June 2009
                Vol VII, No. 1

Graduation 2009
Many were crying, others leaping for joy,
a few even referrin...
Through the Generations
This year we again have many students graduating
who are following in their parents’ and grandpar-...
Cody Koenig, his mom Michelle
                                                                    Hartley Koenig, ‘87, and...
In Celebration of Service                                                                  used to call “idiotes,” people ...
Shapiro, and Huron’s own Amy Roth,           according to Amy, arises from going          aware of slavery issues that sti...
Mary Ann “Hollywood” Creamer, the brains be-
hind the Teen Leadership Corps, shares her enthu-
siasm with the crowd.

teenage mothers who are victims of rape.
Kicked out of their homes by families
Alex Swain Tapped for                                                                        When she learned of an openin...
Huron’s Amazing Bicentennial Race
How well do YOU think you know Huron? Test your knowledge as part of the Huron Bicentenn...
Alumni Scholarship Dance 2009 a Huge Success

We were wrong. Winter definitely did                                        ...
The FM       Band, a small but
                                                                 powerful     group, entert...
Our 1930’s Roots
In mid-May, a group of nonagenarians –      with this bunch. High school antics were      seem satisfied ...
Senior Citizens Sock Hop
On Tuesday evening, May 5th, Huron’s         made sure the salads swam in Italian
senior citizens...
“Watch her feet there now,” says Joe Santoro, dancing in-
                                structor for this affair.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

On March 19, 2009, the                                                         ...
All-School Bicentennial Reunion
The year 2009 is filled with anniversaries.    door – will be only $24 per person, $48    ...
Class Reunions – 2009
Year    Date                     Arrangements                                      Contacts
‘43     ...
Huron Bicentennial News
 The Huron Bicentennial Planning Committee has created a full schedule of
 events for your enjoyme...
Scholarship Rewards
May 27th was payday for about 67 Huron seniors. On that
evening at the Scholarship Awards Assembly, sc...
A s
recently as thirty years ago, only a handful of local scholarships
were awarded, usually right during the Commencement...
Mary McDuffie Retires
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June 2009 Newsletter A


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June 2009 Newsletter A

  1. 1. June 2009 Vol VII, No. 1 Graduation 2009 Many were crying, others leaping for joy, a few even referring to their high school years in the past tense – all searching for family for hugs and congratulations. They had just graduated, these newest members of our Association, and for just a few lingering moments were savor- ing their last memories of Huron High School before hitting the party circuit. Even as the custodians were packing up Class Valedictorian Megan Buckingham addresses the crowd and her classmates be- the chairs and tearing down the dais, fore the Huron Board of Education and guests: (L. to R.)Front - Nancy Bulea, Scott these kids were taking their time for just Slocum, Wilbur Ramsey, ‘38, and Joy Hillman. Rear - Superintendent Fred Fox, one more photo with grandpa in front of ‘74, EHOVE Career Center Assistant Mark Ringlein, ‘77, John Caporini, ‘68, and the trophy case or their first shot of “the Donna Green, ‘70. gang” as grads. What a joyous day to celebrate thirteen years of accomplish- the Class of 1938. Wilbur is most proud he has also returned to the high school ments! But as so many of the speakers of the fact that during the Eisenhower building. His own son Donald graduated had told them, it’s only just begun. They administration, no less than the Presi- in 1960 as did his grandchildren in the will learn soon enough what the “it” is, dent himself showered accolades upon ‘90’s. Recently he returned to inspect so let them have their fun. When they Huron’s school system. He told board the many changes made in the newly light back onto earth in about a month president Robert Bower Sr. and then remodeled science wing and the home or so and start to look forward instead superintendent R. l. McCormick that economics facilities. Did he find them of back, they will wipe the stardust from Huron was the type of system to which satisfactory? “Absolutely first class!” he their eyes, stare reality a little more in the he would like to send own his grandchil- declared without hesitation. face, and begin to carve out their futures, dren to school. When asked why he was hopefully bringing glory to themselves not in the famous photo taken with the He looked pretty good up there again, and their alma mater. This group will president, Wilbur declared that he had and as a bonus, he proudly presented do it, no doubts about that. Read inside tried, but without success. As vice-pres- diplomas to the 2009 valedictorian, Me- about their many accomplishments, and ident of the board, he was not entitled to gan Buckingham, and salutatorian, Ja- you’ll see why this publication will never make the trip to Washington. However, cob Riddle. With this act, the circle was want for stories of Huron High grads’ he kidded, he had fervently prayed that completed again, from the 1930’s to the accomplishments. Mr. Bowers would trip or something and 21st century. Long live Huron’s greatest have to be replaced. No such luck! He traditions! Also celebrated that day was the fiftieth did, however, secure for that first gradu- anniversary of the first class to graduate ation ceremony the attendance of the For the record, this class graduated 120 from the current high school building, Secretary of HEW, the precursor to the students, bringing the total number of the Class of ‘59. Many were in atten- Education Department in the ‘50’s. Huron alumni now to 8,521. Of that num- dance to mark the occasion, as was one ber, approximately 950 are deceased, so of the members of the Huron Board of Wilbur has remained active in the com- the overwhelming majority are still with Education that built the building, Wil- munity since serving his three terms on us to support their alma mater. bur Ramsey, himself a Huron grad from the board. Many times over the years
  2. 2. Through the Generations This year we again have many students graduating who are following in their parents’ and grandpar- ents’ footsteps, and in one case even a great-grand- mother’s steps. These three and four generation Huron High Families speak to the depth of roots planted in the community. We present here some of those families, but only those in which at least one person of each generation is still living. Obviously there are many more than those represented here, even some five and six generations in Huron. The Stout family celebrates graduations of two of its members this year. Jean Stout stands before her father Pat, ‘87, while Holly Stout stands with her parents, Mike, ‘83, and Barb Korode Stout, ‘83. Matriarch Lucy Iallonardo Stout, ‘57, beams from the center, while the spirit of patriarch Larry, ‘55, looms over the group from his Quonset hut in the background. Holly is off to Ashland University to study English, while Jean intends to study health care at either LCC, Terra, or Owens. Alexandra Osterling is glad the ceremony is finished so she can duck out of the sweltering gymnasium. But not before she marks the occasion with her grand- mother, Jean Anne Stout Osterling, ‘57, and dad, Jeff Osterling, ‘80. Allie intends to study nursing at Firelands. The Majoy family, boasting two more graduates this year, are (L. to R.) Ray, ‘61, and Sally Shunk Majoy, ‘62, with their son Rob, ‘82, and his daughter Alexa. Kelsey is flanked by her dad, Greg, ‘78, and his parents, Joe “Boogs,” ‘51, and Bonnie Bower Majoy, ‘54. Lexi is off to Capitol University to study nursing, while Kelsey will be studying political science at Ohio State. Andrew Fantozzi is one tall dude. Here he poses with his par- ents Paud, ‘82, and Anita Klonk Fantozzi, ‘83. Proud grand- father, Peter, ‘52, touts his AARP membership (Aged Adults Riding Proud!) as the whole family poses in a place where Andrew has enjoyed some successes. Andrew is an outstanding discus thrower, sprinter, and relay man. He will study com- puter science at Kent State University.
  3. 3. Cody Koenig, his mom Michelle Hartley Koenig, ‘87, and grandfa- ther Richard Hartley, ‘58, pose at Proud grandpa Joel Bickley, ‘62, and father Shaun Bick- the memorial seat in the stadium ley, ‘84, surround the rose in this shoot, Blaze Bickely, honoring Cody’s grandmother, Carolyn Leidheiser Hartley, in a scene shot high atop the crow’s nest at the family ‘58. Cody reports that he is enlisting in the service. business in Sandusky, Shepherd’s Shoreline Construc- tion. Blaze is off to BGSU to study Early Childhood Education. The Catri family pos- es in front of gradu- ate Jenny Catri’s wall of work at this year’s Fine Arts Festival. Jenny has accepted a scholarship to Cin- cinnati where she will further develop her talents. Her father, Mike Catri, ‘71, and her grandfather, Joe Catri, ‘48, look on admiringly. Kaylen Warren sits with her great-grandmother, Eva Mae Ritzenthaler White, ‘41. Standing behind her is daughter Sharon White Warren, ‘61, and the smiling papa is Duane Warren, ‘82. Kaylen intends to study psychology, starting out at Firelands. Benjamin Delamatre with his grandmother Fern Bartlett Delamatre, ‘50, and father Ty, ‘79. Ben intends to pur- sue a career in architecture, beginning his journey at Kent State University in the fall.
  4. 4. In Celebration of Service used to call “idiotes,” people entirely locked up within themselves. (There’s What do legions of Huron graduates, another more obvious translation, too!) some Indians from Cleveland, and about eight other area schools all have in So the Cleveland gathering brought common? Service. That’s spelled with together supporters of this new service a capital “S.” program to celebrate and raise money for their future activities. On April 25th approximately 150 area residents traipsed on down to Cleveland’s The late-afternoon event began under a Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland sunny April sky with temperatures in the Indians, for an afternoon of celebrating 80’s, a rarity for Cleveland at that time community service and volunteerism. of year. The umbrella organization for Not the forced volunteerism required for the event, Teen Leadership Corps, had graduation with a Diploma of Distinction. promoted the combination game ticket, You know the type – as students a few dinner, and contribution as a way of decades ago you may have been among bringing people together to celebrate those who dubbed the requirement the past accomplishments and dedicate oxymoronic, in that real men/women themselves to advancing the cause of don’t need to be forced to do the right promoting service among teens. The Amy Roth addresses the patio crowd on teen and adult board members were thing. Be that as it may, the requirement the subject of commitment to service. that students demonstrate a willingness introduced to the crowd of supporters to give back to their communities has and, of course, the speechifying typical of been gradually growing in all schools such an occasion took place as well. Many are Sandusky High School and Sandusky donations of merchandise, services, and as a condition for graduating into full St. Mary’s, Norwalk High and Norwalk adulthood. vacation packages provided grist for a St. Paul, Perkins, Vermilion, Margaretta, very active auction that raised thousands and Willard. The mission of TLC is of dollars for the cause. Spirited bidding How did this “service thing” all begin? simple: present to boards of education especially took place an opportunity for a curriculum that encourages students the winner and three guests to be spoiled Wise school boards a generation ago to enter into active service to their watching an Indians game from the already began demanding that students communities, train them in the dynamics General Manager’s box directly behind demonstrate their commitment to of leadership, and then unleash them home plate. their fellow man and communities by onto worthwhile projects that will benefit investing some small quantities of time their target groups and the students’ own Guest speakers for the pre-game feed and sweat equity in their community personal growth. No community can were Indian’s General Manager, Mark before graduation. In Huron’s case, 50 long survive if its citizens are what Plato hours of community service are presently required of graduates, spread over three years. Broken down that’s only a little over an hour a month. Sometimes such service is a random, catch-as-catch-can affair with students seeking out opportunities or listening for aid appeals put out by local agencies. Other schools have embarked upon programs to channel students’ natural desires to serve into worthwhile community projects and in the process teach them leadership skills and the altruistic spirit. Huron once did this. It was called Peer Class which offered a way of teaching students role model skills and engaging them in worthwhile community projects through formal classes taught during the school day. The program was discontinued several years ago. Now a new program has come to the area, one called Teen Leadership Corps. Brainchild of Mary Ann Creamer, former Huron teacher, the program is directed by a board of adults and students from different school districts in the Erie- Allison Bacon Pfanner does a superb job of beginning the game with our Huron-Ottawa area. Already on board National Anthem. From there everything went downhill for the Tribe!
  5. 5. Shapiro, and Huron’s own Amy Roth, according to Amy, arises from going aware of slavery issues that still confront ’85, former CNN award winning news beyond mere service, the necessary humanity. Her travels have taken her to reporter. Mark touted the necessity first step, into developing the courage more than fifty countries and worn out for community service in his remarks to to speak out against injustice and lead many a passport book, but always in the crowd gathered on the picnic porch others toward changes when confronted service to the larger cause of making the way out in right field. He also recounted with intolerance. world aware of glaring injustices. Her the many ways in which members of present position is that of Director of the Indians team constantly give back Amy speaks from a vast background Media Relations with the International to their community, both on a team and of her own personal service and Justice Mission in Washington D.C. individual level. Amy also recounted her commitment to mankind. Always active Check their website at www.IJM.org. devotion to service that began decades in Huron affairs while a student, she ago in Huron and grew as she graduated graduated from Syracuse with a degree Before the game, another of Huron’s to college and then her position with CNN, in communications and a minor in own, Allison Bacon Pfanner, ’02, stood where she was thrown into some of the Russian. Little wonder that CNN hired proudly behind home plate and gave most unimaginable situations possible in her and placed her in its Moscow offices, the crowd a beautiful rendition of our some very third world countries. just about the time the Berlin Wall came National Anthem. Her performance down, Russian Communism collapsed, earned her an invitation for a return Amy delivered a powerful message and the cold War ended. But not before engagement any time she pleases! She to the group about service and total she was involved in a civil war in Moscow, did her alma mater and town proud that commitment. Human happiness, she transmitting messages to the outside day. If you wish to see her performance, insisted, relies upon service to others. world of what was really happening go to this YouTube website: 09http:// She very carefully crafted her argument behind the Kremlin Walls during those www.youtube.com/results?search_ by showing how service builds character heady days. A stint in Kosovo covering type=&search_query=allison+bacon. and the desire to know those different the war there in the early 90’s earned The video may be slightly grainy but from one’s self. The degree to which one her a Pulitzer Award. Her jobs then the audio quality perfectly picks up her reaches out in service to others creates took her to other hot spots until she left sterling rendition that day. You’ll feel meaningful relationships, breaks down CNN. She served a stint in Rome as especially proud watching it. barriers among peoples, and makes communications directress for the US real differences in people’s lives. Not Ambassador to the Vatican. Then she As a celebration of service, the day went everyone can be great, but everyone became more deeply involved in peace well. Too bad the Tribe had another of can serve, she said in paraphrasing Dr. and justice issues worldwide, her present its patented whiffle ball bat days. Martin Luther King Jr. True leadership, cause trying to make the world more Sisters Amy and Poppy Roth Lee share the podium Grads of H__uron’s Peer Class who returned for the game: before Amy’s addresses her audience on the merits of Diane Lieblein, ‘96, Lauren Bacon Bengarth, ‘99, Alison Ba- public service. con Pfanner, ‘02, and Melanie Bacon, ‘95.
  6. 6. Mary Ann “Hollywood” Creamer, the brains be- hind the Teen Leadership Corps, shares her enthu- siasm with the crowd. Many more of the Peer Class grads pose with Mark Shapiro, General Manager of the Cleveland Indians. More on Alumni Service great deal of attention and a public out- cry. This is not the case in highland Peru. This shocking social crisis is compound- ed by a legal system that finds itself un- Peru’s mountainous center is a harsh, able or unwilling to protect women and It came to our attention that two of our but beautiful landscape. The mighty by a society that largely accepts and con- grads who are practicing what Amy Roth Andes rise out of the flat dones rape as a normal preached (see previous article) are soon coastal desert to heights of part of life. This attitude making trips abroad on humanitarian aid well over 20,000 feet, be- is particularly prevalent missions. Rod Swain, ‘05, is off to Peru fore falling abruptly into with regards to the wom- on a cause very similar to that of which the deep Amazon basin en of Peru’s sizeable high- Amy Roth spoke, to assist disadvantaged of the country’s eastern land indigenous popula- women. Mary Megan Templeton, ‘03, will third. For women, condi- tion, who are treated like be in Africa for part of this summer assist- tions here can sometimes second or third class citi- ing in setting up projects to address health be just as unforgiving as zens in many cases. With care issues. We have included websites the geography. Over 60% roots so firmly locked into for our alumns to follow their progress. of highland Peruvian Peruvian law and society, women report abuse in reversing this systemic their lifetimes. One in five record of abuse has been girls suffers this crime as slow. Quite possibly, the Off to Peru a child. At any given time best way to deal with it 14% of the girls are preg- is from the bottom up, by by Rod Swain, ‘05 nant, and a staggering 90% reaching out to victims in of those young pregnancies are the result need of help. Growing up in Huron, or anywhere in the of rape. Worst of all, while these figures U.S. for that matter, we come to under- are some of the highest in the world, they In a poor neighborhood on the outskirts stand that sexual abuse is one of the most are only the reported statistics. Recent of Cuzco, there is a home called Casa heinous crimes a person can commit. It’s studies have estimated that one-third of Mantay. Meaning “motherhood” in Pe- something that you hear about relatively the abuse goes untold. ru’s indigenous language, Mantay (pro- rarely, and when you do, it generates a nounced Mahn-tie) is shelter for young
  7. 7. teenage mothers who are victims of rape. Kicked out of their homes by families Off to Africa Development Internship ashamed of their extramarital pregnan- (GDI) and cies, most teenage mothers in Peru have by Mary Megan Templeton the Global nowhere to go. But at Casa Mantay, a Development few of them have found a place to live. I am a 2003 Huron High School graduate Fellowship. Here, they are free to raise their children and received my B.A. from The Ohio Over 60 in a loving environment. They receive State University on March 22, 2009. I’ve universities shelter, medical attention, and education lived in Huron, OH all my life and have h a d for themselves and their babies. In short, some plans that may be inspirational to applicants they are given a chance to succeed in a other potential/new graduates in the area. for this highly system that otherwise would have left competitive their futures in serious doubt. Fall quarter 2008 I was accepted program and into the John Glenn School of Public 18 students In 2007, some friends and I had the priv- Affair’s undergraduate Washington were selected ilege of traveling to Peru and working at DC internship program at The Ohio for the Global Development Internship Casa Mantay for a few days. Since then, State University (OSU). During winter in South Africa! We will be placed in we have made every effort to raise mon- quarter, I had the opportunity to intern the province of Mpumalanga, close to ey for them and tell their story to others full-time in Washington DC, attend Mozambique and Kruger National Park back in the United States. seminars, and take classes with 15 from June 11-August 3. While overseas, other OSU students. The organization I will be working with local officials to The whole experience has taught me a I interned for, Atlas Service Corps create a sustainable community project. list of valuable lessons. It has shown me (Atlas Corps), allowed me to gain My duties overseas will also include the importance of standing up for people professional experience, organize teaching English and learning Xitsonga, in need, especially children. After all, it’s fundraiser events, and help manage the local language, and assisting in easy to forget that even though the girls their Fellowship application process. teaching sexual education. I will be at Mantay have been through so much working with both the young and the and have babies of their own, they are Atlas Corps, an international elderly to help improve living standards still only children themselves. It has reaf- nongovernmental organization, develops within the Manyeleti communities. firmed my belief in the eternal generosity global leaders in the nonprofit sector of people, based on the amazing response through an overseas fellowship program. In the Manyeleti region, there are one to from both Huron and the Columbus Similar to a reverse Peace Corps four funerals every week in each village area. But most of all, my time in Peru program, Atlas Corps chooses Fellows of 5,000 people. The deaths are a result taught me that despite living on separate from developing countries to volunteer of HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and the vast continents and under completely differ- and train within the United States at non- unemployment that exists. In 2002, the ent circumstances, we’re all alike. I as- profits for one year. American Fellows unemployment rate reached 69% in sure you, girls in Peru and college kids in are also sent to Bogota, Colombia for Manyeleti, the highest of all rural areas. Ohio do share the same dreams and the a year to train overseas in a nonprofit It is my goal to be able to return to these same beliefs. And as such, I think that if organization. Atlas Corps currently has villages after the GDI program and to enter we all share the conviction that women 12 Fellows with nine in DC and three in into SMRC’s Fellowship to implement a and their children should be free to live Bogota, Colombia. community project that will either help outside of fear and violence, we are all to reduce the effects of unemployment obligated to help them if possible. During my internship at Atlas Corps, or increase the amount of drinkable This July, my friends and I are return- I was fortunate to meet the nine water available within the community. ing to Peru and Casa Mantay. If you Colombian and Indian Fellows on a The GDI requires students to fundraise would like to donate to the shelter, there business trip to New York City. While a fee of $5,000, which is a hefty sum. are a number of ways to do so. For more in NYC, one of the Colombian Fellows, Fundraise in a recession? You must think information, please visit our website at Andrea Calderon, told me about I’m crazy! However, I had not even been mantayamerica.org. There you will find the organization she was training/ home two weeks and already individuals more details about Casa Mantay, photos, volunteering for in DC called Student and organizations donated $1,500.00. video, fundraising information, and a list Movement for Real Change (SMRC). of needs for the shelter. I was immediately excited as the word If you feel moved to help support my “student” struck a chord in my heart. cause please send checks made out to Student Movement for Real Change Rod has written extensively for Ohio SMRC is an international non-profit (these are tax deductable) to: 405 State’s student newspaper, The Lantern. organization with an innovative approach Southampton Ct. Huron, OH 44839. View his columns at www.thelantern. to empowering young leaders in the You may also visit my webpage at: com and do a quick search for his name global effort to answer poverty. Two http://www.studentmovementusa.org/ there at the top. All his articles will pop parts of the program exist: the Global mtempleton up.
  8. 8. Alex Swain Tapped for When she learned of an opening on the OSU Board of Trustees board, Alex had to submit her application and statement of a desire to serve. Then Alex Swain, ’06, was recently selected as a committee took over, faculty and the undergraduate student representative students, reviewed all the applicants, to the Board of Trustees at The Ohio and sent a list of ten names up the chain State University. This board of seventeen for final interviews. Still unable to make members is appointed by the Governor the decision, that committee forwarded a of the State of Ohio. Alex’s term began May 13 and will run for two years. Two Final Four list to the Board Chairperson students serve on the board as non-voting and the Ohio Director of Boards and members, but offer to voting members a Commissions. How’s that for being student perspective, both graduate and vetted! Bottom line, though, is that just undergraduate. a few days later the good news came down. The Board of Trustees, the highest level of governance at Ohio State, considers Alex will be graduating OSU in the both internal and external issues that spring of 2011 with dual degrees in face the University. Issues engaging accounting and health management. the trustees concern master space She has been super active on campus in planning, development and investments, various capacities: Chief of Staff for the and the fiscal responsibility of all facets Undergraduate student Government, of university operation, as well as That a Huron graduate was recognized Chair for the University Senate discussions on Ohio State’s role in the for her service by being chosen for this Committee, and the Director of the 2008 University System of Ohio, state funding lofty position is a yet another tribute Student Involvement Fair. In her “spare issues, and analyzing the climate of to Huron’s engaging students in public time” while not hitting the books, she higher education both in the state and service while in high school. As a works as a tutor for the Student Athlete throughout the country. Wow! All condition for graduating with a Diploma Support Services and as a research that and she just turned twenty-one of Distinction, at least 50 hours of service assistant in the Department of Vascular last month! But the role of the student are required of students. While that Surgery. trustee is invaluable in this process. number seems paltry when considering Student trustees participate in all Board the hours that Alex will be spending as a Says Alex, “I am very excited about the activities and provide an on-campus, result of her appointment, nevertheless, opportunity to serve the University and student perspective to Board discussions. the hours spent engaged in volunteerism the State of Ohio.” And we suspect that This perspective is unique and highly around their home town prepare our after her stint there and her graduation, valued, making the student trustees an students well for future commitments no matter what the economy, job offers important component in Ohio State’s to service – as this appointment of Alex will be plentiful for her. Congratulations, governance model. shows! Alex! An Open Invitation to Create Your Own By-Line One of the best parts of serving as editor of this Newsletter is contacting many Huron grads all around the world who are engaged in some very exciting work. Whether it be volunteer service, or traveling and working in strange lands, or being engaged on the frontier of new and exciting occupations, we pursue the story and seek to share it with the rest of the grads. Huron has, over the years, turned its grads loose on the world well prepared to engage life at any level, anywhere, for any purpose. We want Vol VII, No. 1 to share their stories to honor those so engaged, present role models to our future June 2009 grads, and, in general, let folks know that Huron High doesn’t have to play second A Newsletter of the Huron High fiddle to any school when it comes to producing quality people. School Alumni Association Published Quarterly in The challenge, though, is finding the stories and then digging up the data. Thus, we Huron, Ohio. would prefer that people tell these stories in their own words. So we hereby offer to Mailing Address: any grad out there reading this the opportunity to write up and submit stories for 710 Cleveland Road West publication in future issues. We want a variety of by-lines and styles here. The only Huron OH 44839 caveat is that we are bound by IRS regulations as a non-profit organization NOT to Telephone: 419-433-3171 advertise in this publication. So about as far as we can go in mentioning money and Huron_Alumni@Huron-City. K12. contributions is what appears in a few stories in this issue, younger grads seeking aid OH.US to continue their own charitable work. That passes the muster. Email us so we can www.HuronHighAlumni.com save space for you and help put together the stories for future issues.
  9. 9. Huron’s Amazing Bicentennial Race How well do YOU think you know Huron? Test your knowledge as part of the Huron Bicentennial Celebration this summer by entering the Amazing Race, a scavenger hunt designed to test your knowledge and skills. Huron’s Bicentennial Hunt is designed for teams to explore central Huron. The race will occur on August 8 with registration between 8 and 9 AM that morning at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, about as close to the center of town as one can get. There participants will receive all materials and the clues. Dress for the weather, probably hot and muggy, and even bring rain gear if it looks threatening. Only a severe electrical storm will stop the race. Teams will be provided an official T-shirt the day of the race, but they may wear shirts touting their sponsors or even a costume if they wish. By all means wear good foot wear! The registrants will sign up in teams of two with a registration fee of $15 per person. At least one registrant per team must be an adult, and those under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Not that we will be chasing participants through cemeteries or out on dangerous piers or to the bottom of the river for clues. It’s just that this will be a race against the clock, and sometimes folks tend to become careless when competing. However, the colored T-shirts and numbers worn around the neck should help make drivers aware of racers. The race begins at 9 AM and ends promptly at 12:30 PM, in time for everyone to enjoy a hefty lunch. Because you will have earned it after this race takes you from the pier, to the river, to the tracks on the south, to the high school area on the west – all on foot. Team members must remain together the entire time, and depending upon how mentally alert they are, can expect to travel between three to five or more miles. The directionally challenged should bring plenty of water and maybe an MRE kit! To help participants, they may bring laptops, GPS devices, and certainly a digital camera. No bicycles, skateboards, or segues permitted, but parents pushing youngsters in prams are encouraged. Part of the race requires that teams provide photographic evidence of their discovery of the clue answers. There will be cash prizes to reward the first three place finishers, obviously those who take these races seriously. Since the final scores will depend upon a series of combinations of time and accuracy, final results will take a little time to compute and thus will be posted on the Bicentennial website – www.HuronBicentennial.com. Any dollars realized after expenses will go toward defraying expenses incurred by the Bicentennial Planning Committee for any of its many projects this summer. So get out your maps, charge up the laptops, change the batteries in the old GPS and calculator, make sure your lifeline is turned on – your cell phone - and get out there and have some fun! Learn more about your community and build some memories of a fun time that will last until the next celebration. And who knows, if this one is a huge success, we could maybe prevail upon the committee to sponsor a more elaborate race, taking folks all over the township, racking up many frequent flier miles, and all based upon GPS positioning clues. Fill out the form below, or a facsimile thereof, or secure one from the Huron Chamber office: Cut and send to: Sue Frankart, 566 Adams Ave., Huron, OH 44839 by August 2, 2009. Include a check or checks made out for $15 a person to the Huron Bicentennial Committee. Name of team___________________________________________________________ Name of each person 1.________________________________________________________________________ Size of adult T-Shirt _________ Address____________________________________________________________________ Email address_______________________________________________________________ Home phone ____________________________Cell phone___________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ Size of adult T-Shirt _________ Address____________________________________________________________________ Email address_______________________________________________________________ Home phone ____________________________Cell phone___________________________ Name of any minor participant above___________________________________________ I, parent or guardian, of the above do hereby fully release and forever discharge Huron’s Bicentennial Amazing Race Committee from any and all claims for injuries, damages that may occur in any way associated with this event and this minor child or ward. ___________________________________________________________________ Signature of parent or guardian giving permission of any racer under 18 years old to participate.
  10. 10. Alumni Scholarship Dance 2009 a Huge Success We were wrong. Winter definitely did Who is this Dapper Dan and his date, NOT end on Saturday, February 28th. both of whom really got into the retro But despite the day’s snow squalls and theme? Why it’s none other than the freezing weather, a goodly contingent of Folgers. Former HHS principal Will Huron High Alumni and their friends Folger sports his high school’s jacket turned out to support the annual Alumni while his wife, Mary Reese Folger, Scholarship Dance and created enough ‘76, dug out her Huron High 70’s style heat in the process to fog up Mesen- cheerleader’s outfit for the evening. burg’s. A late showing by those who had attended the overtime basketball game helped swell the crowd and guarantee at least three scholarships from the dance. The theme this year – Recession-Depres- sion Beater – did much to encourage folks to dress down. Many attended costumed in the decade in which they had gradu- ated and looked good doing so. A couple poodle skirts from the fifties were spot- ted, as well as old cheerleader skirts and jackets from the sixties and seventies, and athletic garb from the eighties and nineties. Definitely no Fonzie wannabes here, but a couple sported their leather jackets and chains. Hairstyles? That A couple Poodle skirts were spotted, here was another matter. Seems there was a sported by two St. Mary’s grads from shortage of the one essential ingredient, ‘59, Dee Heydinger and Mary Lagando. just like everything else during this reces- sion, so no one hauled out the old butch wax and Brylcreme to attempt any doos. All in all it was very good fun to break the winter doldrums. The Alumni As- sociation thanks all who helped make this fundraiser possible. The commit- tee members who put the dance togeth- er were fabulous. The FM Band who provided the music played all the old favorites and left no one with a week’s worth of headache – a sure sign of an ageing crowd. Those who helped spon- sor the raffle and door prizes left many people happy they came out for the eve- ning – the Anytime Fitness Gym, Bruce Miller’s State Farm Insurance, Huron Chamber of Commerce, the Vermillion Country Club, the Donut Shop, Dominos Pizza, and the Pizza House. Finally, we thank the Mesenburg’s and their crew who kept the food and beverages flowing The FM Dance brought to you courtesy of sisters Sue Everett Rader, ‘75, and throughout the evening. But especially Joan Everett Saunders, ‘78, Jan Auble Battiste, ‘76, and Patty Newsome Bollen- we thank all who braved the cold to sup- bacher, ‘74, Kathy Mussell, and Pat “Sticks” Gioffre, ‘70. port Huron’s scholars. Tons more pictures of the dance at the website at the web Now don’t take all those duds back to version of this Newsletter: WWW.HuronHighAlumni.com Goodwill either. Wait to see how the economy goes next year.
  11. 11. The FM Band, a small but powerful group, entertained the crowd all night with selec- tions from the 50’s to the 80’s. A gaggle of Reese kids hammed it up for the camera - Megan, ‘90, Mary, ‘76, Nan, David, ‘93, Susan, ‘78, and Jessica Faflik Reese, ‘95. Megan Foss, Jessica Bartlett and Kelley See- holzer lend some younger faces to the dance. Lee Ann Harkelroad Reinbolt, Sarah Lagando, and Amy Harkelroad Claus Joe and Amanda Harkelroad, Tim and Brooke Dro- tovick McGraw.
  12. 12. Our 1930’s Roots In mid-May, a group of nonagenarians – with this bunch. High school antics were seem satisfied that Huron still strives and some creeping up fast – gathered for recounted down to the tiniest details to educate the whole child, not just the a “decades” reunion, that of the 1930’s. – except sometimes a name would be “tekkie” side. Most seemed at ease with Yep, you read that right, the 1930’s. As conveniently omitted when telling of a what some of their grandchildren and nearly as we can figure it, there are 32 Model T or cow tipping. Recollections great-grandchildren are doing with their Huron graduates from that decade still of encountering snakes while swimming thumb operated contraptions, though with us, with perhaps a few more who or wading in the river still reverberated they did think – along with legions of cannot be located for sure. Of that shivers among some as surely as if a teachers, parent groups, and doctors – number, approximately half live in the rattler had crawled up their chair legs that kids as a whole need more time away Huron area or within a county or two. right there. And some could even name from machines - time unsupervised, And of that number seven were able the starting five on the girls’ basketball OUTSIDE, and engaged in some sort of to assemble this year, down a few from team that stomped Birmingham one year physical activities. Just about that time last year. Some simply could not have by a 14 to 4 score - the WHOLE game, a helicopter passed overhead and settled endured several hours of eating and not just a quarter! near the river where it was greeted by chatting, and one turned awkward all of a horde of younger students who were a sudden, falling and breaking her hip. After they had demolished almost an spending the entire day engaged in With her recovery proceeding nicely, we entire cake for dessert, they settled back outdoors learning about water safety and expect her to rejoin us next time around, to listen to Superintendent Fred Fox, rescue operations. Case closed! And to though. ’74, update them on some of the changes think, the highlight of a visit to the fire that had occurred in the Huron schools station back in the twenties was to see The Huron Yacht Club hosted the since last they had met. He then opened who got to feed the horse! (Remember, luncheon and the grads kept up a steady up to questions concerning the present some of these folks began their schooling chatter while eating. So much to talk educational state of affairs, both locally right after the war, the Big One, the First about, so many memories to share! One and at the state level, and how they did World War! ) newcomer this year especially enjoyed pour in! These folks were extremely seeing some that he hadn’t seen in over interested in the condition of the schools, As the group parted, it was refreshing half a century! Not to fret, though, for its curriculum, and its teaching staff. to hear them already speaking of next as soon as they were able to read one More than one expressed concerns about year’s gathering and how to grow the another’s name tags, the steady roll some of the effects of modern technology numbers. Perhaps one solution is to call of old familiar names began and re- upon today’s students. And while they begin moving the invitation list up into connections fell right into place. One may not always have appreciated the the early 1940’s. Let’s hear from some of would think that certain exploits so long answers given concerning how modern you who would be involved – could you ago would have faded by now, but not kids can multitask and survive, they did make it next May? In town for their big day were (L. to R.) Rose Marie Wechter Clark, ‘38, from Lagrange OH, Harry Kentus, ‘34, Huron, Wayne Zimmerman, ‘39, Collins OH, Donna Klepper, ‘38, Huron, Raymond Hinde, ‘32, Sandusky, Marjorie Henes Marshall, ‘37, Am- herst OH. All drove themselves to the Yacht Club or bummed a ride with a classmate.
  13. 13. Senior Citizens Sock Hop On Tuesday evening, May 5th, Huron’s made sure the salads swam in Italian senior citizens were treated to an evening dressings. And so no one had to eat of fine dining, music and dancing – the off a table top or lap, Rick Mesenburg, type they could appreciate and keep up ’71, of Mesenburg’s Catering, supplied with – and then a guided tour. all the paper products, tableware, and condiments. To top off a delicious meal, Huron High’s students – the student all the student groups had prepared council, National Honor Society, foreign international dessert cookies and language clubs, and any others who pastries. At the end, every single guest wanted in on the fun – had planned an belonged to the Clean Plates Club! appreciation dinner for any of Huron’s seniors who turned out that evening. For entertainment, students provided Huron’s senior citizens, most of whom very pleasant musical selections are beneficiaries of Huron’s fine school throughout. Three senior musicians system or who have sent their children tickled the ivories and an ensemble from or grandkids there, are an often under- the middle school delighted all. Then the appreciated group. The present group of piece de resistance occurred at the end students recognize that they enjoy their of the meal. Unbeknownst to the senior Bill and Rose Kaman in the excellent educational program because guests, the students had been practicing. foreground and Sam Pisano and Huron’s seniors have long supported the On two occasions in preceding weeks, Alex Vanscoy show the rest of schools, often at tremendous personal the folks how it’s done. sacrifice. What better way to say thank you than over good food, with plenty the building by way of the main lower of entertainment thrown in, and then a hallway and out to the parking lot guided tour through the physical plant through the library. On the way down and its newly refurbished science wing! the hallway, students had previously set up art exhibits for viewing. Student The Italian meal had been entirely guides also were available in each room donated by various grads throughout on the first floor and proudly lead their town. For the main course, Carlo guests into the rooms to demonstrate the Martello, ’79, of Marconi Restaurant amenities. This was the hallway that had fame, and Jim West, ’75, of Jim’s Pizza been thoroughly ripped apart during the Box, teamed up to provide bushels of summer of 2007 and refurbished with rigatoni al dente and gallons of tomato new science labs, home ec, and band sauce. For the salads, Bob Jones, ’83, facilities. The guests were thoroughly of Chef’s Garden and the Culinary impressed with not only the facilities Vegetable Institute, sent in boxes of Melissa Moberg and her “date,” but also the pride, poise, and confidence greenery and a bagful of edible flowers Ralph Pisano. of their student guides. It was obvious blossoms too beautiful to eat. Sue that the students appreciate their new Fawcett of Berardi’s Family Restaurant digs and are grateful for the opportunity they had taken dancing instructions to be receiving their education at this from Mr. Joseph Santoro, a well known time and place. On the way through the area ballroom dancing instructor. Joe, library, guests also had the opportunity and his dancing partner, Carol Fosco to view the new computer lab. Students who is on the high school staff, had lead staffed the lab and graciously answered the students in learning the fox trot and any and all questions put to them. They waltz. Once they caught on to the idea assisted some in learning how to google of a leader and a follower, damage to for information on the internet, so that feet subsided, and they grew used to the now they could go to the library and do style. It was totally foreign to anything their own research. Others learned how they had been accustomed to – so very to email, and still others simply had one SLOOOooooow! When the time came to or two intricacies of their newfangled perform for the guests, though shy at telephones explained to them. Never first, they did remarkably well. Many read a manual if a teen can be found! of the guest couples then jumped up to Technology savvy certainly seemed to be join them, and for the rest, the students genetic that night. waded into the audience to lead them onto the floor. A half an hour later no As for next year, the event has already one complained of sore feet, so thank you been scheduled. Students are begging again, Joe, for a job well done. to learn more slow dancing, and seniors can look forward to a very Surprise! Brad Bickley, ‘59, did NOT Upon completion of the meal and pleasant evening being waited on, drop his date, June, this evening! dance, the guests were asked to leave entertained, and instructed by teens.
  14. 14. “Watch her feet there now,” says Joe Santoro, dancing in- structor for this affair. “You mean we have to TOUCH when we dance? Well, I nev- er!” “First you wind them up, then you unwind them,” says Joe. “Always under the same arm or risk breaking something.” Joe Santoro and Carol Fosco and their group of happy charges on the occasion of their first slow dancing session. Everyone is pushing someone around the floor - big’uns, little’uns and medium’uns, old’uns and young’uns - and having a darn good time of it!
  15. 15. National Honor Society Induction Ceremony On March 19, 2009, the From the front and up the steps: National Honor Society Kayla Riddle, Jesselyn Vanbarg, formally inducted its newest Allison Scheid,Emmalee Decker, members, thus insuring Katie DeRan, Amelia Utley, the continuation of a long Tahni Hresko, Kali Horman, tradition dating back to the Rachel Stelzer, Elizabeth Slocum, mid-1940’s at Huron High Andrea Gillespie, Erin O’Reilly, School. Lauren Voltz, Marla Mielke, Ellie Justus, Claire Woodburn, In 1921, the National Allie Carter, Josh Marshall, Association of High School Rory Kaip, Ben Washburn, Principals founded this Bryce Haase, Thomas Kyer,Brian organization to encourage Bollenbacher, Joey Bogden, and then recognize students Jonathan Hicks, Jacob Hillman. who did more than excel in Missing was Zachary Hemker. academics. The four ideals of the society, including Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character, demand a more well-rounded, Center at Firelands College, the guest style in America, but as our economic community service type of individual for speaker was Dr. Ron Ruble, Professor woes continue and the paradigm of life membership in its ranks. The resumes of Emeritus of Humanities. He began his as Happy Days is challenged, maybe it Huron’s latest candidates for admission remarks by citing his own high school behooves us all to remember that we include thousands of hours of service class’s motto: “Climb though the rocks all depend upon one another. So Dr. to their community, a number which be rugged.” He challenged the latest Ruble invited all to make an impact by hopefully translates into years of service inductees, and indeed all in the audience, committing to and embracing a life of as these students graduate and make to literally put their feet to the path and continued service wherever they may their way across the land in the future. serve. He recounted the proverb that eventually settle. Judging from the Huron is proud of all its students, present it’s not the number of breaths one takes applause he received, the students seemed and past, who have contributed to this that makes a life, but the number of to have gotten Dr. Ruble’s message. legacy. times one’s breath is taken away during a life of service. Measuring this way may Welcome, inductees, into the fold. At the 7 PM ceremony at the Cedar Point seem totally contrary to the present life Science Fair 2009 Sandra Dolbeer and Ron Mischler try to under- Gone are the days of tormented frogs, stand the physics behind pinned up bugs, and homemade tele- Zachary Jones’s trebu- scopes. The annual tradition of science chet display. fair continues but at the eighth grade lev- el and with different kinds of topics these days. Boys are always figuring out how to hurl things, so several worked on the ancient trebuchet, a device used in medi- eval times to hurl stones or decapitated heads at enemy walls. One measured the speed of light through jello - must be a VERY practical application for that, maybe on the next space station. Still an- other tried to determine the best method How fast DOES light travel through of approaching any test of skill - prac- jello? Depends upon whether it’s tice it, think about it, or do both? Other home made fare or cafeteria jello. topics included Rainbow Fire, Racing Here McCormick Middle School pre- Siphons, and homemade wind tunnels. incipal Chad Carter and the first year science teacherBrian Kucbel check out It’s always gratifying to see the poise, Lauren Miller’s findings. and confidence, and knowledge base of students this young. We wish them well as they continue their science studies.
  16. 16. All-School Bicentennial Reunion The year 2009 is filled with anniversaries. door – will be only $24 per person, $48 The Sabbath Day was made for rest, but The City of Huron celebrates its 200th per couple. A cash bar will be available Saturday evening will be the crown jewel anniversary, the present Huron High as well. In these hard times, where else of the week, the dinner-dance. This will School Building its 50th, the river the 40th can you find a deal like that? more or less mark the end of Huron’s anniversary of its 4th of July flood, and official Bicentennial activities. Now the the 25th year since we all seem to have This dinner dance celebration will crown problem with this whole arrangement survived George Orwell’s predictions of a whole week of Homecoming activities. is one of space. We have room at a horror-filled 1984. Throw in a dozen Mesenburg’s Plaza Place for a tad over five-year class reunions, and this summer Wednesday evening will see the 500 people. So we are placing a definite will be more crowded than a Christmas traditional Homecoming Parade through ceiling on the number of reservations morning church service. town. Last year began the practice of that we can accept – 500 only – the anniversary classes entering floats in FIRST five hundred to apply. We will All of which means there is some serious the parade as well as the high school date each reservation slip or email entry celebrating to do. The grandest gala of students. Use the opportunity to bring and strictly adhere to this limit. the season will be held on September your class closer together yet again, 26th when your Alumni Association will build a really novel, super high tech float Use the reservation blank on the sponsor an All-School, All-Community with all the bells and whistles, and in the back page to secure your guaranteed Bicentennial Homecoming Reunion. process kill a keg or two! Or just hang a position. Or go on line and email us your That’s ASACBHR for short, and also sign on a pickup, throw some chairs and reservation and send a check later! We short for one heck of a good time. Back couches in the back, declare it a float, will reserve tables for groups of eight in 2006 we staged something similar and and show up that Wednesday evening at or more, with special seating for the drew in excess of one thousand persons the high school parking lot. Huron will five-year reunion classes joining us that to all of the week’s festivities. And that be very understanding and forgiving weekend. For individuals, couples, or was limited to just Huron High School of your advanced decrepitude! If you groups of fewer than eight, we will make graduates! need help finding a place to build a float every effort to seat you with folks close legally, contact us and we’ll share details to your graduation years. This time, in deference to the Bicentennial on some places. year, we have decided to open up the So get your group together and send celebration to anyone with Huron Thursday night of Homecoming Week in your reservation to Huron Alumni connections – a high school graduate is the Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet. In Association, Box 112, Huron OH 44839. returning home from anywhere, a another article in this Newsletter, read Make your checks out to the Huron present or former resident, someone who about who the honored ones are this Alumni Association. And PLEASE – we merely passed through and liked our year and then make a point to return to will need the name of every attendee in town, someone who spent a night in the celebrate with them. For tickets, contact order to make up name tags for everyone. pokey, courtesy of the local constabulary. Tony Munafo at the high school office at Mail early, as we expect that this will be Get the point? We’re throwing open 419-433-3171 or use the order blank on a quick sell-out. Even if you have met the doors to anyone with a pulse and a the back page. earlier in the year as a class or recently, partiality to Huron – the city, the schools, you still want to consider returning for its people, its places. Friday evening will be a busy one! We will this event. Most students, through clubs, be organizing another pregame tailgate athletics, church groups, mixed classes, The celebration will be held at party under the tents on the grassy or just neighborhood groups, used to pal Mesenburg’s Plaza Place on September parking lot west of the gymnasium with with students ahead of or behind them in 26th. Cocktail hour will begin around 5 the help of the H-Team once again. It school. Here is your chance to see them PM, with dinner to follow, then the usual will be tough to beat the spread they laid again, revive the experiences, and store speechifying before the dancing begins out last year, but they are surely up to up future memories. This opportunity and carries on until midnight. The menu the task. Then shortly before the game will not present itself for another three will consist of a fine pork and chicken there will be a skull session in the gym. years. dinner with all the trimmings. The We promise plenty of band music, cheers music entertainment will be provided by being lead by former cheer leaders, (here a DJ with decades of experience playing nominate your class’s best performers all the music from the Big Band Era up who are still in shape and will sign a through the present. waiver relieving us of responsibility), and speeches by team captains and former And what will all this set a person back? coaches. Then participate in the Alumni Less than one might think. In fact, Parade right into the stadium, down the because of the sputtering economy, we field, and up into a section reserved for have managed to keep the cost about us. You may buy your discounted game 15% lower than what was charged the tickets right at the tent that evening. The last time. The entire evening – dinner, Homecoming Game will be followed by a music, use of the hall, tax, and tip out the victory party at Mulligan’s Pub.
  17. 17. Class Reunions – 2009 Year Date Arrangements Contacts ‘43 Sept 17 HYC Ellie Waite 440-572-2465 ‘49 Sept 26 At All-School reunion dinner dance Don Doty 419-433-4317 Dixie Andrews 419-433-4060 ‘54 Sept 12 Potluck Picnic 3 PM at Betty Mingus’ s home Betty Mingus 419-433-5631 Sun breakfast To be decided Carol Wilford 419-433-2296 Joyce Eldred 440-871-2999 ‘59 Sept 5 CVI Cocktails and Dinner at 5:30 Duke Lagando 419-433- 4979 Picnic Sat Dee Hartley 419-433-3638 Sun Brunch at Dukes ‘64 Sept 26 At All-School Reunion dinner dance Leslie Foxworth 419-433-4955 ‘69 nothing cooking yet - anybody out there??? ‘74 Sept 26 HYC Mike Sudsina Mike.sudsina@windstream.net Golf in the AM at 9:10 AM - email Suds for reservation ‘79 July 10 Brutus’s at Keys Golf (casual) Deb Williams Kath, Deb Pisano, July 11 Golf @ T-Bird 9:15 AM Sue Shamhart, Bryan Adler July 11 Dinner at Mesenburg’s RSVP at hhs79@aol.com Visit the blog for more details at www.hurontigers1979.blogspot.com ‘84 July 11 Sawmill Creek cocktails 6:30 Karen Stein Nunez dinner 7:30 knunez5@cox.net> July 12 Family picnic and BBQ on beach ‘89 Sat. July 11 Pre-Cruise Party at i5’s at 6 PM Stacey.Boger@stowewoodward.com Goodtime II cruise 8PM – 11 PM cell: 419-626-6622 pickup at riverside dock Jim Peters: jpeters@reminger.com Reserve by June 19 Brad Hartung: bhartung@bex.net Jim Springer: jbspringer@industrialnut.com R. Kilbury: rhkilbur@worthingtonindustries.com ‘94 No word yet on anything ‘99 July 11 HYC 6:30 PM Kelly.McQuillen@gmail.com cell 419-602-7037 ‘04 Homecoming details to follow Amy McQuillen 419-602-7037 Weekend contact through Facebook.com Sept 24 – 26 Missing persons: For the Class of ’79, if you have any contact information concerning the following, please contact the Alumni Association at Huron_Alumni@Huron-City.K12.OH.US: Les Cochrane Steve Gnidovec Joe Hammond Dan Hampton Sue O’Hara Chris Peters Mary Kay Phillips Jon Schmidt Rick Wyczaleck
  18. 18. Huron Bicentennial News The Huron Bicentennial Planning Committee has created a full schedule of events for your enjoyment this summer as Huron and Huron Township cel- ebrate their Bicentennial. Join in the fun and make this a memorable one. June 11 ARTirondack Chair Revue at Firelands College 26 Wine and Roses Party at Barnes Nursery, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m 27 Historical Society Garden Tour 9 AM - 1 PM with a dessert breakfast 30 - July 4 Huron Playhouse production of Rodgers and Hammersteins A Grand Night for Singing July 7 - 11 Huron Playhouse Over the River and Through the Woods - a family comedy 10 - 12 RiverFest Weekend 14 - 18 Huron Playhouse The 1940’s Radio Hour - music from the period 21 - 25 Huron Playhouse Our Town - drama in which Huron could just as well be Grover’s Corners 23 and 24 Dinner at library at 6 PM. Prepaid reservation of $15 payable to Friends of Library sent in care of Huron Public Library 333 Williams St. Benefits the Playhouse and Library 28 - Aug 1 Huron Playhouse The Secret Garden - Tony Award-winning Musical August 7 Huron Rotary Festival starts - Ribs Burn-Off starts 8 Rotary Arts Show at the Boat Basin Family Scavenger Hunt - Register @ Methodist Church 8 - 9 AM; hunt from 9 AM - 12:30 PM 9 Huron Birthday Celebration at the Boat Basin begins 1 PM 10 Artirondack Chair Auction at the Nia Center at Kalahari 6 PM 13 Urban Renewal Documentary shown at McCormick Auditorium (Air conditioned) 7 PM 14 Wooden boat show starts at the Basin all day 16 Oddball Olympics - begins at HHS Kalahari Stadium at 1 PM September 23 Homecoming Parade with Alumni Floats entered - five-year classes urged to participate!!! 24 Huron High School Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Mesenburg’s 5:30 PM 25 Homecoming Tail Gate party, Skull Session, Game, Post-game celebration at Mulligan’s Pub 26 Alumni Association’s All-School Bicentennial Dinner Dance at Mesenburg’s 5:00 PM November 11 Veterans Day Celebration at Huron High School ARTirondack Chair Auction You can bid on this decorated Adirondack chair or any of two dozen just like it. Huron is staging its first ever public art project this summer in conjunction with our Bicentennial year. The chairs have all been sponsored by various businesses and in- dividuals and then painted by reknowned area artists. The chairs will be displayed around town at various locations until they are auctioned off to the highest bidders at a public auction on August 10 at 6 PM at the Nia Center at Kalahari. You may bid on these, and if your bid is the highest, you will proudly own this sure-to-be col- lector’s item. Display it with pride at your home or place of business and advertise your hometown roots with the scene painted on the chair.
  19. 19. Scholarship Rewards May 27th was payday for about 67 Huron seniors. On that evening at the Scholarship Awards Assembly, scholarships totaling $353,000 were presented from 87 different local funding sources to deserving seniors. In addition, guidance counselor Jan Bogden Henning, ’69, announced that another $955,000 in merit scholarships from colleges had been awarded to graduates. Do the math! This year’s grads received in excess of 1.3 million dollars in scholarship payoffs for work done over the past four years. Congratulations graduates! Presenter after presenter commented upon one aspect of the student resumes and recommendation letters that had made the task of choosing recipients for their award doubly tough this year. Everyone assumes that the students would have sterling grades. Most were also extremely active in school athletics and had assumed active roles in those clubs still available to the students. No, what impressed the selection committees most was the tremendous amount of time these students had donated to volunteer projects all over the community. It’s almost as if Huron has its own version of the Peace Corps operating right under local radar. And when coin flipping seems tres gauche for a making a final selection, these lists of service accomplishments often times serve as the best quality tie-breakers. New on the program this year was the practice of inviting as Kassandra Nageotte and Nikolaos Mayle won the Tom Shontz keynote speaker one of the previous winners of the Vanessa Hart-Campbell Scholarship. (This award is made annually Memorial Science Scholarship established to honor long-time science teacher Tom Shontz. from a trust establishedby Jim Campbell, former GM and president of the Detroit Tigers organization, in honor of his mother, Vanessa Hart-Campbell. The scholarships are presently worth $6,000 per year, renewable three times upon maintaining the proper GPA.) This year’s speaker was Allen Tittle, a 2003 grad who is now a law student at Cleveland Marshall University Law School. Allen’s advice to the grads: find your passion and pursue it vigorously. Several anecdotes about his own recent experiences and those of his dorm buddies seemed to drive home his point to an appreciative audience of parents and students. This year’s crop of grads are off to see the world at many different institutions and in some very interesting fields of study. One student has already been taking classes at a culinary arts school and is performing extremely well. But some majors may not have even existed when you were matriculating. For example, a couple students will be entering the forensic sciences, while another will approach life from a different angle – bioengineering. One is enrolled in an information assurance program – sounds CIA to us. Still others will try international business. Then the others will study in the usual run-of-the- mill fields: business, medicine and nursing, law and political science, education and the arts, psychology, and engineering. Only one exhibited a preference for English, none mentioned sociology, none history or foreign languages – a sign of the Sara Bechtel and Caleb Enderle were the recipients of the present harsh economic realities? Whatever they do, we wish Vanessa Hart-Campbell Memorial Scholarship. them all well and many continued successes!
  20. 20. A s recently as thirty years ago, only a handful of local scholarships were awarded, usually right during the Commencement ceremony because there were so few. How times have changed! From a handful to fourscore and seven within a generation or two! What an outstanding record for a community willing to support its next generation. This year alone, despite the tanked economy, six new scholarship funding sources surfaced. A common practice is to establish memorial scholarships in honor of one’s beloved deceased family member. Too often a tragedy snuffs out the life of a most promising student, and the family wishes to continue the legacy of the child by encouraging other students with the same penchants to continue their education. Other times families with long standing roots in the community and devotion to the schools establish a scholarship fund to continue Winners of this year’s Alumni Association Scholarships were the legacy of the Kelsey Majoy, Eric Hahn, Alexandra Hamilton, and Jennifer family’s name. Semon. Still other times, businesses that more hard work. Whatever the reason, there is a way that you have experienced and your family can make a lasting impact upon the Huron the high quality student body if you are interested in beginning a scholarship. of work done by Remember, as a scholarship founding party, you will establish our students use the amount of the award, the selection criteria, the maintenance scholarships to level (if for multiple years), and even the name put on it. A call encourage and to the guidance office at the high school will put you in contact reward even with persons who can direct you in this regard. Allen Tittle, ‘03, imparts his message to the scholarship recipients. A Word About Scholarship Funds Your Association maintains two types of scholarship funds to notice that there are places for you to indicate to which type of which you may want to consider a contribution. The first we fund you wish to contribute. If you are an optimist, believing call a general scholarship fund, meaning that all the funds col- that the economy will improve, you may want to consider the lected from all sources are disbursed annually in May at the endowment type of fund. Over time, the markets have pre- awards assembly. We then have another type of fund called formed well, the valleys being evened out almost biblically by an endowed scholarship fund. This fund collects and invests the peaks. In very good times, it should be possible to earn 5% funds and will spend the earnings on the funds for future on investments. This means that for every $10,000 invested, scholarships. There are two of these funds that we maintain, one scholarship per year could be generated, in perpetuity - or one in honor of Tom Shontz for a Memorial Science Scholar- at least until the next recession strikes! ship awarded annually, the other for general scholarships. The funds from both types of endowed accounts are actually As you read this, you may have considered making a contribu- bundled and invested together at this time with the proper tion. There are a number of ways to do this. A check made out bookkeeping entries keeping them separate on paper. to the Alumni Association is always welcome. Be sure to see if your company has a matching contribution plan in effect for As you followers of the markets know, recent earnings reports such charitable giving. We are a 501 c (3) organization for tax show that company earnings across the economy have pret- purposes, so any contributions are fully tax deductible. Anoth- ty well tanked, and we prefer not to gamble unless in Vegas. er consideration - if you are positioned poorly in this market Hence, we avoid the market or any kind of mutual funds for and wish to shed some paper and write off the losses - would now. Instead, the funds are actually invested in a high quality be to donate the security to the Association, eat the loss but CD for the present. As rollover dates approach, we re-evaluate gain a deduction for the charitable contribution. However you the situation and will continue to move the funds around for decide to help us, you can see from the smiles on the students’ the best possible earnings rate for your contributions. faces in the pictures on these pages how much your gift is ap- preciated! Thank you for considering Huron’s students! On the membership enrollment form on the back page, you will
  21. 21. Mary McDuffie Retires children, Erin and Daniel, who have done For thirty years, the curly haired lass it to northern Ohio. very well. Erin graduated from Penn with the infectious smile has graced the State in 2006 with degrees in political upper halls of Huron High. On Friday, Once she arrived in Huron and had science and sociology, then recently took May 29, Mary McDuffie closed her books, taught a couple years, she discovered that her Masters from Boston University in locked the classroom door, and turned in math was always her forte, and a whole urban education. She was married in her keys for the last time, retiring after a generation of Huron students gradually 2007. Daniel is a sophomore at OSU, also career split between the English and math learned how to translate her drawl and majoring in poly sci. With the two kids departments. Originally hired in 1979 make excellent progress through their living in Columbus for at least a year, we into the English department, she sweated math curriculum. Her mentors those know there will be a beaten path in that over her grammar and writing lessons in first years were Bill Knight and Tom direction – unless she hops a rail car. Heckelman, two folks who Her most pleasant memories of teaching between them in Huron deal with a principal, kids, and had at least parties. She will always be grateful to a century of having broken into the profession under experience the guidance of Lynn Studer. Having talking math survived that “Studer Stare” her first and geometry, year, she knew she could do anything. chasing dust Student memories include those of devils across students who struggled with math but the boards, never gave up on themselves. She also and explaining loved seeing a different side of students ballistics when they excelled in extra-curriculars and flintlock such as musicals. Deeply missed also mechanisms. are Bill Knight’s stories – and he had Mary, though, some whoppers back then when she was had a more still green, gullible, and fresh from the pleasant hills. Of course she will miss the faculty smile, infinite parties also – the pool parties in the old patience, and a days at the McMillions and those riotous better looking Christmas parties at the McDuffies’ wardrobe than house. Not to worry, though, Mary. You her mentors. simply move over to a different database She always now – the ranks of the retired faculty. saw to it that We are going to enjoy having you back entry level again. And if anyone gets to sipping the students in the suds a bit at those affairs and thinks he’s world of math seeing double – there really are TWO navigated those Mary’s – she has a twin sister. those days when she was still known as arcane subjects safely. Her students have Mary McKinley. She was at a decided always excelled, as they found Mary Well done, Mary! disadvantage, though, in that she haled more than willing to devote all the extra from West Virginia where English is a time they needed to comprehend. second language where she came from, St Albans WV, just west of Charleston. In addition to her teaching duties, There her folks reared up four daughters, Mary dabbled at coaching for a while, with her father having a PhD in Chem mentoring the girls’ tennis team in its Engineering and her mom her masters early years. She also worked the timer in Chemistry. (That’s probably where for the girls’ basketball team for four Mary learned to whip up her teachers’ years, and was especially grateful to have lounge treats over the years.) From the served during their state championship heart of Kanawha County coal country run. to an iron ore dock on Lake Erie was quite a journey, though, for this young Early in her career, she turned a lady just out of school, Fairmont State summertime acquaintance into a Cedar College - you know, just up the holler Point romance and married another from Benton’s Ferry and Ices Run. She school teacher, Montez McDuffie. was so far north that she was practically Montez progressed through the ranks a Yankee during her college years. for the Sandusky system, retiring as Not much has changed in nearly 30 However, there is absolutely no truth to an elementary principal. Together on years - same great smile, same disposi- the rumor that she found us by hopping the way these two teachers raised two tion, same size 4 - but her hair used to be the Norfolk Southern one day and riding frizzed up in a ‘Fro.