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My Transition to Health Coaching from Competitive Intelligence


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This is my transition from competitive intelligence consulting to health coaching, which includes my school, the Institution for Integrative Nutrition. I am combining the zest I have gathered from over 20 years of interviewing people to do primary research with the passion I have to help America get healthy. My focus will be developing corporate wellness programs since I have experience across 15 industries, as well as extensive public speaking and writing experience. Most importantly, I love people.

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My Transition to Health Coaching from Competitive Intelligence

  1. 1. Confessions of a Baby Boomer transitioning from Competitive Intelligence to Health Coaching 2014 Ellen Naylor in Transition! Business Intelligence Source & Naylor Wellness & @EllenNaylor & @NaylorWellness 303-838-4545
  2. 2. What is Competitive Intelligence? The systematic process of gathering, analyzing and disseminating information about your competitors’ activities, products/services and the external market environment to help your company achieve its goals. .
  3. 3. Competitive Intelligence: Be Broad Factors that impact a company’s ability to Compete Suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, potential competitors Macro factors Economic, socio-cultural, political, regulatory, legal and technology Turn external information into Intelligence Affects strategic and tactical decision-making
  4. 4. The Intelligence Process 2. Planning & Direction 1. Intelligence Users & Decisionmakers 6. Dissemination 3. Information Process & Storage Which competitors, industry trends, opportunities, challenges do you target? Other Users 5. Analysis & Production 4. Collection
  5. 5. Flavors of Competitive Intelligence Strategic Tactical Technical Counterintelligence Benchmarking
  6. 6. The Information Spiral Government Ex-Employees Suppliers Customers Target Company Associations Distributors Trade Unions Ex-customers
  7. 7. Some of Our Esteemed Faculty! Dr Andrew Weil Dr Joel Fuhrman Sallie Fallon: Real Food David Wolfe Raw Foods Guru Joshua Rosenthal IIN School Founder Dr Deepak Chopra Dr Larry Katz Katie Smith, MS, RD, LDN Dr Bernie Siegel Play a crucial role in improving health & happiness, & through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world
  8. 8. To Your Holistic Health Drink more water Eat more fruit and vegetables Eat more whole grains Practice cooking Experiment with protein Eat less meat, dairy, sugar, junk food, coffee, alcohol, tobacco Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture your body Have healthy relationships that support you Find physical activity you enjoy, and do it regularly Find work you love OR a way to love the work you do Develop a spiritual practice
  9. 9. The Circle OF LIFE
  10. 10. Removing Stress Is Just A Moment Away! • Stay Positive • Squash the Negative Talk • Avoid asking, “What If?” • Appreciate What You Have • Reframe Your Perspective • Disconnect Periodically • Breathe • Sleep • Limit Caffeine • Use Your Support System
  11. 11. Health Coaching Programs One on One Coaching Group Coaching Corporate Wellness Programs
  12. 12. Why Corporate Wellness? Biz Passion + Health Ripple Effect Extensive Travel Schedule Current Customer Base
  13. 13. The Need for Corporate Wellness • Biggest expense after salaries • Increasing faster than profits • 75% cost chronic disease • 80% health lifestyle driven • Direct Cost: $9,000 per year • Indirect Costs • • • • Illness, elder/child care Lost productivity Absenteeism Presenteeism
  14. 14. Acknowledge Transition! Company Wellness in Colorado Only Win/Loss Analysis Training: Only Elicitation – Conversation Empowerment Will There Be Time to Write Conversation book? Enjoy the Journey
  15. 15. Thank You! Call for a free health counseling session Ellen Naylor in Transition! Business Intelligence Source & Naylor Wellness & @EllenNaylor & @NaylorWellness 303-838-4545