Chester zoo activity_booklet


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Chester zoo activity_booklet

  1. 1. Is Chester Zoo helping or harming theOver the course of the day, you will be answering questions based on the animals that you visit.Some questions will need you to read the notices around the animal enclosures, some will needyou to think carefully about what you can see and others may need you to use informationfrom your lessons.Feel free to make your own notes in the back of the booklet. These notes will help you achievea better level in your science and geography assessments. If you get lost the contact number is 07817 219942. Alternatively find the nearest member of zoo staff. Estimated Arrival Time: 11am at main entrance Lunch Time: 12.30 at the Arara picnic lawn Estimated Departure Time: 2.45pm at monkey meeting point ZOO COMPETITIONS There are 3 competitions today: Best photo Best sketch Best poem Submit by Friday 25th March 2011 to Check out all entries at NAME: STAFF LEADER:
  2. 2. Map
  3. 3. Where are the animals you see at the zoo found in the wild?
  4. 4. Sketch here some of the animals you see today
  5. 5. Elephants & UK conservation Give an example of a bad habit elephants have: ______________________________________ Why do elephants have big feet? ______________________________________How much food does an elephant eat? _________________________What are Maknas? _________________________________________How are the younger elephants different from the fully grownelephants?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is threatening British plants and animals? ___________________________________________________________________________What is an alien species? Give an example________________________________________________________________________________What plants and animals does Chester zoo help in the UK? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Describe & sketch the elephant enclosureWhat does a reedbed do? How does it work? Reed bedHow is Chester zoo helping the water Vole?
  7. 7. Lions & DragonsWhy do lions have manes? _________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________What is a studbook? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Name some of the lions that have lived at Chester zoo________________________________________________________________________What animals does a komodo dragon eat? _________________________________________________________________________________ What is the legend of Komodo dragons?
  8. 8. Why are some lions sent to other zoos after they are born?What is threatening the Komodo dragon’s survival? What can be done about it? Tigers, Otters & Penguins
  9. 9. How do you know where a tiger has been? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What makes a tiger a good swimmer? ___________________________________________________________________________________How many tigers are found in the wild? _________________________What species of penguin are in the tank at Chester zoo?_________________________________What happened to these penguins during the monthsof March & April? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is currently happening to penguins in the wild? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What can you see in the penguin x-ray? What could you do to stop thishappening to penguins again? label the tigers’ enclosure? Sketch and ___________________________________________________________________________________________How would you describe an otter to someone who cannot see?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. Do you think this enclosure is suitable for tigers? Give reasons for your answer. Orang-utans
  11. 11. How much of our DNA is shared with Orang-utans? ________________________________________How are leaves adapted to the rainforest?__________________________________________________________How long does child rearing take? ______________________________What impact does this have on the orang-utan population?____________________________________________________________________What is a durian? Give 1 fact about it.______________________________________________________________________________________ How does Chester zoo support the work of the Sumatran orang-utan conservation programme? Orang-utans are kept in zoos like this one all over the world. Reasons why this is a good thing Reasons why this is a bad thing
  12. 12. Orang-utans are easily bored. What can zoo keepers do to keep them entertained? Write/ draw your ideas…. Jaguars, Okapi & Giraffes
  13. 13. How would you describe the markings on a jaguar compared to other big cats? ______________________________________________ How long do okapi livefor? ____________________________________How long is a female giraffe pregnant for? _______________________How are these creatures adapted to eat fruits & leaves? ______________________________________________________________________ How are Giraffes and okapi …. Similar Different My notes …..
  14. 14. Created by The King’s CE School Geography & Science Departments March 2011