Double Page Spread Analysis


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Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. Double page spread analysis
  2. 2. Mojo magazine. <ul><li>The double page spread is very pictorial. The right hand page is simply a black and white photograph of a tattooed man near a church a spooky yet ‘Cool’ image which will appeal to the reader. On the left side the masthead is in serif fonts and is separated so that the word ‘Gothic’ layers over in italics. </li></ul>This word is also the biggest color splash on the page. There is a bold smaller serif font underneath outlining the content of the interview. The articles first letter is a drop cap. The interview uses chatty informal language which gives a conversational tone throughout and makes it more enjoyable for the reader to read. Overall the layout is very appealing and is tidy yet interesting at the same time. It looks very professional.
  3. 3. Kerrang! Magazine <ul><li>The layout is very pictorial focused, which shows the readers will be more interested in looking at the pictures as opposed to the text. The text is black on white which does stand out. However It is quite small and only readers who are very interested will read through it. </li></ul>More important visually is the ‘K rating’ which is bold, in red. Showing the reader straight away if the band were good or not which may help them to decide if they want to read on or not. The masthead does stand out as it is a black box with the grey text inside and then underneath the rating system is explained. This makes it easy for the reader to follow.
  4. 4. Rock Sound <ul><li>The layout is largely pictorial. The picture is very creative and interesting. Which makes the reader want to read the text to find out more about this interesting band. There are pull out quotes giving funny or witty or even shocking statements. Which the reader will generallty look at first, then wonder if the rest of the interview is funny, shocking or witty. </li></ul>So they read on to find out more. The masthead is in a broken sans serif font making it stand out from the page. The Yellow cover splash draws the reader to look at the word ‘Exposure’ which tells them what part of the magazine they are reading, the section. Overall the layout is really good and easy to read and follow. The picture is also really interesting.