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Industry Events: Will Your Team Generate the Buzz or Be a Bore?


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Have you ever wondered how some trade show booths, presentations, and speakers seem to create a buzz? Learn practical tips to deliver your organization’s compelling message in a variety of settings (1:1, small group, social media) and how to leverage opportunities to shine through the noise, beyond the competition. You will also learn five negative trade show signals to avoid.

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Industry Events: Will Your Team Generate the Buzz or Be a Bore?

  1. 1. Take out your cellphone… @ellynnya #ontariowater
  2. 2. Open up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn… @ellynnya #ontariowater
  3. 3. Take a photo… @ellynnya #ontariowater
  4. 4. Write a caption… Use the hashtag #ontariowater Tag @WaterTAPOntario @ellynnya #ontariowater
  5. 5. …and POST! @ellynnya #ontariowater
  6. 6. 12 Ways to Create a Buzz at Industry Events BUZZ BOREOR @ellynnya #ontariowater
  7. 7. Always do your research first and start early @ellynnya #ontariowater
  8. 8. Craft your message @ellynnya #ontariowater 1
  9. 9. Leverage social media @ellynnya #ontariowater 2
  10. 10. Create compelling content @ellynnya #ontariowater 3
  11. 11. ๏ Blog posts (onsite and offsite) ๏ Videos ๏ LinkedIn long-form posts ๏ How-to Booklets and Guides Buzz-worthy content
  12. 12. Get on the agenda @ellynnya #ontariowater 4
  13. 13. Go with an army and break away from it @ellynnya #ontariowater 5
  14. 14. Dress to stand out @ellynnya #ontariowater 6
  15. 15. Let others tell your story @ellynnya #ontariowater 7
  16. 16. Try something new @ellynnya #ontariowater 8
  17. 17. Hack the event @ellynnya #ontariowater 9
  18. 18. Real-time action @ellynnya #ontariowater 10
  19. 19. Give away awesome stuff @ellynnya #ontariowater 11
  20. 20. Pay to play @ellynnya #ontariowater 12
  21. 21. ๏ Making it only about you ๏ Being overly aggressive and opportunistic ๏ Buzz without a purpose ๏ Bot-generated buzz ๏ Random unsolicited engagement Ultimate Buzz Killers
  22. 22. Ellen Nyarko Marketing Manager @ellynnya Thank You. Questions? Learn how to generate buzz and demand