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Practice Speaking Automatically in English


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Practice your speaking skills in English with this free flashcard game guaranteed to make you feel like a winner! Learn how to speak in the past and present more automatically, more fluently!

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Practice Speaking Automatically in English

  1. 1. Practice speaking automatically in English
  2. 2. With this verb tense flashcard game for the present and the past
  3. 3. always Using 41 Keywords like these: never yesterday last week now in 2010 recently ever sometimes
  4. 4. It’s called
  5. 5. Because you focus on just one verb “do, did, done”
  6. 6. It’s a timed flash card game Where you get faster and faster with practice
  7. 7. Game Rules Use only one verb “to do it” Conjugate in first person/affirmative
  8. 8. Advantages You practice fluency by: Making a full sentence automatically And mastering word order
  9. 9. Insert 41 key words into just 4 choices I do it. I’m doing it. I did it. I’ve done it.
  10. 10. The game sounds like this. I always do it. I am doing it this week. I did it last week. I have already done it.
  11. 11. Before you begin the game…
  12. 12. Download and print the cheat sheet to make your own set of flashcards. Download pdf
  13. 13. Here’s the list of keywords for present simple.
  14. 14. Visualize the simple idea of habits and routines for each key word. Translate if you need to.
  15. 15. Present Simple is all about routine 0% of my time 100% of my timeNever rarely sometimes usually always Little habits Big habits
  16. 16. Now associate the present simple phrase “I do it” with the idea of habits or routines. Look at the position of the keyword in the sentence. 1 word = goes in front of the verb 2 or more words = start or finish the sentence
  17. 17. “I do it” I always do it. usually rarely seldom often I never do it. normally occasionally sometimes It’s just a habit
  18. 18. “I do it” I do it every day. every week. every time. I do it in general. as a rule. in theory. It’s just a routine
  19. 19. Now make your flashcards starting with present simple. Keyword on one side, answer on the flip side Or download the ready to print set.
  20. 20. Take your time practicing present simple before moving on to present continuous.
  21. 21. Present Continuous keywords are “different from routine”. Keep this in mind when you make your flashcards.
  22. 22. “I am doing it” I do it every week. I’m doing it this week. It’s differentfrom routine
  23. 23. “I’m doing it” I’m doing it (just) today. Not everyday. (only) this week. Not every week. (just) this month. Not every month. I’m doing it now. Not all the time. at the moment.
  24. 24. “I’m doing it” In my projects. In my agenda.
  25. 25. “I’m doing it” In my meetings. In my appointments.
  26. 26. “I’m doing it” Who When Why How What Where When I’m solving problems.
  27. 27. Shuffle the cards for present simple and present continuous. Practice choosing between “I do it” and “I’m doing it”.
  28. 28. Now make your flashcards for simple past and associate the idea of “dates”.
  29. 29. “I did it” In my pastbut when?
  30. 30. “I did it” I did it when I was at school. When? Where? I did it when I was at university. I did it when I was a child. I did it when I was on holiday.
  31. 31. “I did it” last year. The last time. last week. last month. I did it Not every year Not this year.
  32. 32. “I did it” Thinking that the action is finished. ‘I have visited Spain in my life’ is finished too.
  33. 33. “I did it” Think instead that there’s No connection to the present
  34. 34. “I did it” It’s history. No connection to the present. yesterday last month in 2010 today this month this year
  35. 35. “I did it” It’s chronological order. We must have a date in the past a keyword for “when” In 2009 In July In the 2nd quarter Last year
  36. 36. Shuffle all the cards for the 3 tenses. Practice choosing between “I do it”, “I’m doing it” and “I did it”.
  37. 37. Here we go with present perfect. Make your flash cards and remember that it‘s the simple idea of “my life up to today”.
  38. 38. “I have done it” My lifetime Since 2010/For 7 years Just (recently) Today Events up to today
  39. 39. “I have done it” My lifetime Today Events up to today Already, never, ever? yet? , not yet But no dates
  40. 40. In this text, we don’t see any dates or details.
  41. 41. “I have done it” My lifetime Since 2010/For 7 years Today Events up to today Message: the action began in the past and is still true today.
  42. 42. “I have done it” My lifetime Since 2010/For 7 years Just (recently) Today Events up to today
  43. 43. Shuffle the cards to practice the two past tenses. It’s going to be hard. Practice choosing between “I did it” and “I have done it”.
  44. 44. If you have a problem deciding on the tense ask yourself: “Is that a date?” Can we add the phrase “--in my life in general”?
  45. 45. Shuffle all the cards Practice choosing between “I do it”, I am doing it”, “I did it” and “I have done it”.
  46. 46. TIP: Some people remember “spatially”. Make a title card for each tense so keywords can be arranged logically.
  47. 47. OK now time yourself! Try to be under 3 minutes. Keep practicing until you can beat my time 1’30’’!
  48. 48. When you finish the game in less than 3 minutes, you will feel like a winner.
  49. 49. About the author: Ellen Dubois is a semi-retired Business English teacher and blogger who shares teaching tips and game templates on her website She’s an advocate for creating games and using competition to foster engagement and fun in the classroom. She hopes to help other teachers find the joy of teaching Business English to adults and to succeed at making a living abroad. .
  50. 50. Photos: Nike logo by Wieden & Kennedy ad agency Finish line banner by Pixabay Inspiration: “8 Tips for an Awesome Power Point Presentation” by Damon Nofar from LinkedIn SlideShare “How To Make Your 1st YouTube Video With Powerpoint “ by