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Top gun binary opposites


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Top gun binary opposites

  1. 1. Male Female Signified Club scene  Ice man all in uniform with women on his shoulder (Like an object) (Close up pan upwards) Female is in a short dress exposing skin  Sexual gratification  Impressed that he is a pilot Therefore this is signifying that women are seen as sexual objects and her inferior to the males. Charlie is wearing a sweater and a jeans and is not like any of the girls within the club as they are dressed with more revealing clothing. This signifying that Charlie that she respects her appearance and does not want to be seen as just a sexual object but also as an a intelligent individual. Charlie then laughs at this witty joke. This signifies that Maverick does not have the same respect for Charlie as he does for other authority figures. This is due to her being a women and him feeling he is superior due to their flirtatious behaviour at the club When Charlie is walking into her first session she is wearing her uniform but with tights on in which have a black bold line going up the back of the legs. Therefore this signifies that even though she is a high authority figure that she is still a sexy lady who wants to look attractive for the male pilots Maverick is questioned by Charlie about his flight with the soviets which he confidently answers with ‘I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you’. After Marverick gets told he is now number one as cougar has resigned it cuts away to a scene with Marverick on a bike wearing a big leather jacket. This signifies that being on the bike makes him appear more macho and also enhances that he isn't a team player due to it being a bike for one person so he is not willing to have passengers joining him on his journeys. In the control room the main commander has a giant cigar in his mouth. Therefore this is signifying that he is in charge as a the cigar shows power and control that he has. It also shows he is on top as in movies the major boss always has a cigar.