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Sales a Goldmine for Competitive Intelligence


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Learn how to capture great information and intelligence by collaborating with your sales force. This is a must read for anyone in sales force management, competitive intelligence, marketing and product management.

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Sales a Goldmine for Competitive Intelligence

  1. 1. Sales a Goldmine for CI!!! Collaborating with Sales Ellen Naylor July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  2. 2. Understand Sales: WIIFM Highly Goal- Oriented Like to Keep Score Money Oriented High Need for Recognition Drivers – Impatient, Sometimes Aggressive What’s the Benefit? Strong Customer Identification Competitive July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  3. 3. “…the sales force provides information to the extent that they receive equal value in return. If their information is not used, they will quickly discontinue reporting.” Jaworski, Wee. Competitive Intelligence: Creating Value for the Organization. 1993 SCIP CI Review. July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  4. 4. Gaining Cooperation With Sales – Low Cost - Part of Sales – Needs Assessment – Treat with Respect – Incentives – No Corporate Fire drills – Easy Channels for Communication – Mutually Beneficial Relationship – Practice Cooperative Intelligence July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  5. 5. What Can’t They Get Easily? • Analyst Reports • Industry Reports • Presentations, White Papers • Company Profiles • Monitoring – Top Account Personnel Changes – Competitor Product Announcements • Self Service July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  6. 6. CI and the Sales Cycle Sales Cycle • Sales Planning • Target Segmentation • Prospect Identification • Prospect Qualification • Account Planning • Account Interaction • Proposal Preparation • Win/Loss CI Assistance • Competitor Strategies • Attractive industries? • Attractive companies? • Which are winnable? • How do we win sales? • Competitor knowledge to win • Winning proposal that’s profitable • Lessons learned to be more competitive July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  7. 7. …Information from Sales… • New Products & Services • Changing Customer Needs • Emerging Competitors • Market Trends • Product Direction • Improved Technology July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  8. 8. What Sources/Processes Already Exist? Sales Force Automation Win-Loss Reports Customer Satisfaction Rumor Mill Competitor Materials Social Media Blogging Customer Loyalty Selling Guide July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  9. 9. Maximize Sales Intelligence!!! Education/Planning Organize the Process Organize Contacts Collect Data Analyze Data Disseminate Communicate/ Recognize July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  10. 10. • Engage others in the organization – Find and engage SMEs • Identify and pursue most critical competitors/issues • Start with one district or sales person • Document success... July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  11. 11. Who to Involve In Sales Think Broadly!!! • VP Sales • Directors, Sales Managers • Director of Distribution • Manager of Sales Statistics/Analysis • Account Executives • Technical/Admin. Reps • Director of Installation & Service • Contracts Administrators July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  12. 12. Insert Yourself Into the Sales Process The Right Method & Frequency E-Mail Sales Conferences Teleconference/SKYPE Audioconference Informal Meetings Blog Intranet Voice Mail Wiki Cooperative Intelligence: Be Accessible July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  13. 13. Deliverables Help Sales Win Timely Info/Analysis Early Warning New Product Announcements New Technology Analysis Sales Newsletters SWOT Analysis Customer Intelligence Competitor Profiles July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  14. 14. Sales Deliverables: Be Creative Switching Cost Analysis My Company Company X Product Price $$$ $$ Product Quality High ?? Company Commitment High New to market Employee training None $100/employee (?) Order system change None IT Programming, code conversion Total Cost $$$ $$$$$$$$….. July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  15. 15. Why Win-Loss? • Highest Value Research for Expended Effort • Most Accurate Measurement of Positioning • Benefits Customer • Exalts Vendor in Customer’s Eyes • Huge Data/Insight Mining Opportunity July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  16. 16. Win-Loss: Ideally… • Systematic, Planned Effort • Phone Interview • Conducted by Third Party (internal or external) • With Sales or by Sales July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  17. 17. - Sales Process - Customer Relationship - Positioning - Distribution - Company Image - Financial Stability - Reliability/Quality - Product Capabilities - Product Features - Technology - Price - Delivery/Implementation - Maintenance - Support - Training July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  18. 18. Trade Shows: Concentrated Intelligence • Competitors • Customers / Prospects • Suppliers (yours and your competitor’s) • Subcontractors • Vendors • Media • Industry/Financial analysts July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  19. 19. Sustaining the CI Process with Sales -- How are we doing? ROI? -- Newsflashes, Quarterly Reports -- Product Announcements -- CI software -- Email, Intranet, Phone -- Conferences -- Sales Meetings July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  20. 20. Integrating Sales Intelligence • WIIFM, MMLG prevails • 1st Deliverable is Key • Keep feeding Sales • Keep recognizing Sales • Stay visible with Sales • Continue to report success to management • Annual recap on cost vs. benefit • Set goals and give feedback • Integrate into education and training July 2016 ©The Business Intelligence Source
  21. 21. +1 720.480.9499 Win Loss books Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want by Ellen Naylor Win/Loss Reviews: A New Knowledge Model for Competitive Intelligence by Rick Marcet Articles from Competitive Intelligence Magazine 1. Win/Loss Analysis: The Cooperative Angle 2. Enable Sales to Elicit Market Intelligence 3. Increasing Sales Through Win/Loss Analysis 4. Capturing Competitive Intelligence Through Your Sales Force Contact Ellen Naylor