table – Don appears to be on the brink of throwing the mug on the floor, however he instead drops the mug onto the table and it spins to a halt 58 – W.E - SLIDER – the camera pans to the right, revealing a neat row of pencils and pens which are also resting on his desk Don looks down at the desk from above and slumps down into Ricks chair
  30. 30. 30 59 – O.T.S – Don looking at the desk from above Don places his elbows on the table 58 – W.E – through the glass Don sighs in frustration 57 – M.S – Don spreads his arms out on the desk and places his head in his arms, however his arms knock off some sheets onto the floor DON WALTERS [GROANS] He lifts his head up and picks up the sheets off of the floor, organising them into their previously neat pile, however one of the sheets catches Don’s eye and he stops to read it 59 – O.T.S – Don reads the letter under his breath 57 – M.C.U - DON WALTERS Radiology consultation… MRI… Brain t- His mouth continues to mime the words but he is unable to speak He takes a deep gulp and he wipes his forehead with his left hand, looks around in worry and then his eyes focus on something off camera 59 – O.T.S – the camera rotates around Don Don picks up Rick’s ‘Positive Thinking’ book 57 – M.C.U – DOLLY OUT - He looks up in thought, one of his hands moves down to his pocket and as Don touches the screwed up paper from earlier he looks down and brings the paper closer to his face, remembers what it says and dismisses it, throwing it towards the bin
  31. 31. 31 60 – C.U – pan down - focus pull from Don to the bin as he throws Don throws the screwed up paper at bin, he misses, the paper lands on the floor 57 – M.S – Don looks at the bin in stillness for a moment, and then proceeds to pick it up 60 – C.U – bin Don’s hand picking up the paper and throwing it into the bin, yet again he misses 60 – C.U – Don Don reacts with an expression of anger and annoyance, he reaches over 60 – C.U – bin Hovering his hand directly over the bin, he ensures that the paper goes in 60 – C.U – Don Returns to his solemn stare, but then is hit by an idea and his head turns in two motions towards the bin again INT. SCHOOL – L2 CORRIDOOR – EVENING 61 – P.O.V – HANDHELD - as bin being carried and placed down on the ground, rotated when placed down 62 – M.C.U – Don takes his hands away from the bin and takes a second to check that everything is in order 63 – WIDE ANGLE – Don takes three steps back from the bin and throws the paper 62 – M.C.U – The paper lands in the bin
  32. 32. 32 63 – WIDE ANGLE – Don goes to collect the paper and starts walking even further back to throw the paper 62 – M.C.U – jump cut sequence Don throws the paper into the bin from various distances, getting further away each time. Out of focus, in the background you can see Don celebrating each hit INT. SCHOOL – CAFETERIA - NIGHT 64 – HANDHELD TRACKING – front on to Don Don carries the bin 65 – FIXED TRIPOD PAN - He places it down, as he straightens back up, he looks up and the camera continues to pan upwards, following his gaze until it reaches the balcony key frame where Don is already standing 66 – M.C.U – Don side - Don peers over the side of the balcony, he is setting up his shot He cracks his neck and rolls his shoulders, he leans over the side, arm stretched out 65 – FIXED TRIPOD PAN - SLOW MOTION – Reduced from 60fps – The paper falls neatly into the bin 66 – Don’s reaction – DON WALTERS Yes-yes-yes—yess… YESS! Don celebrates with a subtle but punctuating arm gesture. He looks back over the balcony and laughs - MONTAGE OF DON FINDING HAPPINESS - INT. SCHOOL – GYM – EVENING
  33. 33. 33 67 – C.U – SLOW MOTION - hand and ball Don bouncing basketball 68 – E.C.U – eyes Eyes scrunched in determination 69 – M.C.U – LOW ANGLE – basketball hoop 68 – M.L.S – same position – 25fps Still bouncing ball 67 – C.U – 25fps Dribbles ball and runs out of frame 70 – M.S – from behind – tracking Don runs to shoot a basket 71 – M.C.U – Camera Don’s left – LOW ANGLE 69 – M.C.U – hoop Ball shoots through hoop 70 – M.L.S – tracking away from Don He celebrates his victory INT. MUSIC ROOM – NIGHT 72 – C.U – neck of guitar Don runs his finger along the frets and then grabs the guitar by its neck INT. CORRIDOOR T SECTION – NIGHT 73 – DOLLY – tracking forwards slowly towards the entrance After a moment of delay, Don’s laughter can be heard and Don rides past, Superman style, on a wheelie chair INT. SCIENCE LAB – NIGHT The lab is pitch black, all except from one burning Bunsen burner
  34. 34. 34 74 – C.U - FOCUS PULL – Bunsen burner Don places Magnesium into the Bunsen burner and as it lights up, is face is revealed from the darkness. He smiles in admiration INT. CORRIDOOR T SECTION – NIGHT [homage to The Breakfast club] 73 – M.L.S – Don slides on the floor, almost falling over but stumbles to recovery 75 – C.U – TRACKING - in front of feet Don runs towards the camera 76 – O.T.S – DOLLY TRACKING - Don running INT. CORRIDOOR YELLOW LOCKERS – NIGHT [homage to The Breakfast Club] 77 – M.S – Don runs into shot and stops suddenly. He reaches out with his hand and pretends he’s in the hallway scene in The Breakfast Club. Turning as he alternates between Andrew and Bender DON WALTERS Wait – wait – hold it – we have to go through the cafeteria [turns] What about the activities hall? INT. DON’S CLASSROOM – NIGHT 78 – M.S – CRANE DOWN – behind Don’s desk Don stands looking at his mess of a desk, his hands on his hips. He exhales an overwhelmed sigh INT. CORRIDOOR YELLOW LOCKERS – NIGHT [homage to The Breakfast Club] DON WALTERS
  35. 35. 35 No, you don’t know what you’re talking about [turns] NO, you don’t know what you’re talking about!! INT. ANNA FLOWERS’ CLASSROOM – NIGHT 78.1 – CRANE UP – behind Anna’ desk A name plate sits on her desk and there is myriad of flowery notebooks and pens Don writes on one of her pink post-it notes 78.2 – C.U – Don’s finger sticks the post-it on top of one of Anna’s notepad, it read, ‘I’d love to go with you sometime.’ INT. DON’S CLASSROOM – NIGHT 79 – H.A - P.O.V – Don’s hands Straightens up some papers/ Gathers pens and pencils together and places them in a pot/ 79.1 – M.C.U - Shot through glass/Perspex Writes the date and draws a smiley face on the board 79 – H.A - P.O.V – Don’s hands Picks up a grimy mug/ 80- REVERSE – L.A – Don’s reaction Looks into the mug and winces INT. MUSIC ROOM – NIGHT 75 – M.S – DON Don strums the guitar with a mocking confidence INT. SCHOOL – L1 CORRIDOOR – NIGHT 78 – C.U – Don’s face
  36. 36. 36 Don has a moment of contented reflection, he then laughs to himself and looks down at the ground 79 - M.L.S - TRACKING – behind Don Don continues down the corridor, whistling ‘Well Respected Man’ to himself loudly, whilst patting his leg with his hand jovially EXT. SCHOOL GROUNDS – DAWN 81 – DRONE – slowly curving around school, capturing the first rays of sunlight INT. DON’S CLASSROOM – DAWN 82 – M.C.U – side on Don Don is sat in his desk chair, he straightens out his key board, picks up the photograph of him and his daughter and leans back 83 – O.T.S – Don strokes Libby’s face with his thumb 84 – C.U - REVERSE – Don’s reaction Don smiles and looks up from the photograph 82 – M.C.U – side on Don Don places the image back down on his desk 85 – C.U – hands and photo on desk He adjusts the image so it sits nice and neatly on his freshly cleaned desk 78 – M.C.U - slight DOLLY – behind Don’s desk Don places his elbows on his desk and rests his head in his hands He is smiling in content - J.C 78 – M.S – IDENTICAL FRAMING The room is much lighter and the sound of children can be heard
  37. 37. 37 Don’s asleep with his head in his arms on his desk The school bell rings shrilly and Don wakes up suddenly with a jolt of his head - CUT TO BLACK FIN.