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Outsourcing win loss analysis finding the right consultant


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Win/Loss analysis is custom research. It's a great source of customer intelligence, product development and competitive intelligence...not just your sales process and performance. 60% of the decision making for a sale is made before buyers contact your sales reps, on average. Win/loss can help you with brand ID and to learn how the buyers are finding you, considering you for the short list or not. While you can monitor your website's activity, you don't know what influences buyers unless you ask.

Consider the 10 things this presentation focuses on to pick the right consultant when you outsource Win/Loss. Industry Experience
Connection to Sales
Project Management
Team Player
Written/Oral Skills
Project Delivery
Sharing Win/Loss Experience

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Outsourcing win loss analysis finding the right consultant

  1. 1. Outsourcing Win/Loss Analysis: Finding the Right Consultant A checklist for working with a Win/Loss Consultant Ellen Naylor, MBA Ellen Naylor
  2. 2. Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Win/Loss Analysis Pro’s • Get the full story • Buyers more candid • Uncover hidden customer satisfaction issues • Reveal your company’s blind spots • Professional Win/Loss interviewer and analyzer Con’s • No one knows your business like you • May not probe as deeply as you • Cost: a budget expense • Consultant may not be a good fit for your customers and employees • Consultant less accountable for results Ellen Naylor
  3. 3. Hybrid Model to Work with Win/loss Consultant • Collaborate with Consultant to Create the Win/Loss template • You reach out to Sales to collect relevant customer contact data • Your sales people let customers/non-customers know about Win/Loss • Consultant conducts Win/Loss interviews • Consultant writes up Win/Loss interview summaries • You do the Win/Loss Analysis • You take action from Win/Loss results Collaboration Company Consultant Be creative: this is an example of how you might work with a consultant and split up the Win/Loss work. The work can be split in different ways. Ellen Naylor
  4. 4. When Hiring a Win/Loss Consultant 1. Industry Experience 2. Connection to Sales 3. Professionalism 4. Project Management 5. Team Player 6. Written/Oral Skills 7. Project Delivery 8. Deliverables 9. Fees 10. Sharing Win/Loss Experience Check out these traits to see if the consultant you’re hiring is competent in Win/Loss. Ellen Naylor
  5. 5. 1. Industry Experience • How much industry experience is required to conduct Win/Loss interviews? The analysis? • Can you educate the consultant enough about your industry? • If they work in your industry, do they work for competitors? - If so, is this a conflict of interest? Unless you’re in a very technical or complex industry, most consultants can learn enough about your industry to conduct Win/Loss interviews. You want them to be business savvy in sales, marketing, and product development. Ellen Naylor
  6. 6. 2. Connection to Sales • Have they ever worked as a full-time sales person? • How well do they communicate and connect with sales and sales management? • Can they “speak” sales? Rapport with sales and sales management is often overlooked. Most are concerned about how well the consultant will conduct the Win/Loss interviews with customers and non-customers. If you can’t get the right information from sales about their customers and non-customers, you will have a tough time connecting with the right customers to conduct Win/Loss interviews. Ellen Naylor
  7. 7. 3. Professionalism • How do you gauge their professionalism, especially for interviews? • Does the consultant have customer testimonials? • What other evidence of professionalism? The consultant needs to be professional with your company’s employees as well as with your customers and non-customers. Ellen Naylor
  8. 8. 4. Project Management • Develop the right questions at the project’s outset • Collaborate with Sales to get customer/non-customer data • Keep track of each contact in the interview process • Conduct interviews and write up interview summaries • Analyze interviews thoroughly • Write up analysis accurately, clearly and persuasively These are the key project management tasks in Win/Loss analysis. There are a lot of logistics to keep straight. Ellen Naylor
  9. 9. 5. Team Player • How well will they connect with your sales people? • How about sales management? • How well will they collaborate with your company employees? • Are they trustworthy? • Will they develop rapport quickly with customers/non-customers? • Are they good at listening? The ability to develop rapport and trust are key traits to look for in a Win/Loss interviewer. Ellen Naylor
  10. 10. 6. Written and Oral Skills • What is their experience in conducting Win/Loss interviews? • How can you assess their writing skills? • Do they write or blog about Win/Loss analysis? • Be sensitive about asking for a Win/Loss work example: • Win/Loss analysis is highly proprietary • It’s also custom research: your final report could look quite different and will reflect what is uncovered in your Win/Loss analysis Ellen Naylor
  11. 11. 7. Project Delivery • Win/Loss is a relationship business • You rely on other people’s schedules for the 1st Four Steps 1. Collaboration to create the Win/Loss template 2. Collecting and organizing all customer/non-customer contact data 3. Reaching out to schedule interviews 4. Conducting Win/Loss interviews • To do Win/Loss right…you need time…don’t skimp on it Ellen Naylor
  12. 12. 8. Deliverables • Project progress communication along the way… • Interview summaries and/or transcripts if you record • Quantitative data detail • Format for Win/Loss analysis final report • Accompanying oral presentation of final report • Win/Loss results brainstorming half/full day interactive workshop Be Clear on Expected Deliverables Ellen Naylor
  13. 13. 9. Consultant Fees • Project set up fee • Learn your industry, your sales process and deliverables, the competition and organize Win/Loss template • Cost per completed interview • Cost to write up interview summaries or transcribe recordings • Cost for Win/Loss analysis report • Cost to present the Win/Loss findings orally to your team • Cost for half/full day review of Win/Loss findings, recommendations, brainstorming Understand the Full Cost of your Win/Loss program Ellen Naylor
  14. 14. 10. Sharing Win/Loss Experience • Does consultant write/blog about Win/Loss? • Does consultant present or teach about Win/Loss? • Has consultant been published in Win/Loss? • How clear is their Win/Loss proposal? - Is it customized to your needs? Ellen Naylor Published July 2016 Amazon page
  15. 15. Taking Action: Key to Improving Win Rates! • Statistics differ on the effectiveness of Win/Loss analysis • All point to improved win rates. • Many sales organizations say they conduct Win/Loss analysis. • Research by Anova Consulting Group finds that less than 20% of US companies do formal Win/Loss. • Their research and others indicate that taking action from a formal Win/Loss program can improve win rates by 15 to 30%. Ellen Naylor
  16. 16. Ellen Naylor, MBA 720-480-9499 @ellennaylor Blog: Ellen Naylor Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want