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Survey monkey results target audience


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Survey monkey results target audience

  1. 1. Question 1 This question was to get an understanding of what ages horror films mostly appeal to and what that age group likes and dislikes. I did a range of ages from 13 – 21 this was to see what certificate the film would most likely be rated at. Due to most my audience being between the aged of 16 – 18 with 80% of the target audience being the film should be no more than a certificate 15 this is therefore opening up my films to the wider audience who is most likely to watch a horror film. Therefore my short film should not include stuff that would be acceptable for 18 like sexual scenes and drug abuse.
  2. 2. Question 2 This question was focusing on the gender of the audience. It does show that a wider range of males and females both watch horror films. However it does show that it is mostly females from my target audience therefore showing that females are likely to watch horror movies. However to attract males more to the film I should add more male gaze so they become more interested in the short film.
  3. 3. Question 3 I wanted to get an understanding of what the audiences likes the most about horror films and what they dislike. This is so I could add more of the stuff the audience likes into my short film and take out the stuff they do not like. Gore ranked on top with an average rating of 4.50% however a supernatural element did receive the most top spot places with 9/16 people. Therefore within my short film it would be best to add in more gore into the film and sense my short film more around the super natural element. Ranking bottom with an average of 2.06% and 0 top places spots shows that the audiences does not associate much with the icons within the film and focuses on more the visible easy to spot conventions.
  4. 4. Question 4 This question was to see what sort of type of horror film people like if they liked ones based on true stories, made up stories or even ghostly creatures. Psychological came out on top with 46.67% of the overall vote with 17/16 people voting for this. Therefore within my short film I should add more of a psychological approach this can be done by maybe going inside my characters mind more so the audience are able to feel more of a connection for the actors. Fictional stories and fantasy came last with 0 votes this may be because the audience do not like films that are over exaggerated. The audience seem to like films that are more based on true stories as it gives the sense of vulnerability that it can happen to anyone.
  5. 5. Question 5 Question 5 showed me where are the best places to promote my short film to reach a wider audience. In this question YouTube came out on top with 73.33% and 11/15 votes. With most of the audience who answered this saying YouTube this shows that this is the best place to promote my short film for the most amount of people to see it. DVD and IMDb came out bottom with 0 votes, however on this I did add in DVD a little later after some people had answered this questionnaire so this may be why DVD never got any votes at all.
  6. 6. Question 6 This question was aimed at tension and how to really capture an audience into the short film. Both non-diagetic music and slow pace came out of top with 26.67% of the vote and both had 4 votes each. Therefore showing me that within my short film the best way to capture the audience and really engage them into my film it to make sure the film is at a slow pace so it builds up the tension gradually keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Also the non-diagetic music helps the audience to understand when things are going to happen it also helps set the scene.
  7. 7. Question 7 This helped me out as it shows that I am not just aiming at an individual but a whole group of people. With majority of people saying they are most likely to watch a horror film with friends (33.33% of the vote). This shows that when creating my short film I should try not to focus on what an individual likes but what a whole group would be scared at. Therefore I must engage everyone into the film to get the best possible enjoyment for the audience.
  8. 8. Question 8 Within this question I wanted to get a clear idea on what sort of Villain/monster that the audience seems to like the most. Supernatural element won with 40% of the vote with 6/15 people voting for this. Therefore within my short film I should have more of a focus upon this supernatural element to make the audience why and how this is happening. Coming last is both masked man and animals with 0 votes. The masked man has been done many times before in horror films therefore may be getting a little boring to the audience. Animals on the other hand may have got no votes due to it not actually being a human committing such violent crimes as this add to the fear that any person is capable of this.
  9. 9. Question 9 This question was used to help with the ending of the short film whether the villain should survive or die. Most of the audience said that the villain should survive with 73.33% with 11/15 votes. The idea of the villain of the film surviving always leaves the audience on the edge wondering if the villain is going to come back for more. This also leaves way for a sequel of the film to be produced.
  10. 10. Question 10 This question was also here to help the ending of the film. If whether they wanted the hero of the film to survive or die. Majority said they wanted the hero to die with 60% of the vote. This may be preferred as it shows that nobody is safe as if the hero cannot survive it then how is anybody else suppose to survive? This also creates a mystery as we now do not know who is going to stop the villain and how they are going to do this.