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Pitch lol


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Published in: Education
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Pitch lol

  1. 1. Base-9Victoria, Ellie, Ella and Melissa
  2. 2. The TreatmentTwo spies are after the same piece of information about apotential threat to England.The first agent arrives at the station and sits down, placing animportant briefcase down on the floor, cut to stylized shotsof passports, newspapers, pictures etc. then cut back to anarrative close up of the briefcase being taken without themnoticing
  3. 3. Type of Thriller This thriller’s sub-genre is action, as it can appeal to a larger audience. We have been inspired by aspects of other film openings such as; The Taking of Pelham 123, se7en, Enemy of the State. We’re using the theme of urban life with the trains as shown in the taking of Pelham 123
  4. 4. AudienceOur chosen sub genre is action, we think this was a good choice as actiontends to appeal to most audiences ranging from teens to mature adults as itbrings an essence of excitement and adrenalin to the audience which isneeded in order to have a successful film. The use of mild language,weapons and violence is much loved amongst the younger generation.Targeting this demographic will aid our film in terms of marketing as socialnetworking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. are useful for wide rangepromotion and attracting a larger audience overall. We were inspired by anumber of films such as Taking of Pelham, Collateral which we havepreviously re-made, and Se7en. These are good films to look at as our filmin comparison is quite similar in terms of location and method of creating asense of "Thrill." For example; in Se7en Stylised imagery is used throughoutthe entire sequence. It appealed to us because along with the distortedsoundtrack left us feeling eager to know what these images mean and howthey are relevant to our narrative. We will attempt to re-create this howevertweaking a few areas to make it relevant to our own narrative.Taking of Pelham takes advantage of their location in order to give theopening sequence a unique feel to it; as the trains moved along the rails thetitles followed creating a train like effect.
  5. 5. Our Audience We’re aiming our film at 15-25 year old, young people have a fascination with thrillers an action films in the present day therefore we can use this to our advantage and aim our film content towards them. The suspense and location will appeal to our audience, as young people are used to travelling around in public places and it’ll give them a connection to the film and make them feel like they know it.
  6. 6. Locations We’re filming at Kings Cross Station, Angel Station and City & Islington College. We chose these locations because they suit our storyline, which will help us set the right scene and atmosphere in the opening sequence.
  7. 7. Mise en SceneThe rest of the pictures are on the blog..
  8. 8. Storyboard
  9. 9. Storyboard
  10. 10. Sound We’re getting station (trains) and speech sounds to show location and build up suspense Upbeat but intense music to add thrill.
  11. 11. ScheduleMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayPitch Stylized Station Music filming sounds, Filming at stationMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayEditing, Filming at Filmingchecking station (re- at trainclips takes) station
  12. 12. Risk AssessmentFilming in a dangerous train station- Stay behind the yellowline.Be aware of pick pockets, equipment safety, our safety, otherssafety on platforms.
  13. 13. Our Skills We’ve learnt how to edit sound into our clips, and titles. We’ve been able to work together as a team and use the camera and tripod safely and effectively. We’ve also learnt how to structure our blog and keep it fresh with new content. Another skill is using final cut pro to our advantage and being able to edit our clips together in a professional way
  14. 14. Institutions Paramount Pictures – They’re known for over 8000 productions and distributions within the film industry, therefore we have people with experience and we can get our film out there to the best it can be.