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LNO survey results


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Complete results of an online survey on the "Ladies Night Out" concept for a social event targeting gay and gay-friendly women in Southeastern Wisconsin

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LNO survey results

  1. 1. Results: Online Surveyon ‘Ladies Night Out’ concept Conducted November 7-20, 2011 Distributed primarily via e-mailing lists of Out to Brunch Milwaukee and Wander Womyn
  2. 2. The tentative name of this event is Ladies Night Out. How do you feel about thatname? 1.
  3. 3. 2. The tentative plan is to hold this on the first Friday of every month. Do yousee any drawbacks to that idea?1 First Friday is often filled with many other events. What about the second Friday?2 Good night but Guerilla gay bar night in Milwaukee is the first Friday of everymonth...something to think about3 no4 No5 No.6 No7 No.8 no9 no10 NO11 Good choice.12 Think this through...The more often you have them the fewer women you may get.The attitude being...I can go next month. Make Ladies Night Out special. dont rush tomake it a monthly event. Make this first dance a blast! You want your attendees towalk away wanting more and telling everyone about it13 No, especially considering that it will start early.14 no, Maybe have it twice a month if this goes well.15 No16 No Continued
  4. 4. 2. The tentative plan is to hold this on the first Friday of every month. Do you see any drawbacks to that idea?17 Good Idea18 no 19 isnt this same night at MAM events?20 Sounds good but Fridays are always hard for people with late hours.21 Not at the moment..22 no23 Start time would be better at 7 pm for those working.24 Fridays are hard for a lot of people because its the end of a long work week andFriday night seems to be the "kick back" night. However since Hot Water seems to dealwith the gay community on Fridays, its as good as any.25 no26 No27 None.28 no29 not really, just Wisconsin winters30 no31 no32 That would be the same night as Gorrilla Gay Bar.33 No.34 Yes for second shifters.35 1st Thursday is LGBT film fest, but not everyone does that and a party every night isnot that bad!36 nope
  5. 5. 3. The proposed timing is 5 p.m. until close, with the DJ starting at 6. What are your thoughts on this?1 Sounds good, at least through the winter months. Maybe once May arrives, the timecould be changed to something a bit later.2 Good time. Fits early and later outings3 How bout 7?...not even out work at 5:00.4 Maybe a little early- I work until 5p. But I like the idea of earlier start time.5 Sounds good for this old broad!6 Thats a great idea7 Thats perfect.8 I am thinking that around 6 that I am thinking about eating not dancing. I would thinkabout dancing about 7:30 or 8.9 sounds good10 Thats a little early. After dinner drinks at 6. Music at 7.11 LOVE IT12 Like the times. Is there food available to make this an after-work dinner/drinks/dancingevening?13 Love the timing if this is a cash bar. If not a cash bar...could be expensive.14 Great15 I like the early start. I would like to have a quiet area for people to sit and talk if theydont dance.16 A little early but good for women coming after work.17 Timing at 6 whith DJ starting at 7. Need to allow some time for those who get off ofwork at 5, go home, change cloths, and arrive.18 Its a bit early.19 sounds good. I wouldnt get there till 6 anyway. Continued
  6. 6. 3. (Continued) The proposed timing is 5 p.m. until close, with the DJ starting at 6. What are your thoughts on this?20 Helps to come right from work, will this include a happy hour?21 Very good22 I think the DJ should start at 7 p.m.23 I think 5pm is a little early - 6:30 or 7pm would work best for those of us who have towork, go home, shower and change our clothes before we go out.24 See above.25 Starting later doesnt bother me. I probably wouldnt come until 8 or 9 anyway. Itwould be ideal for women who work down town and live out in the suburbs. They mightcome for happy hour for a couple of cocktails and then go home. Its worth a try. 226 sounds good27 Sounds good.28 Could be a little later otherwise you might get two "shifts" of people like you currentlydo at Monas. There is a shift in clientele at 9 p.m. I think starting at 7 with light dinnerand/or appetizers and dance at 8 p.m.29 perfect!30 I think you should start at 6pm unless you are offering food31 Excellent!!!!32 sounds great33 On a Friday, this time to me is good -- pretty wiped out after the work week so early isgood.34 If I came regularly after work I would like it.35 Good.36 QST, if oyu say 5pm, people wills tart coming at 6pm.37 I work util 5. Ill get there when I can.
  7. 7. 4. Which logo do you prefer, if any, and why? (Sorry for the small size. The survey software wont let us go bigger.)1If we go with the suggested name/title, the third option feels best. (Why would anyonewant to be called a Lady?)2 2nd 1st....too cutsie 3rd....fine..i get it im Out.3 First one. No particular reason, it just caught my eye.4 #35 This one looks a little more sassy, the others are a little too grannyish6 #2. Need a better color though.7 The top one8 first, on top9 First one10 TOP11 first one.12 Top one13the 3rd one. It definitely has to say OUT in the logo.14 Middle one.15 Middle is preferred16 LadiesNight17 top oneContinued
  8. 8. 4. (Continued) Which logo do you prefer, if any, and why? (Sorry for the smallsize. The survey software wont let us go bigger.)18I prefer the circle and the font in the middle box.19 The first20 I like the middle logo.21 1st and 2nd22 top one. its legible, the font is fun, friendly, not over bearing, and of course the ovalis very female as opposed to the square (male)23 the first one24 The top one25 The bottom one.26 #127 2nd one28 the first one29 #3 but i dont consider myself a lady I like womyn much better30 the top logo31 2nd one32 the first one without the word ladies.33 1
  9. 9. Ladies Night: Do you think we should position this as being for "women of a certainage"?
  10. 10. Ladies Night: Which of the following blends of dance music do you prefer?
  11. 11. 7. Having the right music will be key to this events success. What kind of music do you like to dance to? Feel free to name songs and artists as examples.1 Adele, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, K.D. Lange, The Pretenders, Beatles, EllaFitzgerald, Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman, Holly Near, Donavan, Cat Stevens2 Love new dance and techno. Mixing it with 80s and 90s pop would be good also.3 Im into to pop, unfortunately, 97.3, 99.1 or 103.7....I also like gregorian chants but todance the latest hits.4 Rock5 60"s, 70s, 80s.... Anne Murray6 Trance, hip hop (not rap), some country like k.d. lang, reggae7 Anything with a great beat (i.e. country, blues, neo-soul, pop, r&b, soul, etc.).8 easy beats to dance to, 10 minute techno pounding in my head gets a little boringafter a while.9 1980/199010 Disco and soft rock. Also some good slow songs11 60s 70s 80s, motown, madonna, katy perry12 If you position it for women 40+, then the music has to fit.13 Anything with a good beat and extended versions of songs.14 Disco, pre-hip hop, top forty 50s 60s 70s. NO HOP-HOP15 A good mix of 80s, 90s dance music along with music of today.16 Enjoy a variety17 No suggestions18 1. slow dances 2. current pop Continued
  12. 12. 7. Having the right music will be key to this events success. What kind of music do you like to dance to? Feel free to name songs and artists as examples.19 easier to say what I dont dance to... no country no techno/rap no line dancing20 70,80,90s music21 I like the 70s disco, old Motown & 80s Dance club music, as well as current music by Usher,Akon, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Pink, Madonna (old & new), etc. Like the saying goes, "if its got agood beat, I can dance to it!"22 pop, rock, country-western, blues.23 Love disco and 80s.24 any good dance music with a beat; motown, house music, hip hop, blues, some women like toPolka (a couple are tolerable) a lot of women seem to like the group dance thing like the electric slide.Having women write down before hand and give to DJ is a good idea so there arent any complaints.25 country or anything fast just not rap26 Classic Rock27 Anything fast paced and current. Occasional current slow songs are good to give people an option.28 anything but country!......but i know many of my "sisters" appreciate it, so as long as there is a lotof variety, i will be happy! :)29 a good mix it should vary by the crowd30 Queen, Beatles, Journey31 motown, soul music rock32 Oldies -- 60s and 70s33 Actually, I like ballroom. I can live with 80s rock, 80s country and 80s disco.34 70s35 Salsa, latin music with a beat36 If I can dance to it, its good
  13. 13. 9. We plan to offer a limited menu of light dinner items and appetizers for women coming directly from work. Any suggestions on the type of food youd like to see offered?1.Sounds like a nice option. I think a variety would be great.2 french fries, pizza slices3 Anything light4 Some vegetarian and/or vegan options5 Please offer a variety of food, (low fat/carb for the dieters, burgers/fries,chocolate & carmel flavored desserts, etc.)7 nothing so fattening8 chicken tenders, chips and guac, pizza, standard sandwiches/burgers, friesor chips, spicy southwestern wraps9 Meat free Salads, hummus, bread/pita, veggies, chips and salsa,guacamole.10 Sliders, non messy finger foods. dips and chips,11 Nothing specific12 Healthy foods13 grazing14 sliders crab cakes peel & eat shrimp veggies of any sort15 Not interested Continued
  14. 14. 9. We plan to offer a limited menu of light dinner items and appetizers forwomen coming directly from work. Any suggestions on the type of foodyoud like to see offered? 16 Id like to see a few healthy items - like maybe a grilled veggie plate, pita &hummus, seared ahi tuna, grilled salmon, etc. - along with the more traditionalbar food offerings.17 Appetizers18 Just make sure there are healthy choices not just fried stuff. Salsa, guac,pot stickers, artichoke dip, things of variety.19 nachos, vege plate, pizza, whatever you offer they will buy it20 just finger foods21 Not a lot of friend foods. Burgers or hot appetizers would be good. Ipersonally dont like the idea of serving food. I think we need a place thatfocuses on dancing, that would make this place stand out from other "bars" or"night clubs"22 mozzarella sticks, potato skins, sweet potato fries, etc...simple stuff, butenough to fuel the body23 small but hearty, cocktail meatballs or mini subs or sliced pizza, wings24 nachos, burgers25 something gluten free would be great for me 26 no suggestions27 Veggie options and fish or chicken. Try to make it as healthy as possible.28 veggis, garlic cheese bread, pizza
  15. 15. Ladies Night: How do you feel about this idea overall?
  16. 16. 11. Care to expand on that?1 I think this could be a new opening for Milwaukee women to step out into something fun.2 I have been to Hot Water a few times. Nice place but really did not like the salsa night and lessons.I go to a club to hear dance music. Modern stuff. I hope to hear more on this idea : )3 45 and single after 22 yrs w/woman so a little nervous about entire scene. Maybe odd supportgroup before hand or erotic book club...hmmm..or poetry to it up with broadvocabulary (not sure if thats the name...)4 Im looking for a place to meet other gay women.5 Dancing is great though Im not a great dancer. I need to move more. This would be fun.6 Some of us work early on the weekends and it would be great to be able to go out on a Friday nightlike most people do to meet new people.7 No thank you.8 Number 6/ primarily this event will be advertised in the gay community. If I had a straight friend thatwanted to come why not, should I be excluded from a straight bar. Are we going to have people take atest to see if they are gay? A women questioning her sexuality might want to come, do we want todeter her search?9 I think it really would be a grat idea - something Milwaukee needs.10 Hopefully gay women will support this. Always starts out big and then falters from lack of interest.Need to find a way to reach women who do not go out. Denver does this on the first Fri. And it is asmashing success. When I visit out there I always make a point of getting there for this event. Need tofind a way to get the word out there. Word of mouth just doesnt do it. There are a lot of closetedwomen in this city would be nice to give the someplace to go. Good luck.Continued
  17. 17. 11. Care to expand on that?11. Sounds like a great idea. The more people I know who will be attending, the more likely I will attend.12 I love the idea...just think through each one of the above questions. Your basic premise is getting gay women out ofthe house to dance. If so, position it for gay women. Straight women may want to bring their hubbies, boyfriends...Becareful with food. Lots of overhead if you cook to order. Go with a caterer. You are going about this very methodically,seem to be organized and have a special passion. Good luck!13 It is hard to meet women for friendship and fun and not have to go out super late. Great idea. I wanted to answeryes to positioning it for women of a certain age, but also see the need to not exclude younger women, however, I dothink we should give it a go positioning just for gay women and see how that goes over, before moving to gay friendly.There are plenty of other places that are gay friendly that they can go to.14 There arent many places for gay women to meet and dance with early start times.15 There is a definite need for this in the community.16 There is a great shortage of places for womens over 40 to get together with one another...this sounds FUN.17 Love It Love It Great Idea. cant wait to hear more18 how about a networking table. I would love to do business with more women owned businesses...just dont knowthem.19 what more does any woman want but other mature, professional women to eat, dance and chat with...20 Great idea!21 I think its a good idea to offer another option for women who like to dance but dont want to wait until 10 p.m., evenif its only once a month for now. I think it should be inclusive to women who are of legal age, gay and/or gay-friendly. Ithink if its done right, it will be a great addition at Hot Water!22 One thing we did years ago was on Sun afternoons it would be disco afternoon. Or do a Sunday afternoon tea partylike they do in P-town. West Hollywood also does Sunday disco parties. Just thought I would mention. Continued
  18. 18. 11. Care to expand on that?23 Anytime women in the community want to expand on social engagements Im all for it. Unfortunately, thewomen in this community dont go out much when events are offered. However, your idea of starting early is agood one and older women might come out and dance if it were earlier. Do all the polkas earlier in the nightand as the evening progresses the dj could change the music up to fit the crowd. I love it that someone istaking the upper hand and trying it. Ive been to events at Hot water on both Friday and Sat both straight andgay and I think the venue is perfect.24 I t would be nice to have an event that would start earlier in the evening for those who would appreciatethat.25 I think it is a great ideas to have a place to meet that focuses on dancing and not just another pick upplace. That can be a turn off at times.26 i like the fact that it starts early...even though i am 35, i do not/will not go out to late night events..imsimply too tired from the week. this allows us to go out, have fun, and be home at a reasonable hour..even if itis 9:00!27 You will really need to network this as this community generally just not support itself and those that dontsupport it just complain.28 This is something that is desperately needed29 I think its a good thing to have more opportunities for lesbians, but I am probably not your target either inmusic choice or size of tab.30 There are so few things for older women especially of this nature. I would never go out anymore becauseI am 52 and feel too old for the ones that are out there.31 If it is at all connected to the Community Center I probably will not come. The place is not welcoming.32 thanks for doing this.