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TEMPO has come out with a totally new look. It is vibrant, fresh and very innovative in both layout and content, and will integrate many new interactive multi-media elements. The magazine has rebranded and is now TEMPO, rather than Abu Dhabi Tempo

TEMPO has rebranded into a vibrant, fresh and very innovative magazine in both layout and content. The magazine responds to growing interest nationwide and is distributed at various points across the emirates. Tempo’s content strategy is focused on the community, and it will continue to integrate mobile tagging, and new and cutting edge interactive multi-media elements.

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  2. 2. With the UAE’s big 40th anniversary looming the Tempo staff brainstormed ideas to make it a special community celebration. There weremany ideas bandied about, including exhibitions, parade etc, but the one idea that seemed to rise above the rest, and stick through all thediscussions, was a short video competition with the simple theme: “I LOVE UAE.”The New York Film Academy quickly embraced the idea to support Tempo, recognising the timeliness of the initiative and its value innurturing creative and artistic expression. Tempo sees it as a great platform that would provide the community with an opportunity to showtheir love. The “I LOVE UAE” competition met all our criteria: grassroots - tick, community - tick, innovative - tick, and relevant - big tick.With this, Tempo rolls out the “I LOVE UAE” video competition and calls for all to participate. The video doesn’t have to be super polished,but it needs to come from the heart. It can be a short song, a jig, a poem, a skit, a collage of images, a short “promo” or ad. It can be in anylanguage, but it should be authentic and heartfelt. So join us, and make your voice heard to celebrate this gracious nation that stands as abeacon of hope, peace and harmony.Be creative. Be genuine. Be kind.Sana BagershManaging Editorbagersh@abudhabitempo.com letters to the editor 04 19 experience zone MANAGING EDITOR uspace 05 20 social meets Sana Bagersh what’s hot 06 21 doc in the house | live well FEATURES EDITOR Alma Kadragic tempo top 10 songs 07 22 my abu dhabi 08 24 EDITORIAL COORDINATOR tech talk | game hedz yank in sandland | just a thought Ellaine Fatimacity bites | dishes for dummies 11 25 articulate MAGAZINE DESIGN my style blueprint 12 26 tamakkan Mark De Castro, BrandMoxie phototripping 13 27 unleash innovation WEB DESIGN 14 28 Rizwan Pervaiz featured story horoscope | funpage people calendar 16 29 value coupons MARKETING COORDINATOR Manjul Abhishek Laskar Laipubam DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Melaku MulunehADDRESS DISCLAIMERTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo. Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORScom. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 667 does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, Angeli Castillo Shahid Saeed3349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no Dave Solomon Layla EzzedeenNOTE TO ADVERTISERS part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means Neena Rai BlaknissAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. without the permission of the publisher.To reach advertising call 02 667 3349 or Randy Parker Manar Al Hinaiemail: advertising@abudhabitempo.com. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 MICROSOFT QR TAG SCANNING SCANNING GUIDELINES GUIDELINES 1 download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phone 1 Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone Published by } 2 run application a for Blackberry this is done through BBM 3 click on tag beside each article to have fun with online content, videos & cool tags! b for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader www.tempoplanet.com
  3. 3. dear tempo, SHAKING HANDS AROUND THE WORLD IBWG MONTHLY NETWORKING LUNCHEON I love the new Tempo. It’s like Tempo got a turbo engine, Sent in by Saikat Saha Sent in by BLOG spoilers and 10 inch mag rims...yeaaah! Oh, and a wicked IBWG Abu Dhabi last networking lunch before the summer break Pay attention to the etiquette and customs of paint job. One could reasonably conclude that Tempo has handshaking. In business, the first thing we do when Main Presenter: Mr Paul Kenny been “Pimp’d”! } Craig Y we meet someone is shake hands. While it seems Setting up a Digital Marketing Company in the Middle East 2nd Speaker: Ms Sarah Wadi simple enough, this “first impression” of greeting sends Business Women’s Role Considered the Best in the UAE Congratulations!!! Love your new look! Keep it up Tempo! } Cyril Española Ticao Jr. a powerful message about you and your respect for Tuesday, 7th, June 2011 Members: For every 3 guests you bring, your lunch will be on us others. For the most part, the western-style handshake Love the new look of tempo!!! I’m reading it online here at the bank!!! Hahaa!! Good thing your site isn’t blocked by Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers is the accepted form of greeting in the International Event Timing: 12:30pm – 3:00pm | RSVP by 6th June 2011 filters!!! LOL!! I LOVE that TEMPO went “green” and is now using recyclable and more light weight environment-friendly paper! Yay for mother earth…I also like that it now has more reading content. Tempo is now MORE vibrant and alive Business World. However, the manner in which it is Email: administrator@ibwgabudhabi.org with eye popping colours! It looks more streamlined too with same font feature headings? More power to Tempo!!!! performed varies from country to country. So, here are Event Price: IBWG Member: Dhs.150/- Non-Member: Dhs.200/- } Ma. Cheryl Chuna a few ways you might be greeted by others when doing Cancellations subject to full charge after that time. business abroad: All IBWG events are non-smoking. Just received the new issue of Tempo – it looks amazing! What an improvement! Congratulations to you and your team CHINA - While the western handshake is accepted, it is performed with a for a job well done. I feel that design-wise, your guys have done a 180 degree revamp. It has a new, fresh, young feel lighter grip and a pumping motion. Chinese also lower their eyes slightly to it that certainly appeals to your audience. The colours are more vibrant and it seems that you’ve really developed the as a sign of respect when meeting someone. Staring into their eyes can be THE WIZARD OF OZ Sent in by Al Muna Primary School “brand”. Regarding content, I definitely feel it appeals to our students; they really enjoy it. Mabrouk once again! perceived as a sign of disrespect. } Flo from NYU JAPAN - Both handshaking and bowing are accepted forms of greeting One helluva revaaaamp!! You will not just read it normally, you’ll twist it! Woot! Tempo with a “twist” } B.K.V. in international business circles so take your lead from the person you are meeting. If shaking hands, do so lightly. If you are greeted with a bow, Kudos Tempo! I love the new layout! :) The colours are more vibrant and lively, more awesome features... it’s very respond by bowing in kind. entertaining! Amazing! Great job guys! } Joanne Michelle RUSSIA - Russians usually use a firm (sometimes very firm) handshake when meeting a guest. If you›ve met the person before don›t be surprised Liking the new look of Tempo! :) And the fact that it’s more recyclable makes it even better! Go Green! if the greeting includes a hug. Russian men customarily kiss their guest›s } Maryam Khan cheeks (men and women alike) while women reserve such intimacies for other Russians and simply shake hands with foreigners.TEMPO ASKED READERS YOUR Al Muna Primary School brought Broadway to Abu Dhabi recently with a nice performance of The Wizard of Oz. An audience of over 500 people, made up ofOPINIONS ABOUT OUR NEW LOGO FRANCE - Shake hands with one brisk stroke upon arrival and departure Lama Ys: I like the Diego Kabuloso: I like the old one parents, teachers and guests gathered in the school hall and were overwhelmed by and make sure to shake hands with everyone.A mixed bag of responses… new one, the plain ‘cause it looks more multicultural. I felt quality of the show and the performance of the students. black has an urban its colours were more representative LATIN AMERICA - Latin Americans use a light, lingering handshake (about and more “recognizable.” It was more Over three months’ worth of preparation went into rehearsals for the performance, feel to it. twice as long as an American handshake) and pulling away too soon is “happy” and “accessible” to all kinds of including a purpose built set, costumes and script development, not to mention the people. The new logo is pretty cool, but interpreted as rejection. A man may offer his hand to a woman, and he may hard work from the children. The show had an ensemble cast of 30 main performers, it is more like something you would «kiss» the top of a woman›s hand. but all of the 350 children from the school had some part to play in the one hour and like to see on a t-shirt at an evening half performance. The children gave two performances of the show over two evenings, event. It is darker and doesn’t really EUROPEANS - While their handshake is the western style, eastern and and were rewarded on the second night with a five minute standing ovation from make people look at it…it doesn’t western Europeans re-shake hands whenever they are apart for a period of Rozanne Yanez Vaz: ask for attention, you know. But if you the audience. The show’s director and Year Six teacher, Miss Kay Goldsworthy, was time. For example, it is considered polite to shake hands when you leave for New :) New for sure. It’s put your logo on a t-shirt, I’d want the overjoyed, “The response from the audience has been fantastic tonight. Both nights Bearose Karmel Velarde: @ lunch and when you return. vs Diego I kind of agree. Maybe sexy! (can I say that?) new one. have been a sell out and the children have really put on a special show for them. I’m very proud.” if the new logo retained the IN ARAB COUNTRIES - Male friends may embrace and kiss each other on colours of the old logo? I like the Dee D: The old logo looked both cheeks following a light and lingering handshake. They also stand very Muaz Ahmed: Old one AnN Jc: I think the new Year Six pupil and performer of the lead role in the show, Artemis Prevot described her new logo because it has more somewhat better… but I think close to one another when talking. If you are a non-Arab woman traveling Lynn Abadi: Old one font is a killer but the experience. “It was scary at first, but once I was on stage I realised that this was the character, but having colour would it’s just because everyone got to an Arab country, let the man offer his hand first because some Muslim Mark Mungkey Vicente: New!!!. old one attracts more most fun I have ever had in my life!”. The performance was also filmed and edited by make it happier like you said. used to it. This one will own!!!!!! men do not shake hands with women. Many Arab business women who Eli Pearson: Ahhh new one looks amazing!!!!!! attention because of the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi, giving the children a chance to look back upon often travel to Western countries shake hands with men and women. Let the colours. their moment in the spotlight for many years to come. ChristinaSolis @AbuDhabiTempo: her offer her hand first. Artmystyle Unitedarabemirates: the old one speaks itself the word TEMPO The size of the previous magazine was coz it comes with different colours...there is no TEMPO in the new one.. okay too. Lighter weight paper is cool. :-) An Iraqi girl named HUDA NAFEL AL BAKRI has been diagonosed with cancer on her bone marrow “Neuroblastoma”, and requires an immediate transplant and has to undergo 6 stages of Chemotherapy. She is put on the waiting list for her treatment that costs Jordanian Dinars 70,000= Dh 362,377.00. Fadia Amarneh, from the King Hussein Cancer foundation in Jordan, is seeking out help for donations. For those of you who have a kind heart and want to help, email Fadia.amarneh@khcf.jo or contact + (962-6) 55 44 970. www.tempoplanet.com Do you have an opinion about the new Tempo? Send it to us at editorial@abudhabitempo.com
  4. 4. MAKE YOUR MARK, A CALL FOR YOUTH ARTISTS Boast off the nation’s pride of technology through art To commemorate the launch of the region’s first multipurpose satellite, Yahsat, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), is hosting the ‘Kamarna Fakharna’ (A Nation’s Pride in the Sky) art competition. The competition is open to all UAE residents age 6-18 which aims to engage the 1 nation’s youth in order to foster cultural and scientific interest as well as cultivate a sense of national pride in the UAE’s progress. Work submitted to the competition 2 can reflect any artistic form so long as it follows a set of themes, allowing entrants to choose from expressing pride in the nation’s progress to highlighting the importance of satellite technology and cross-cultural communications. The 3 competition will be judged by leading Emirati artists Noor Al Suwaidi, Dr. Saeed 5 4 Al Shamsi and Dr. Najat Makki, who will chose competition winners from two separate age categories, 6-12 and 13-18. 6 The top ten submissions will be put on exhibition at the Souk at Central Market, 7 with the selected artists gaining the opportunity to publicly discuss their work. 8 And, in addition to an honored place in the Yahsat Control Center, the two final winners will have the opportunity to spend a day touring the facility gaining a first-hand look at how a satellite is controlled in space. 9 10 Deadline for entries: June 8th Youth interested in entering the competition may do so through www.yahsatlaunch.ae. E.T PRICE TAG JUST BORN THIS ON THE FLOOR TAKE FOUNDATION REAL MADRID SUMMER CAMP OVER CONTROL JESSIE J CAN’T GET WAY KATY PERRY FEAT. THE LAZY JUDAS PARTY ROCK BARBRA AFROJACK FEAT. BOB ENOUGH LADY GAGA KANYE WEST SONG LADY GAGA ANTHEM STREISAND JENNIFER LOPEZ FEAT. PITBULL BLACK EYED 3- 16 July, 17- 30 July PEAS BRUNO MARS LMFAO DUCK SAUCE This is an opportunity offered by The Foundation Real Madrid to all boys and girls from the age 9 to 17 who would like to live the experience represented by the best sport club in the world… you guessed it right.. Real Madrid! The summer TILL THE WORLD ENDS | BRITNEY SPEARS camp hosts a program of training, fun and innovative activities, which allows the JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH | BLACK EYED PEAS ROLLING IN THE DEEP | ADELE children to experience the values that Real Madrid live by.. Leadership, Fellowship, E.T | KATY PERRYARMIN VAN BUUREN TO HIT THE ABU DHABI SHORES Tolerance, Teamwork and Self-control. To get the hype around, the camp offers Listen to the #1 SONG IN THE UAE the first 30 participants who sign up, a discount of Dh 20,000.30 June, Flash Forum, Yas Island ON THE FLOOR | JENNIFER LOPEZ FEAT. PITBULL For more details contact 02- 635 4455 THE LAZY SONG | BRUNO MARS Raneem on 050- 668 4371 or email rahmad@baniyas.ae 1 So Abu Dhabi... Are you ready to be hit by another wave of 2 SUMMER JUNIOR GOLF CAMP 3 HIT THE LIGHTS | JAY SEAN FEAT. LIL WAYNE Trance? Tiesto’s performance was a hit and Tempo thinks Armin LOOK AT ME NOW | CHRIS BROWN 4 S&M | RIHANNA van Buuren’s would be a double hit as he performs live on June Saadiyat Beach Golf Club 30th. Promoting his fourth album Mirage, with an opening act 5 UK TOP 10 CHARTS from Jochen Miller to set the mood, who wouldn’t anticipate The summer holidays are coming up and to keep the kids busy, Saadiyat Beach 6 DOWN ON ME | JEREMIH & 50 CENT this summer’s dance floor? The heat is on! Golf Club is offering juniors an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, get some fresh air and have a chance to pick up golf or improve their game. A series of 7 1. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO Junior Golf Camps for children aged 4 -15 years old will take part from 8.30am to 2. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars Tickets: 10.30am Sunday to Wednesday, juniors will undertake various activities with the 8 3. Where Them Girls At – David Guetta feat. Flo Rida & Minaj General admission- Dh 250 club’s PGA Professionals. They will be divided by age and groups which are limited to 6 per instructor. Only juniors completing all four morning sessions will receive 9 4. Beautiful People – Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi VIP standing- Dh 395 the Certificate, Shirt and Cap awards. Junior Golf Camp costs Dh 595 per week 5. On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull Call 800 FLASH (35274) or visit 10 10 A TOP CHART per participant which includes refreshments and snacks each morning. There 6. Sweat – Snoop Dogg www.thinkflash.ae are also individual morning sessions at AED 175 per junior per session, subject to availability. S 7. ET – Katy Perry 8. Unorthodox – Wretch 32 feat. Example U S July Golf Camps: 3rd – 6th, 10th – 13th, 17th – 20th 9. Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J To register email: theacademy@sbgolfclub.ae 10. I Need A Dollar – Aloe Blacc
  5. 5. TECH TALK Shahid Saeed | For the Non-Techies GAME HEDZ Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!SONY S1 AND S2 DUAL-SCREEN HONYCOMB TABLETSSony is developing two tablets with a streamlined design, including S1 which is optimizedfor rich media entertainment and S2 which is ideal for mobile communication and GAME BYTZ : Tid bits of news from around the gaming universe Mass Effect 3 Delayed Til 2012 My initial reaction: INCONCEIVABLE…but not surprising. TEMPO LAUNCHES THE “I LOVE UAE” VIDEO COMPETITIONentertainment. “Sony Tablet” will become available in the global market starting in fall 2011. You should have heard by now. Likely a strategic decision by developers, Bioware.Tablets are equipped with the latest Android 3.0. Both tablets are WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) Understandable, but we’re not happy about it! Bioware may be looking to escape thecompatible and users can smoothly access internet, email, videos, games and books. S1 has a crowded fall season, and get the jump on 2012, much the way Visceral did with Dead Space9.4-inch display for enjoying the web and rich content on a large screen. S2 has two 5.5-inch 2 at the beginning of 2011. There’s lots of competition so everybody’s bringing their ‘A’ game.displays that can be folded for easy portability for different functions such as playing video Bioware said they want to ensure the title ‘exceeds everyone’s expectations’ (See Bioware onon one screen while showing control buttons on the other. Facebook). It’s set for launch in the first quarter of 2012…so far.CANON EF 24-70 F/2.8L II COMING REALLY SOON Portal 2 Raises Eyebrows & ExpectationsCanon EF 24-70 f/2.8L is among the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to its luxury lenses. Portal 2 has lived up to its hype. 2010 Spike TV VGA’s Most Anticipated Game of the Year for IN ASSOCIATION WITHIt appears that a successor will be announced soon with the launch of the Canon EF 24-70 2011, critics and gamers alike can’t get enough of it. It’s yet to be determined how it comparesf/2.8L II. The focal distance is f=24.74 – 67.50mm, Fno 2.92 – 2.91, with a half angle of with the rest of the 2011 releases to come, but if this is anything to go by, Wired magazineview 41.17 – 17.77 deg., a lens length of 206.42 – 177.53mm, back focus of 38.43mm as gave it their first perfect 10. This puts serious pressure on all other upcoming titles, especiallywell as an Aspherical of 2, zoom ratio of 2.73x and a MOD 0.38m. sequels like ME3 to deliver the goods. Why so great? Perhaps the balance of cerebralSAMSUNG NX11 challenge, clever game play, excellent character design/portrayal and great graphics, allSamsung has updated their popular NX10, with the introduction of the all new NX11. This while retaining the occasional satisfying explosion we all need to make it through the day.unit offers almost identical specifications to the NX10 with a few key improvements. Likeits predecessor, the NX11 utilizes a nice 3.0-inch AMOLED monitor with 921k dots, a large Rapper Drake Drops Out of Gears of War 314.6-megapixel APS-C sized image sensor, Super Sonic Drive dust reduction system, Smart Set to voice the character, Jace Stratton, Drake dropped out due to scheduling reasons,Auto, and 720p HD video recording. Alongside the release of the NX11, Samsung has added according to Cliffy B, nothing sinister. The part will now be voiced by actor, Michael B. Jordantwo new i-Function lenses to their offerings, a 20mm pancake and a 20-50mm zoom. (Friday Night Lights, NBC). SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR THE UAE AND "FOR ME" CATEGORY:THE LATEST TECH NEWS AND GOSSIP CELEBRATE ITS 40TH ANNIVERSARY All participants should be 18+ years with a highFLASHCARDS THROUGH YOUR CREATIVITY! school diploma or equivalent and should hold aWhat appears to be the world’s largest online library of printable flash cards are available valid UAE residency.through the website flashcardexchange.com. The site allows you to create a free accountand search for flashcards on the subject area of your choice. Nice resource for teachers and MAKE A MINI VIDEO ON THE UAE!students. FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL" CATEGORY: THEME: “I LOVE UAE”BRAINNOOK BRAINBUILDING All participants should be 11+ years (with parental Mass Effect 3If you’re a teacher or parent of young kids, check out brainnook.com, a cool site that helps CRITERIA: consent if under age) and should hold a valid UAEhone English and math skills. BrainNook features hundreds of educational games that cover residency.Math concepts that range from single-digit addition to 3D spatial visualization, and Englishconcepts that span building simple sentences to counting syllables. A decent educational • Be creative: music video, skit, snapshot, promo...resource. • Film on camera, mobile phone or anything you PRIZES:SHARING BUSINESS PHOTOS WITH GOOGLE MAPS like! • FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME" CATEGORY: Four weekGoogle has unveiled Business Photos for Google Maps, a new product that allows users to • Language: Your choice! (if other than English or intensive film making course at the New Yorkcheck out the inside of local businesses. Basically Google’s own photographers take pictures Arabic please include English subtitles) Film Academy, Abu Dhabi.of the interiors of a business and place it on that business’ ‘Place Page.’ The idea is to link it • All films should be no longer than 40 secondswith Google Maps and help people looking for more information about the business . Right Michael B. Jordan Portal 2 • FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL" • Deadline: August 15, 2011 CATEGORY: You will be invited with your classnow Google photographers are shooting photographs in the US, Australia and Japan, but areexpected to make their way around the world to our very neighborhoods. (By the way… On the Blog (gamehedz.blogspot.com that is!) and your senior grades, to a film makingGoogle owns all the photos). TWO COMPETITIONS: workshop at the New York Film Academy, Abu Give us your game review! Have a game you’d like to review? Let us Dhabi. The student who submitted the winning know and we can publish it on our blog, and even put a mini version You can Enter "For Me" or video will also win a video camera. SONY S1 and S2 Dual-Screen Honycomb Tablets here in Tempo! for "Me and My School" • RUNNER- UP PRIZES Are you a Playstation user? Go to the Game Hedz blog and let us know how you feel Canon-EF-Lens-24-70mm-F2.8L II about the PSN shutdown and hacking, and how you’ve been affected. What is your game fave of 2011 so far? Everyone has a different opinion, we want yours! (Also go ahead and ‘like’ Game Hedz on Facebook – you know you want to) For more details, go to: www.tempoplanet.com Photos for Google Maps Start uploading your videos from June 5, 2011