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Hunger games case study


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Hunger games case study

  1. 1. Hunger games case study Mocking jay part 2 Ellie Bowles
  2. 2. Conventions to the hunger games from the typical conventions: • Aliens, spaceships, rockets, vibrant colours, advanced technology abstract outfits, futuristic sounds, silver and metal objects, wide range of races and species, lasers and several other things. • The hungers games is about rebellion and conflict inside a futuristic ‘world’. • This appeals to the audience because audiences typically enjoy aspiring to the future, they enjoy thinking about what will and what could happen. Future life and technology interests people. Sound effects use create moments which feel so out of this world, you sometimes feel as though you are apart of the film.
  3. 3. What institution produced the hunger games? • Lions gate produced the hunger games along with Color force. • Release date UK- 20 November 2015 • Director: Francis Lawrence • Producers: Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik • The production began September 2013 in Atlanta and concluded June 2014 in Berlin. Christian Cordella returned to sketch the costumes. The main actress Jennifer Lawrence performed one of the songs for the film; ‘The hanging tree’ which was 4th on iTunes hits. The film earned a total profit of $211.61 million.
  4. 4. Audience and representation: • The hunger games is aimed towards a young audience of 12 plus to late teens. Both boys and girls enjoy the hunger games which is actually quite a unique thing for a science fiction film as generally only boys tend to enjoy the futuristic fighting scenes. Due to the hunger games having Jennifer Lawrence playing the main character ‘Katniss Everdeen’. Jennifer Lawrence is an inspiration to many females as she's very feminine in real life, but in the hunger games she plays a heroic action girl which is a unusual representation. Usually women are represented as subordinate, rarely powerful. Girls would like the fact that Katniss is shown as a powerful one. Also the hunger games has a mixture of genres; action, love and science fiction. This also allows it to fit into the interest of both genders.
  5. 5. Advertisement: Mocking Jay was advertised a lot. There was mocking jay film posters on the side of buses and on popular magazines and newspapers. Mocking jay also had merchandise like cups, lunchboxes, hoody's, bags and phone cases. This is a good way to promote the film as more people will hear about it and it’s a great away for companies to make money.