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How Energy Efficient is Central Ohio?
A presentation by Julia Hall, Program Manager, AEP Ohio/Columbus Gas ENERGY STAR New Homes Program
Presented at the Columbus Green Building Forum's 2011 Green Building EXPO

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2011 expo-aep+columbia gas

  1. 1. 9/27/2011 How Energy Efficient is Central Ohio? How can we do better? Green Communities are energy efficient communities.• USGBC – LEED®• Enterprise Green Communities Green Criteria• NAHB – Green Building Standard• AWARE standards • ENERGY STAR® 1
  2. 2. 9/27/2011 HOW DO WE MEASURE ENERGY EFFICIENCY? Efficiency YardstickThe HERS Index is a score thatcompares estimated energy use ofa home (Rated Home) as a ratio ofa similar home built to the 2006IECC (Reference Home)A home with a score of 65 woulduse approximately 35% less energythan the Reference Home 2
  3. 3. 9/27/2011Efficiency Programs 2006 IECC A home meeting Version 2 ENERGY STAR would use approximately 15% 2009 IECC Version 2.0 less energy than the Reference Home (2006 IECC). 2009 IECC Version 2.0, the home would achieve 85 or below on the index (Version 2 Standard has been in place since 2006) How did Ohio do?Energy Star Homes in Ohio gy• 18,000 ENERGY STAR Homes have been built in the Columbus market• 1600 in Cincinnati i Ci i ti• 950 in Cleveland• 850 in Akron/Canton 3
  4. 4. 9/27/2011Efficiency ProgramsAs the IECC strengthens,the lth value of ENERGY STAR fis lessenedCurrently, ENERGY STAR 2009 IECCHomes Program is in 2009transition IECC Version 3.0Version 3.0, the q , qualifying y gindex will vary based onthe size of the home.Larger homes will need tobe more efficient. 4
  5. 5. 9/27/2011 Eligible Housing Types New and complete gut rehab residential construction, including… • Custom homes • Single family production homes Single-family • Townhouses, Duplexes, Patio Homes • Multi-family apartments • State/Federal funded affordable housing Builder Incentives Performance Level  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Climate Choice  Incentives by Utility  COH  AEP  COH  AEP  COH  AEP  COH  AEP  Columbia Gas/AEP Ohio $900 $1,500 $2,000 Columbia Gas/Other electric $750 N/A $1,200 N/A $1,600 N/A AEP Ohi /All electric Ohio/All l t i N/A $750 N/A $1,200 $1 200 N/A $1,600 $1 600 Custom C AEP Ohio/Other heat fuel N/A $500 N/A $900 N/A $1,200 TBA Multi Single homes 50% Multifamily homes 25%• Intended to help offset 30-50% of the total incremental cost at each level (certification and upgrades)• Each unit must have individual central space heating or cooling supplied by either AEP Ohio or Columbia Gas of Ohio to be eligible for incentives from the corresponding utility. Combined incentives are paid 50/50 by each utility utility utility.• Homes must be registered within 60 days of construction start and no later than 15 days after completion of the pre-drywall inspection (Thermal Bypass/Enclosure Checklist) and complete within 12 months of registration• Level 1 is only available on homes permitted before 4/1/11 and completed by 12/31/11 10 5
  6. 6. 9/27/2011 Additional Program Support• Marketing support • Site signs • Brochures & f B h fact sheets h • Model home displays • Event booth • Web site & virtual home tour • Homebuyer certificates 11 Additional Program Support • Technical and marketing training • Building science best practices • ENERGY STAR requirements q • Selling the benefits • Advanced Energy’s “Success with ENERGY STAR” training system 12 6
  7. 7. 9/27/2011 For Further Information… Thank you you.We look forward to working with you! Julia Hall – Program Manager juliahall@magrann.com 614-360-9765 ESHomesOH@magrann.com 1-877-771-5506 7