FIN 3403 Online Module 2


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FIN 3403 Online Module 2

  1. 1. FIN 3403 Online Module 2 Online Module Title: Financial Statements and Cash Flows Primary Delivery Method: Web search Primary Deliverable: Quiz Course: FIN 3403: Business Finance Book: Foundations of Finance, Keown, et al, 5th ed. Chapter/Topic: Chapters 1-4: Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flows LOSs: Develop ability to interpret financial statements. Develop familiarity with financial websites. Student description: This exercise involves reviewing the financial statements for several companies, using both Yahoo Finance and EDGAR. The information will be used to complete a short quiz. Copyright © John Banko, 2007 UCF FIN3403 Online Modules
  2. 2. In this Online Module, you will visit a variety of financial websites and take a short WebCT quiz. The purpose of the exercise is to familiarize you with the types of financial information available on the web. The WebCT quiz is titled “Module 2 Quiz”. Go ahead and open it now. I’ve set the quiz so that you can take it as many times as you want, and further, you can take the quiz for as long as you like on each attempt. A passing grade on this quiz is 70%. I will only pay attention to your highest score. So, if you get 70% or more correct on at least one attempt, you will get full credit for this assignment. Otherwise, you will get a zero. Now, let visit a few sites on the web. From each site, there will be a few questions on the quiz. The first site: If you ctrl+click on the words above (or go to, it will open the site. Do that now. As you can see, this website has a lot of information, including company reports, market summaries, personal finance, and so on. This is a great site for both general financial questions as well as company- specific information. Let’s look at a specific company: VeriSign. VeriSign started with the Internet- boom, and is one of the survivors. To get to this company’s info, type it’s ticker symbol (VRSN) in the box near the top of the window, and click on . Do that now. Note the links along the left-side of the window: Summary, Options, Historical Prices, etc. You will need to visit these to find information for the quiz. I won’t tell you which ones to visit – you will discover this as you proceed through the quiz. But this is a great site to use for general information about financial markets and companies. The next site we will visit is the Securities and Exchange Commission. When a company decides to become a public company, there are a variety of documents they must file. Let’s look at one in particular. First, just go to the SEC’s homepage: As you can see, the site includes a lot of information for investors, primarily to assist with investor protection. Copyright © John Banko, 2007 UCF FIN3403 Online Modules
  3. 3. Now, let’s look at a particular filing with the SEC. There is a search function to find particular forms – we are going to jump to a specific form filed by Google when they went public for the first time. The document is here: This document is known as a prospectus – companies must file these with the SEC anytime they want to issue new securities to the general public. In theory, if you read this, Google’s officers are telling you want the company is about, and any other information they think you need to know before investing in Google. As with VeriSign, you will use this document to find information for the quiz. Finally, let’s visit the site for one of the Federal Reserve Banks. As you know, the Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It’s mission (originally) was to “…provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system1.” Of course, it has taken on other roles since its original charter back in 1913. We are going to look at financial data collected by the Fed. Go to the following site: This site is the storehouse for most of the public data that the Fed produces. As with the last two sites, you will use this site to find information for the quiz. 1 Copyright © John Banko, 2007 UCF FIN3403 Online Modules