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Back to the future

Science fiction

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Back to the future

  1. 1. Back to the future case study
  2. 2. Predictions and what came trueThe date set on the time machine in the film back to the future was 22/10/2015. Which is a very nearby date for us now, and its interesting to see some of the films predictions of how the world would be. Some of them were to advanced, like flying cars however some of them were true. A payment for a taxi was made using just a thumb print which suggests cashless pay. We can now pay using websites like Paypal and apps like uber. There was a hover board in the film, their has very recently been a hover board but they aren't yet for sale. However we do have swegways which are very similar to hover boards, and hover boards are probably the next step. In the film clothing contained electronics like hairdryer's, we don't have the exact same but we do have clothing which can light up and are in the process of having electronics in clothes. In the film people could exfoliate the years off their face (wrinkles) we can't do that but we can get botox. The film showed robots that could fuel cars and take videos, which we have either attempted to make or have. There was a 3D like film poster in the film, and of course we have 3D films nowadays! The film suggested flat screen tv's, touch screens and social media for entertainment which are now huge parts of our lives.
  3. 3. Story line • A teenage boy accidentally travels back to the past in a time machine created by a mad scientist. He is stuck there and he has changed the past by going to the high school his parents went to.He will never be able to go back to the future because he wont exist unless he make’s his parents fall in love in the past so that he can travel to real time.
  4. 4. Todorov’s theory • Equilibrium: Marty is in 1985, he spends to long getting ready and is late for school. He is presented as a typical school boy. Also when he goes into the wrong time zone (1955) his parents are at school, which would have been equilibrium for them. • Disequilibrium: When Marty realises he has changed history as his mother falls in love with him at school instead of his dad meaning he has to solve this to be able to go back to the future. • New equilibrium: Doc brown discovers that the thunderstorms lightening will generate enough power to get Marty and his time machine back to the future.
  5. 5. Propps theory • Back to the future doesn't completely support this theory as there is actually a very small amount of characters. • Hero- Marty (main character, makes parents fall in love) • Dispatcher,donor and father- Doc brown gives the hero a quest to complete, he realises Marty must get back to the future, he is wise/clever, he’s much older than Marty making him the father like figure, he also supplies Marty with the time machine (donor) • Princess- Marty’s mother • Helper- Marty’s mum and dad as ultimately they are the ones who save Marty’s existence. • Villain- Biff who is a bully towards Martys father (in 1955 and 1985)
  6. 6. Strauss theory • Young vs Old- Marty trying to make his parents fall in love again to save his existence. • Man vs Nature- Marty relies on the lightening in the storm to fuel the time machine. • Humanity vs Technology- Doc brown and Marty rely on time machine.