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DU Women's Lacrosse


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DU Women's Lacrosse

  1. 1. Left/Above: Peter Barton Stadium, Home of The Denver Pioneer’s Lacrosse Teams.
  2. 2. Junior Midfielder Kate Fischer passes the ball to a teammate during a run through of the teams offensive sets.
  3. 3. Left/Above: Sophomore Maddie Baum practices hand eye drills with tennis balls against the wall and on the ground
  4. 4. Senior Emily Conway Looks on as the coaches discuss offensive sets with the team.
  5. 5. Coach Terry Ellis directs players Kennedy Milburn (Junior) and Caroline Lewis (Sophomore) during a man down defensive drill.
  6. 6. Left/Above: Senior Goalie Maddy Stevenson gives feedback to Junior Goalie Kendall Mulvaney after exchanging during a drill
  7. 7. Players listen closely as the next drill is explained, a common mistake players make during practice involves following directions. Coach Liza Kelly calls this “unnacceptable.”
  8. 8. Senior Captain Layne Voorhees takes a break from a drill to watch underclassmen fill their new roles on the defense
  9. 9. Senior Captain and Goaltender Maddy Stevenson describes her four years as a student- athlete as “rigorous.”
  10. 10. Most athletes say that the best way to get through a hard practice is by keeping things light. Junior Kendall Mulavney and Sophomore Kate Knott goof off during a water break.
  11. 11. Senior Molly Danko jogs to catch a pass.
  12. 12. Left: Denver Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Liza Kelly Above: Coaches meet in between drils to discuss player performance
  13. 13. At the end of each practice, players and coaches sit down for feedback and to discuss the days events.
  14. 14. Post practice in the Lockerroom, Players scramble to shower and get to class.