Script jack out the box final draft


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Script jack out the box final draft

  1. 1. Jack out the box – Short film Page |1 “Jack out the box” Written and directed by: Vanessa Lorriman and Ellie Beazley Final Draft
  2. 2. Jack out the box – Short film Page |2 1 INT. JESSIE BEDROOM – DAY 1 2100 Alone in room, party music playing in background. JESSIE sat in front of her bedroom mirror applying makeup, bedroom suitable for a young adult girl (neutral colours used and mirrors etc.)„CHRIS <3‟ written with red lip stick on mirror. (Camera PANS her bedroom, ESTABLISHING SHOT, finds JESSIE, focuses on JESSIE, SLOW ZOOM, CUT TO: OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT of JESSIE applying make-up. CUT TO: 2 INT. INSIDE CAR – DAY 1 2101 CHRIS sat in parked car outside on road (ESTABLISHING SHOT, SLOW ZOOM INTO CHRIS IN CAR, MEDIUM CLOSE UP).CHRIS looks around him suspiciously making sure that no one is around, CHRIS retrieves small baggie holding a white powdered substance (EXTREME CLOSE UP), puts finger into bag(MEDIUM CLOSE-UP) and rubs drug on gums(EXTREME CLOSE UP) , hides baggie(MEDIUM SHOT). JESSIE, walks to car (EXTERNAL MEDIUM SHOT), opens car door, climbs inside smiling, leans across kissing CHRIS on cheek(INTERNAL MEDIUM CLOSE POV FROM CHRIS'S PERSPECTIVE). JESSIE Hey, I’m ready let’s go CHRIS wipes mouth(CLOSE UP), starts car engine and drives off(INTERNAL MEDIUM). CUT TO: 3 EXT. FOREST AREA – DAY 1 2130 Establishing shot/s of the forest and car driving past(MONTAGE). CUT TO: 4 CAR INT. INSIDE CAR – DAY 1 2130 Both JESSIE and CHRIS in car(TWO SHOT CLOSE UP). CHRIS driving(POV MID-CLOSE UP JESSIE'S PERSPECTIVE). JESSIE opens beer can (MEDIUM CLOSE -UP), starts drinking.(POV from JESSIE watching CHRIS drive, POV from CHRIS looking at JESSIE opening can). (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. Jack out the box – Short film Page |3 “Rave” music is playing. CHRIS and JESSIE both dancing. EXTREME CLOSE UP of the speed dial as we see it increase from 20PMH to 40MPH. CHRIS leans over, grabs beer can, pops it open (CLOSE POV SHOT FROM JESSIES'S PERSPECTIVE). JESSIE CHRIS! What the hell?! You’re driving you can’t drink yet, do you want to kill us?!(MEDIUM CLOSE POV FROM CHRIS'S PERSPECTIVE.) CHRIS JESSIE! Just stop bloody panicking! We're going to be fine! It's just a beer!(MEDIUM CLOSE POV FROM JESSIE'S PERSPECTIVE.) JESSIE No CHRIS! Stop the fucking car and let me out! (MEDIUM CLOSE POV FROM CHRIS'S PERSPECTIVE.) CHRIS Just stop panicking Jessie! We're fine! I can still drive!(MEDIUM CLOSE POV FROM JESSIE'S PERSPECTIVE.) JESSIE No!(MEDIUM CLOSE UP POV FROM CHRIS'S PERSPECTIVE.) CUT TO: (EXTREME CLOSE-UP OF JESSIE PULLING PUTTING THE HANDLE BREAK ON. The car stops. (CLOSE POV FROM JESSIE'S PERSPECTIVE), CHRIS tries to restart car, but has no luck. 5. EXT. OUTSIDE THE CAR NEXT TO WOODS DAY 1 2135 The couple both get out of the car at the same time (MID SHOT from back of car).CHRIS walking to front of car (SLOW ZOOM), leaning over bonnet of car, using torch to see while he is messing around with car engine. (MEDIUM CLOSE-UP LOW ANGLE BY BONNET OF CAR.) CHRIS (Slamming bonnet down)For fuck sake, this is typical! (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. Jack out the box – Short film Page |4 JESSIE (Apologetic) Look Chris, I'm really sorry babe, but justcalm down, we'll just phone someone at the party and get them to come get us.(MEDIUM SHOT, WALKS INTO SHOT BY CHRIS AND BONNET). JESSIE flips out phone (MEDIUM CLOSE UP), she has no reception. Puts phone in air trying to gain reception whilst walking around the car JESSIE Oh great! I have no bloody reception! CHRIS grunts and slams bonnet of car in anger (MEDIUM CLOSE UP). He grabs the GPS out of car (MEDIUM CLOSE UP CONTINUED VIA TRACKING). EXTREME CLOSE UP of the GPS shows destination of the party is not too far. CHRIS (POV FROM JESSIE'S PERSPECTIVE - CLOSE UP)Look! The party is like just through this forest, just chill out and follow me. The car can stay here. CHRIS AND JESSIE enter the forest together holding hands (MID-CLOSEUP TWO SHOT from behind, then cut to MID - CLOSE UP TWO SHOT from in front). CUT TO: 7 EXT IN THE FOREST – DAY 1 2200 CHRIS lets go of JESSIS's hand and holds JESSIE around waist securely pulling her into him. Walking looking around forest, slow gradual steps. JESSIE very scared/worried (EXTREME CLOSE UP), whereas CHRIS is calm and relaxed (EXTREME CLOSE UP). Forest goes on as far as eye can see, nothing but trees surrounding them, hard to see what‟s in front of them it‟s that dark. Wildlife noises coming from every direction from owls and flutters of wings.(POV SHOT OF FOREST). JESSIE (Anxious)CHRIS are you sure you know where we are going? I think we might be lost.(MID-CLOSE-UP SHOT) (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. Jack out the box – Short film Page |5 CHRIS (MID-CLOSE UP SHOT)(Sighs)Obviously I know where we are just another 5 minute or so walk from here. Then a strange childlike tune starts to play a few meters away from where CHRIS and JESSIE are standing, (POV PAN around forest). JESSIE (CLOSE UP)(Frightened)CH-CHRIS can you hear that? It sounds creepy, what the hell is it? CHRIS (MEDIUM CLOSE -UP) (Confused)I don’t know, but it sounds like its coming from over there(points in direction). CHRIS shines torch into direction in which he can hear noise (POV PAN). CHRIS notices small object in clearing of the forest.(POV of couple walking over to object).CHRIS bends down, picks it up brushing off all the leaves and the mud from it to expose that it is a JACK IN THE BOX (CLOSE UP). The box is small and damaged and oldfashioned/vintage. There are colourful pictures on the box however have been dimmed in colour due to the damages to it(EXTREME CLOSE UP). CHRIS (Surprised not taking things seriously)(MEDIUM CLOSE UP)Look at this! It’s like some sort of JACK IN THE BOX! Bloody hell! I haven’t seen one of these since I was kid! I used to love playing with a box just like this! JESSIE (Worried) (MEDIUM CLOSE UP)CHRIS just put it down its old and dirty I just want to get out of this forest already! Start walking! JESSIE tries to hit box out of CHRIS‟S hands, CHRIS moves in time holding box away from JESSIE.(MEDIUM CLOSE UP) CHRIS begins to turn box handle round, musical tune starts to play.(EXTREME CLOSE UP) (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. Jack out the box – Short film Page |6 JESSIE (Panicking)(Still in EXTREME CLOSE UP OF BOX)CHRIS just put it down its really creeping me out! CHRIS (Just sniggers while continuing to spin the handle)(ZOOM OUT TO CLOSE UP) CHRIS continues to spin handle slowly round, JESSIE continues trying to get the box out his hands to stop him. JACK IN THE BOX pops open to reveal the toy inside, which splatters CHRIS's face with blood(CLOSE UP).CHRIS starts coughing as if he's just swallowed something nasty. (POV EXTREME CLOSE UP) Chris's mouth starts pouring blood, eyes turn red, clown face make-up fades on. JESSIE screams, starts to run into forest (POV FROM CHRIS MEDIUM SHOT.) CUT TO: 8 EXT IN THE FOREST – DAY 1 2220 Loads of different shots of JESSIE running through the forest(EXTREME CLOSE UPS, CLOSE UPS, MEDIUM SHOTS, MONTAGE). JESSIE getting caught on the tree branches(EXTREME CLOSE UP), running in out of trees. JESSIE stops at giant tree, leans on it trying to catch her breath(MEDIUM SHOT PAN) (Heavy breathing). JESSIE takes a few moments to try and figure out the situation which has just happened (Confused expression). (EXTREME CLOSE UP) JESSIE can hear the crunches on the leaves from footsteps coming from every direction (EXTREME CLOSE UP OF CHRIS'S FEET, FLOOR SHOT). JESSIE looking around frantically trying to figure out where this noise is coming from.(MEDIUM CLOSE UP). JESSIE slowly peers round side of tree (MEDIUM CLOSE UP)(nondiagetic music humming Jack in the Box tune) to see CHRIS standing there with no expression upon his face(POV FROM JESSIE MEDIUM CLOSE UP), CHRIS has pale face with clown makeup. CHRIS takes step towards JESSIE (LONG SHOT). CHRIS humming JACK IN THE BOX tune. JESSIE freezes (Cuts back and forth between JESSIES face and CHRIS face)(EXTREME CLOSE UPS)JESSIE spins, runs away from CHRIs, continuing to sluggishly walk behind her.(MEDIUM SHOTS). (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. Jack out the box – Short film Page |7 JESSIE (Shouting, panicking, looking back at CHRIS stalking her, on verge of tears, still running)CHRIS if this is some kind of trick stop it, it’s not funny anymore!(CLOSE UP, CUT TO POV SHOT OF CHRIS) CUT TO: 9 EXT IN THE FOREST DAY 1 2230 Fast pace shots of JESSIE running through forest, heavy breathing.(POV SHOTS from both JESSIE and CHRIS) Out of nowhere CHRIS steps in front of JESSIES path (Humming tune)(POV SHOTS from both JESSIE and CHRIS) JESSIE skids falling over but quickly gets back up, continues running the other direction (POV SHOTS from both JESSIE and CHRIS) CHRIS slumps into JESSIES path (Humming tune) (POV SHOTS from both JESSIE AND CHRIS) JESSIE AHHHH what’s wrong with you?(POV from JESSIE) (POV from CHRIS)JESSIE spins round, runs the opposite way again,(POV from JESSIE)this time she sees a small cottage farm house with lights on.(ESTABLISHING SHOT) JESSIE sees small farm house in distance, runstowards it down a muddy road track leading straight to the entrance of farm house.(POV from JESSIE). 10 EXT AT THE FARM HOUSE DAY 1 2243 JESSIE reaches farm house, frantically bangs on the door (MID SHOT) JESSIE (Frightened and panicking)HELP! HELP! Please open the door! Door opens, CHRIS standing in doorway (POV FROM JESSIE). Cut to Jessie's face scared frozen. (REACTION SHOT EXTREME CLOSE UP) 11SCREEN GOES BLACK JESSIE screams Same humming starts. THE END